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Duke of Kent School firmly believes that a young person's career journey serves as their path through the realms of learning and work. Recognising the significance of this journey, we are dedicated to offering a structured program of activities designed to aid our pupils in making informed decisions and planning their careers. This commitment extends to all pupils in the Senior School (Years 7 – 11) while also introducing Prep School pupils to these essential concepts.

Fostering Holistic Development: At Duke of Kent School, our mission goes beyond academic growth; it extends to nurturing our pupils' future aspirations. In today's rapidly evolving world, where informed career choices are paramount, we are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing comprehensive careers advice and guidance. This occurs both within classroom lessons, facilitated by our subject teachers, and at various key junctures throughout our pupils' educational journey within the School.

Inspiring Through Engaging Assemblies: Throughout the academic year, we are fortunate to host accomplished individuals who generously share their career journeys during whole-School career assemblies. These gatherings offer valuable opportunities for our pupils to contemplate various career paths, understand the diverse routes to a multitude of professions, and gain insights into the world of work.

Empowering Future Achievement: Our goal extends beyond academic excellence; it involves furnishing our pupils with the essential resources to make informed decisions about their future. To realise this objective, we regularly welcome professionals from diverse career backgrounds who generously visit our School to share their personal career journeys and life experiences. These engaging sessions, recognised as Stretch and Challenge and Career Talks, grant pupils the option to attend in place of their regular Monday morning form time. These events serve as a dynamic platform for pupils to ignite inspiration and delve into possibilities that may reach beyond conventional choices.

UNIFROG a valuable resource: To enhance our career guidance services, we have forged a partnership with UNIFROG, an innovative platform designed to support pupils on their journey from School to fulfilling careers. UNIFROG provides a wealth of resources, including a comprehensive database of courses, apprenticeships and job opportunities. It empowers pupils to conduct research, compare options, create personalised profiles and track their progress.

Streamlining Exploration: UNIFROG simplifies the process of researching colleges, universities and alternative career paths. Pupils can readily access up-to-date information on admission requirements, entry criteria and application deadlines. Moreover, it offers valuable insights into various industries and the skills essential for success.

Engaging Parents: We acknowledge the pivotal role parents play in their child's career journey. Hence, we actively encourage parents to participate in our careers program. Parents are provided with logins and access to the same resources and tools available on UNIFROG, facilitating a collaborative approach to career planning.

PSHE Sessions: As pupils progress through the School, they encounter multiple opportunities to explore careers during their PSHE lessons. These sessions encompass topics such as the influence of personal choices on career decisions, insights into the world of careers and pathways to acquiring valuable work experience.

At Duke of Kent School, our unwavering commitment is to nurture well-rounded individuals who are not only academically prepared, but also confident and well-informed about their future prospects. Our partnership with UNIFROG strengthens our resolve to guide our pupils toward successful and fulfilling careers.

UNIFROG is a complete destinations platform that allows pupils to search for opportunities and make applications for their next steps.

Please find below an introduction to UNIFROG.

Click here for a pupil guide.

Click here for a parent guide.

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For more information on our careers provision, please contact Mr Adam Wyllie – awyllie@dokschool.org