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Stretch and Challenge

Duke of Kent School's growth mindset operates on the principle that all learners can, when appropriately challenged and supported, make extraordinary progress. Our philosophy is based around extending all learners to their individual limit with a focus on achieving personal bests in every aspect of development. We expect and celebrate effort and our individualised approach enables pupils to experience stimulating teaching beyond the examination specifications and which ensures that there are no ceilings to achievement. In addition, those pupils with particular abilities and talents are identified by their subject teachers and are supported to be stretched and challenged. The progress of these students is tracked to ensure that they are achieving results and are being provided with opportunities that are in line with their anticipated potential. 

At Duke of Kent School we believe that a pupil's intelligence is not fixed and that with increased effort and focus, progress and improvement can be made. Duke of Kent School staff constantly strive to create a learning environment which allows the pupils to not only reach their own aspirations, but to hopefully go above and beyond them. We aim for a whole School ethos which encourages and celebrates learning and our ambition is to provide a challenging and stimulating learning environment for all which offers the opportunity for pupils to shine and develop an enthusiasm for learning.

Pupils and parents can find out about the current Stretch and Challenge opportunities by visiting the separate Stretch and Challenge website:

Stretch and Challenge Website
Mr Wyllie
Stretch and Challenge Coordinator