Independent Schools' Inspectorate

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Inspection Report November 2019


We are so pleased to announce that we have won another ISA award:

· Excellence and Innovation in Art 

Duke of Kent School

Outstanding education with a breath of fresh air

We are an excellent school, in an inspiring setting.

We focus on educating the whole pupil and care deeply about each child.

At Duke of Kent School we:

  • get to know and value each and every pupil as an individual
  • develop their personal and academic interests, allowing them to grow and flourish
  • teach them that effort reaps rewards
  • expect them to strive for personal bests in the classroom, on the sports fields, and in the arts
  • guide them to become reflective learners
  • encourage them to work hard and to persist towards their goals

We challenge, support and engage every pupil, to be the best they can be, whilst allowing them the freedom to be exactly who they want to be.

Pupils leave our care as happy, independent, compassionate and considerate citizens with a well-placed belief in their own talents and a positive outlook on the future. Our aim is to develop rounded, grounded individuals with many joyful memories, and a desire to go out into the world and make a difference.

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