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Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Duke of Kent School covers a broad range of topics and issues. Throughout the school, it is a vital part of the curriculum, for it fosters not only an understanding and appreciation of how and why people worship, how people live together in harmony, and what creates feelings such as awe and wonder, but it also develops an awareness of the world around us through the study of relevant contemporary issues.

RS is taught in every year group up to, and including, Year 8. The curriculum encourages pupils to actively seek out opinions from a variety of angles, and in turn, learn to develop an intelligent, unprejudiced way of thinking. Through the study of the Old and New Testament, and their wider messages, the study of World Religions, mythology and the study of human issues from around the globe, students can broaden their knowledge of themselves and establish a strong sense of morality.

There is a great emphasis on encouraging the students to think through their own beliefs and have these beliefs refined in discussion and debate. Pupils are informed about a variety of world views and they learn to apply their knowledge to related areas, such as art and philosophy.

Mr D Lodge - Head of Religious Studies