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Scholarship & Bursaries

Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships are offered to pupils of outstanding academic distinction based on the results of the Scholarship Assessment Examination. The Academic Scholarship Assessment generally takes place the first Saturday in November. Candidates will sit extension papers in English and Maths. An example of the level of questions candidates will be expected to answer can be provided.

All Rounder Scholarships

All Rounder Scholarships are awarded to pupils showing significant talent and potential in at least two of the following areas:

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Music
  • Performing Arts
  • Computer Science
  • Sport

Duke of Kent School recognises and rewards talent in a broad spectrum and scholarships will occasionally be awarded for particular ability and potential in a field other than those noted here. All scholarships and awards are held on the basis of continued good effort, attitude and participation.

Art, Performing Arts and Music Scholarships

These are awarded on the basis of Art, Performing Arts or Music excellence and promise. 

Computer Science Scholarship

Computer Science Scholarships are awarded to candidates who are passionate about how computers operate, have excellent programming ability and showcase a keen interest in the technology industry.

Sports Scholarships

These are awarded on the basis of sporting excellence and promise. High level performance and successful interview with PE staff are the means of assessment.

Scholarship Information Booklet

Click HERE to view the Scholarship Information Booklet


A bursary is an amount by which school fees may be reduced.  Bursaries exist to deal with financial hardship and are primarily to ensure continuity of education for a pupil currently attending the School.  Such an award may be for as short a period as one term or it might extend for several years depending on proven need. Bursary awards can range from 10% upwards of the day fees and are subject to an annual review.

Bursaries will require full financial disclosure and verification, for example, of P60, bank and/or building society information and mortgage statements. All information is treated in strictest confidence and will be assessed by the School’s Finance Committee. Careful judgement is exercised in each case and the Committee’s decision is final.