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Computer Science

Computer Science is a wide, dynamic, subject that requires problem solving as well a creative imagination. With technology a ubiquitous part of everyday life, the economies of the future will require future generations of people to have a good understanding of computers and their function. Studying the subject should enable students to create, develop, and understand rather than being passive consumers in the digital age.

Computer Science at Duke of Kent

Students will be given ICT/Computer Science lessons from Year 1 all the way to Year 11 (should they wish to continue to GCSE). From Year 1 to 9 students will cover topics such as algorithms and problem solving, the history of computing, computer hardware, programming, networks, computers in society, e-safety, and the future of technology. They will also learn how to use computers responsibly and effectively, and use a variety of media in order to become more comfortable and familiar with the computer itself. After Year 9 Computer Science is no longer a compulsory subject.

Computer Science GCSE

After choosing their options in Year 9, students are able to continue studying Computer Science at GCSE level in Year 10 and 11 by following the Edexcel curriculum. During the course, students will cover the fundamental aspects of the subject, such as:

  • Algorithms and problem solving
  • Programming and the program development cycle
  • Computer Systems
  • Networks and Network Security
  • Data
  • Computers in society.

The course is assessed with three components:

  • Programming controlled assessment - 20 hour project completed in controlled conditions.
  • Exam 1 - Fundamentals of Computer Science: 1 hour 40 minute theory paper.
  • Exam 2 - Application of Computational Thinking: 2 hour problem solving paper.

The students' final grade is then taken from all three components and graded on the 9-1 system.

Mr A Win-Pe - Head of Computer Science