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A celebration of the groups in the school.

On a Thursday evening just before the end of the Spring Term, all the groups from the school came together and performed in the PA Hall as part of our annual Ensembles Concert. It was lovely to watch and listen to all the duets and trios that have been put together by the pupils over the last couple of terms and there was a wonderful mix of styles and year groups on display, from Year 6 to Year 11. All the groups had practised in their own time, either at lunch or break, and it was an entirely pupil led evening, showing the depth of talent and effort that our brilliant pupils put in. 

Also performing was Lisa Lee's dance group who performed a brilliant routine to a song from 'Legally Blonde' - it was great to see so many kids dancing - and then Macy B performed her GCSE Dance piece at the end of the concert, which was absolutely beautiful. Well done to all involved - another joyful evening full of performing arts at Duke of Kent School.