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The Medical Room

Welcome to the Duke of Kent School Medical Room, staffed by Registered Nurses – Chloe Sarjant
and Maya Garside.

We run a warm and welcoming open door service to all students throughout our
opening hours. Students are encouraged to try to attend during their break times, but if a first aid
scenario arises during lessons, they are able to do so. No problem too big or small! We are keen to
maintain thorough and effective communications with parents, students and staff alike, to ensure
the best possible care for your child during their time at Duke of Kent School.

Medical Room Opening Hours and Staffing:
Monday: Chloe Sarjant (open 08.30 – 15.30)
Tuesday: Chloe Sarjant (open 08.30-15.30)
Wednesday: Chloe Sarjant (open 08.30-15.30)
Thursday: Maya Garside (open 08.30-16.30)
Friday: Maya Garside (open 08.30-16.30)

How to contact us:
Email -  nurse@dokschool.org for day to day first aid/medical updates/requests
csarjant@dokschool.org for Chloe
mgarside@dokschool.org for Maya

Telephone: 01483 277 313 and ask for the School Nurse (known to the children as Matron!)

What we do:
● Medication administration
● First Aid
● Sports Injuries
● Head Injuries and Concussion
● Safeguarding
● Public Health and communication with Students, Staff, Parents and Governors as needed re
infection control matters
● Management of long term/chronic conditions to include amongst others:
o Asthma
o Epilepsy
o Diabetes
o Allergies
● Risk assessment/planning for first aid and medical provisions for all school matches and trips
● Liaise with kitchens re dietary requirements/allergies etc
● Liaise with Games staff re: sports injuries, off games requests
● Arranging First Aid training for staff
● Teaching PSHE lessons throughout the school (eg bacteria and virsuses, hand washing &
hygiene, puberty, first aid, STIs and Contraception, Cancer) and contributing to PSHE working
group advising on PSHE curriculum and resources
● Management of Immunisation programme (to include Nasal Flu Immunisations, HPV
Immunisations, DTP and MenACWY Immunisations)
● BMI clinics for Reception and Year 6 in line with the National Childhood Measurement
● Sitting on Health & Safety Committee to advise staff, governors and Head regarding all
relevant Health matters at school
● First Aid/medical resource provision, stock management
● Inset training for staff
● Updates for staff daily or as required at staff briefing or via email.

Pastoral care - we are friendly faces for the students to visit when they are simply upset,
worried, or stressed and just need some time out and quiet space to gather themselves.


Useful Information

Your Child’s medical information
● When your child starts at Duke of Kent School, and each summer holiday afterwards, you
will be given a medical questionnaire which should be returned to us fully completed as
soon as possible in order for us to maintain up to date medical records at school
● This information is kept in locked filing cabinets in the medical room and the information is
shared with staff on a needs to know basis.
● Computer health records are also maintained which are only accessed by the School Nurses
● Please do remember to update the School Nurses of any health changes for your child
throughout the school year (and share the information with your child’s form tutor and the
games staff as necessary)
What to do if your child needs medication administered during the school day:
● Notify the school nurse (in advance if possible by email at nurse@dokschool.org), with
regards to what the medication is, how much is to be given and when, and what it’s for.
● Leave the medication at FRONT OFFICE with a completed parental consent form (see useful
CONSENT FROM THE SCHOOL NURSE (or if it’s emergency medication: either an inhaler or
adrenaline pen)
What to do if your child has a long term/chronic health condition
● The School Nurses will liaise with you about your child’s care needs at school and together
you will draw up an Individual Health Care Plan.
● The School Nurses will liaise directly with you regarding supply of any medications your child
may need on standby at school
● You are welcome to come in to meet any relevant members of staff involved in your child’s
care (for example if your child has allergies or very specific dietary limitations, our chef will
be happy to meet with you)
● If your child has Asthma, you will be asked to sign a consent form to allow your child access
to our Emergency Salbutamol Inhalers at school (we have 3 across the school site). Your
child should also carry their own inhaler with them at all times, and we request that you also
provide a spare to be kept in the medical room.
● If your child has a prescribed Adrenaline Pen, you will be asked to sign a consent form to
allow your child access to our Emergency Auto Adrenaline Injectors (we have 3 across the
school site). Your child should also carry their AAI with them at all times, and we request
you also provide us with a spare which stays in front office in case of emergency.
● Any medications that your child may need will be stored in a “red bag” in the medical room
and this bag will be packed for each of their away matches and school trips.


What to do if you feel your child needs to be off games:
● Email the school office and cc the School Nurses, Mr Herbert, Miss Vickers and your child’s
form tutor:
● gherbert@dokschool.org
● jvickers@dokschool.org
● Nurse@dokschool.org
● The School Nurses may liaise with you regarding any sports injuries that do not resolve
quickly, to advise re: referral to other healthcare professionals (eg doctors, physiotherapists,
minor injuries/A&E for X-Rays)


Off-sick rules
● If your child needs to be off sick, please notify us, the school office and your child’s form
tutor (by email) as soon as possible.
● Please be aware we follow the 48 hour rule for any cases of vomiting and/or diarrhoea -
your child should not return to school until 48 hours after the LAST episode.
● If your child has an infectious disease, (eg Chicken Pox, Scarlet Fever, Slapped Cheek etc etc),
please let us know so that we can forewarn our school community
● Concussion: If your child sustains a head injury during the school day, you will be notified by
email to watch for signs of concussion, and your child will be given an information sheet to
show you. Concussion is best cured with rest and this may require your child to be off
school for a while. If they are diagnosed with concussion, the games staff will then follow
the protocol of graduated return to sports. Please notify us if your child ever sustains a head
injury/concussion at the weekend or in the school holidays.
● If your child becomes unwell during the school day, the School Nurses will phone you
directly and request for you to collect your child as soon as possible. They will usually be
allowed to rest in the medical room until you are able to collect them, unless the bed is in
use for a more critical case.

Mrs C Sarjant - Lead School Nurse