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Performing Arts In Action


Our school Performing Arts Department brings drama, dance and music together in a powerful alliance. An exceptional range of opportunities, in and beyond the classroom, is open to all. Music, dance and drama are taught in every section of the School and Music and Drama are very popular options at GCSE. We are immensely proud of our participation levels: more than 80% of pupils participate in Performing Arts above and beyond our extensive curricular provision.

With just 320 pupils from 3 to 16 years, we have a thriving Arts scene: Jazz Band, Big Band, Bluegrass Band, Orchestra, Choirs (Rock, Senior Chamber, Senior, Junior), three vocal groups, instrumental groups (ocarina, ukulele, guitar, brass, string), rock bands, Music Tech, songwriting, Pre-prep/Prep Drama Clubs, Senior Musical, Ballet and Lyrical Dance Clubs, Cello Babies, Yr 2 violins. At any time of day, pupils can be found improvising and rehearsing together, independently, in our PA Hall.

The Arts Calendar is buzzing: Senior Musical, Prep Christmas Concert, Pre-prep Nativities, Prep Production, Original Works Evening, Carol Concerts, Pre-prep Spring Concert and Dance Show, Music Assemblies. House Music sees every Senior and Prep pupil performing, with great house spirit.

Performing at Duke of Kent School is a joyful and eclectic business, encompassing a huge range of genres and activities. Please have a look below at some of the pupils' wonderful work.