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Prep Performing Arts

Creativity and expression through drama, dance and music are core aspects of Duke of Kent School Prep education.

We believe that regular opportunities to perform give our pupils a chance to build their confidence and enjoy sharing their skills with others. Performances in Prep range from small, informal lunch time recitals, small recitals, to assemblies, to a solo in House Music, all the way up to taking the stage in a professional venue, G-Live, in front of 1000 children. 

Opportunities like the G-Live performance are really important to our pupils; as one Year 6 described the concert as;

One of the things I am most proud of this year… The audience was huge, so it was pretty scary, but it felt great to be performing songs we had practised so many times with friends. And the applause at the end was amazing!

Performing Arts provide important personal development to our pupils, providing a means of learning about oneself and others, and the teamwork involved in music, dance and drama. 


We offer exciting participation opportunities for all through groups such as Ukulele band - The Ukes of Kent.  We also offer a Stretch and Challenge programme in our auditioned Junior Chamber Choir. A great team of peripatetic teachers are available to introduce your child to learning an instrument. 

Each Spring the Prep School pupils present a production for parents and peers.  Pupils not only volunteer themselves for acting roles but also form the lighting, music and stage hand teams.

Other highlights of the year for Prep Performing Arts included our Christmas Concert, House Music, G-Live and the Summer Concert.