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Senior Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Duke of Kent School offers all pupils exciting opportunities in the area of digital learning. We ensure that pupils have the best possible access to current technology in the classroom and for independent learning.

We currently use a range of devices based on the needs of the students. Each student from Years 5-11 have their own Chromebook to complement their learning. Further down the School, Years 1-4 have access to laptops and iPads to enable creative learning in and outside the classroom. The Pre-prep have access to iPads and these are used for a range of learning opportunities including recording their Endeavour Award evidence. We also have hi spec computer equipment in areas such Art and Music to support the learning and creativity of our students.

Students and staff use Google Workspace for Education for their online work and this helps develop online skills for future learning and a life of work. The collaborative opportunities of using Google Workspace for Education are fully utilised as students learn to work online in both groups and independently. We have a rich digital extracurricular programme to support the curriculum that includes programming, coding and advanced computer skills. 

As we develop our pupils' use of technology, we are careful to balance this with face-to-face interactions and personal communication. When iPads and Chromebooks are present in lessons they remain face down on the desk until teachers call for their use. Students are encouraged to leave their devices in lockers at break and lunch to enable face-to-face interactions in the real world and to get outside and explore!

Pupils are taught about responsible care of their iPad/Chromebook and in the vital areas of e-safety and digital citizenship, so that they know how to protect themselves, and behave responsibly with their use of the internet and mobile devices. Students play a leading role in feeding back on the whole school e-safety issues via the student council.

Drop-in sessions are available to parents to explain how iPads and Chromebooks are used in teaching and learning. We encourage parents to take an active role in their children's digital lives and we hold termly training sessions for parents on e-safety and responsible use of digital technology.

Mr A Boden
Head of Digital Strategy