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"Welcome, me hearties, to a story of the seas, where ships set sail and pirates roam free"


With these lines we were lucky enough to be drawn into the murky world of the Plastic Pirates, whose obsession with collecting plastic and then hurling it (literally) into the ocean was causing huge danger to the poor vulnerable sea creatures.

There was mutiny and mayhem, pirates and parrots, spectacular sea-creatures, nautical narrators and Cap'n Clingfilms!

Months of hard work and effort paid off in a spectacular fashion. Those of you who were lucky enough to experience it will agree the pupils sang their hearts out; virtually lifting the roof off the PA Hall. They smiled and laughed their way through every performance, with loud, clear and expressive voices; every single one word-perfect.

There were wonderfully bright creative costumes and vibrant make up , all set against the background of the Plastic Pearl floating in an ocean of plastic. 

Fortunately our pirates soon learnt the error of their ways and decided to abandon their love of plastic and recycle instead- a very important message for us all. 

A huge well done to everyone involved, both on the stage and backstage- a real team effort which greatly entertained everyone who saw it. 

To see the photos click here - https://www.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/gallery/?pid=3&gcatid=2&albumid=80