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Pre-prep Learning Development


At Duke of Kent School we recognise that each child develops and learns differently and we are proud of the individual approach we take to supporting and monitoring each child's progress.

The Pre-prep classroom teachers are experienced in supporting and challenging pupils on their learning journey. Where additional expertise is required, members of staff in our Learning Development Department are on hand to ensure that every child receives the best form of support for them as an individual. 

Duke of Kent School has an inclusive approach and takes a positive approach to any issues that arise with pupils' learning development.. We work to boost their self-confidence, to capitalise on and increase their strengths, and to use these to help overcome any areas for development.

How we work with pupils

Learning Development in the Pre-prep has a strong focus on literacy and numeracy support. We work to build confidence and to enable pupils to overcome challenges. Strengthening resilience and developing a positive approach to areas of difficulty are also important aspects of what we do.

Pupils are usually referred to the department by parents or teachers. We work closely with staff and parents to identify the best form of support. Reinforcement of skills is vital and a 'little but often' approach often ensures the best possible progress. 

For pupils requiring weekly sessions or with identified needs, an individually tailored plan with set targets (a Personalised Learning Plan) will be devised and regularly reviewed so that staff, parents and the pupil can all work together to achieve set goals. Lessons are charged at an additional cost (see fee section of the website).

If there is a need for more specialist support or guidance, the Department also welcomes visiting professionals such as a Speech and Language Therapist on a weekly basis and can put parents in contact with an Educational Psychologist if external assessment is needed. We have an Occupational Therapist on our team.