Duke of Kent School offers excellent educational opportunities in an inspiring setting. Every child is encouraged to achieve a string of personal bests: in the classroom, on the sports field, in personal development, in exploring the arts and, indeed, in all that they do.This is a community with a sense of pride and purpose, in which all play an active role.

School Philosophy

Every pupil at Duke of Kent School is known as an individual. Knowing our pupils means that we can provide each one with just the right balance of challenge and support to enable maximum achievement.

At the heart of our educational philosophy is a growth mindset. This means we are committed to the principle that effort can enable extraordinary progress for all learners.

Our pupils are guided to become reflective learners. We teach them how to use their strengths to address the areas in which they need to develop and we encourage aspiration in all students. We work to ensure that our students develop a positive attitude to learning and challenge, and learn the habits that lead to success.

Our teachers take great interest in their pupils and inspire them to share not only a love of their subjects but a love of learning itself. Activities designed to build resilience and persistence are built into our programme. No apologies are made for the hard work that needs to go into successful learning.

We place great emphasis on personal and moral development, teaching respect for the self, for others and the environment. Our pupils are happy, confident, caring, responsible young people who leave us ready to face the challenges of the future and to make a difference. They know how to listen to others and can speak for themselves. While they have shared many common experiences here, they remain delightfully individual. They are people you would want on your team.

Next Steps

If this description matches your aspirations for your child, you will want to find out more and to discover whether Duke of Kent could be the right ‘fit’.

I am proud to say that children with very different approaches, personalities and academic starting points flourish here.

The enthusiasm of our pupils, the quality of our teaching and the strength of our relationships are best experienced in person. Come and see us in action and learn more about the part Duke of Kent School can play in your child’s life.

Judith Fremont-Barnes, Head