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Pre-Prep Academic Life

Our Approach to Learning 

The teaching team in the Pre-prep Department has a broad range of qualities and expertise. Each teacher and teaching assistant is dedicated to the progress, both academically and socially, of every child. In keeping with the ethos of the School, we have our focus on ensuring that every child develops confidence and enjoys learning.

Classes are small and the individual attention this allows, enables us to get the best out of our pupils.There is always time for every voice to be heard and for everybody to participate.

Through talking together, sharing ideas, discussing solutions and pondering on complex problems, pupils work effectively together and make progress in their learning.

ISI Inspection Report, January 2017

Throughout Pre-prep, children are encouraged to express their own interests and are supported in exploring them.  Challenges are provided for all children and help with achieving success is abundant. Mistakes are seen as opportunities to find a different strategy and are accepted as part of learning. 

All clubs, activities and learning opportunities are open and available to all.

Teaching takes place in the classroom, the playground and in the forest. Children know that they are supported and listened to wherever they are. Hard work and effort are celebrated by stars, and helpfulness and kindness with Diamonds.  Pupils are encouraged to award Stars and Diamonds to each other and themselves to recognise and celebrate their own and others' achievements. Each week one or two individuals from each class are identified and congratulated in Star Assembly. Parents, teachers and children join together at these assemblies to congratulate pupils for achieving personal targets: learning to wash their hands, tie their shoes, showing kindness to their friends, improving their handwriting or conquering a tricky maths concept, we celebrate all triumphs!