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Pre-prep Curriculum

Nursery and Reception follow the Early Years Framework curriculum and in addition a range of subjects including Music, Dance and ICT. Child Initiated Learning and Forest School ensure that the children in Nursery and Reception are not only motivated by their learning but are experiencing a very broad range of activities.

In Year 1 and 2 there is a strong focus on English and Maths. These are taught daily in the mornings. Reading and number work continue throughout the day and find a place at playtime and in Forest School. Afternoon activities include Topic (History and Geography), Science, Art, ICT, PE, French, RS and PSHE.

In Nursery and Reception topics are decided by the teachers, but with the children’s input. The teachers watch and listen carefully and will decide on topics to ignite the children’s interest and imagination. These topics change from term to term and year to year depending on that particular group of children’s interests.

In Year 1 and Year 2 although the topic work is more structured, pupils continue to have considerable choice in what and how they learn. They will decide, for example, which Mini-Beasts they want to focus on in Year 1 and which individual they want to study for the Famous People topic in Year 2. They will be supported by the teacher in their research and presentation of their findings rather than told a list of facts to learn. Finding things out for themselves when they are interested in the subject helps the children become better and more engaged learners. The children take pride in their work and are always keen to tell each other what they have found out.

Children are continually monitored and assessed, both formally and informally. Their progress is documented and shared with parents regularly. A formal assessment is carried out at the end of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, ensuring that each child receives the individual help and encouragement that they need the following year.