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Pre-Prep Art

Creating art expands children’s ability to interact with the world around them. It provides a new set of skills in communication, concentration and self-expression. It improves fine motor skills and allows creativity to soar. 

Art at Duke of Kent School Pre-prep is not a product but a process. Children are not expected to produce masterpieces to prove they are successful, but are given the confidence to express themselves and be proud of the result.

Art is built into the Nursery and Reception day in a variety of ways. The children will paint and draw in the classroom, use chalk on the playground paths, and make pendants or mobiles with wood and wool at Forest School.

Year 1 and Year 2 have timetabled Art lessons which cover a range of techniques and use different media as well as encouraging pupils to learn about well-known artists and reflect constructively on their work. We also have a popular After School Art club. Every piece of art is displayed with pride in the Department before it is taken home. No child in Duke of Kent School Pre-prep will ever look at a display of work and ask ‘Which one is mine?'