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Outstanding GCSE Results for Duke of Kent School Pupils

We at Duke of Kent School could not be prouder of our Year 11 cohort for their assiduousness and collective endeavour in what has been an incredibly challenging year. The outstanding GCSE results reflect their very best efforts, and the support of our whole school community.

Our Year 11s achieved an overall GCSE pass rate of 99.7%, with a commendable 85% of our pupils gaining a grade 7 or above, or in old money, an A grade. Indeed, 67% gained a grade 8 or above. The cohort average across all subjects was a grade 7. This is a truly fantastic achievement, and reflects the outstanding GCSE results our pupils achieve annually, enabling each one of them entry to their first choice of school or college.

Without a doubt, the numbers reflect incredibly favourably on our pupils, but as ever, it is the story behind the numbers that will stay with us as a school. This was a year group that experienced two lockdowns, extended remote learning, great uncertainty and, ultimately, an extensive internal examination series. No cohort in the history of our school has been examined and assessed more thoroughly, and it is with tremendous admiration of their spirit, and also professional certainty that we recognise these achievements and everything they represent.

Overall GCSE pass rate of 99.7%

67% achieved a grade 8 or above

85% achieved a grade 7 or above

Cohort average level 7

55 Grade 9s achieved (16% of total)

GCSE Maths average grade = 8

GCSE English Language and Literature average grade =8

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics average grade = 8

Mr Damian Allen, Academic Progress and Data Coordinator