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Modern Foreign Languages

In an increasingly culturally and linguistically diverse world, intercultural understanding is essential for effective participation in the workforce and in society. In addition to the practical benefit of being able to communicate more successfully with more people, language learning brings cultural and educational advantages which are vital to our well-being. Learning languages is invaluable, personally and professionally, and helps to foster intercultural understanding. This is exactly why at Duke of Kent School we put great emphasis on the experience of learning languages.

As it becomes increasingly important for firms to compete on a global scale, employers are competing to attract those who can offer an additional language.

At Duke of Kent School we want to prepare our pupils for the role they will play as global citizens. All senior pupils study French and Spanish in Years 7-9 achieving the FCSE qualification in both languages at the end of Year 9. The majority then go on to choose at least one language for GCSE study and some opt to continue with both.

The Modern Foreign Languages department offers a lively programme of cultural and extra-curricular activities. On European Day of Languages we might have visiting speakers talk about language in action, quizzes, theatre or dance workshops, languages activities for own pupils and those from visiting schools, and special dishes on the menu. We have offered beginners’ Italian and Mandarin courses, as well as French song composition and cooking as part of the activities programme. At lunch times, the MFL classrooms buzz with spoken French and Spanish as our FLAs support our pupils in their weekly sessions.

Year 6s have French pen-friends and Year 7s go on a day trip to France at Christmas time. There is a GCSE trip to Spain and an exchange to Paris for Years 9 and 10 in alternating years. These experiences provide invaluable immersion in the language and culture.

Miss E Francis - Head of MFL