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Parent Meetings

At the beginning of each academic year parents are invited to a Welcome Meeting for their child's year group.  This outlines the curricular plans and daily routines for the year ahead.  It is also an opportunity for parents to connect with each other and get to know their child's Form teacher.  Parents’ Meetings are then held in the Autumn and Spring Terms, at which parents have the opportunity to discuss pastoral and academic progress with teachers.  Formal reports are published to parents at the end of the Summer Term.  In addition to this, there are various open events held during the year which provide parents with the opportunity to see the workings and achievements of the School, as well as meeting informally with teachers.

In Years 7-11 the pupils are invited to attend Parent Meetings along with their parents.  Pupil attendance is not compulsory, but we feel that there is great value in involving pupils in discussions about their education, thereby promoting a sense of ownership and emphasising the young person’s role in working with teachers and parents towards success.

Due to our small size, and nurturing ethos, our approachable teachers develop a wealth of knowledge about the pupils and how they are developing both academically and socially.  We will provide support, guidance and suggestions, if required, on how you can help your child to do their best in individual subjects, as well as in their wider life at the School.