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School Transport

Duke of Kent School has a fleet of mini buses which operate a number of routes across Surrey and West Sussex. The maps at the bottom of this page show our current routes for 2023/2024 which are reviewed annually based on parental demand.

How to book a place on the School Minibus:

To book please email buses@dokschool.org or contact Jacqui Browning on 01483 277313

Details of the banding structure:

All routes are placed in either BAND A, B or C to help simplify the pricing process.

BAND A = < 4 miles from school

BAND B = Between 4-8 miles from school

BAND C = 8 miles + from school

Prices for the banding structure:

The pricing for the banding system per pupil are in the document below.

All figures in the banding structure are for 5 days, mornings or evenings, per week.

Fewer days are charged on a pro rata basis.

Giving Notice:

Half a term's notice is required if you no longer require a seat on the School minibuses

  • Bus routes graphic
  • Bus routes graphic
  • Pupils can catch trains to and from Gomshall Station with collection and drop off by a school minibus. From Gomshall Station to Duke of Kent School takes 10 minutes. For more information about this service email buses@dokschool.org or contact Jacqui Browning on 01483 277313.