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Food Statement

Duke of Kent School Food Statement

Duke of Kent School places the highest priority on the wellbeing of our pupils and recognises the importance of providing an excellent meal service. Breakfast, lunch and supper are available to all our pupils and staff, five days a week, in a dining hall with unbeatable views and a friendly atmosphere.

We aim to educate pupils to enjoy a varied, balanced, healthy diet with an emphasis on good nutrition and learning to make good choices. In Science lessons, PE and PSHCE sessions, the importance of healthy living (including healthy eating, positive body image and exercise) is a regular focus.

Pupils' views on food are regularly sought and responded to, through whole school surveys and discussion on School Council. A range of age-appropriate cookery activities, including the very popular 'House Bake-off', is provided to all pupils.

Water fountains are sited around the School. Prep and senior pupils are welcome to bring a clear plastic bottle and are encouraged to fill these as required. Pre-prep pupils are provided with water by their teachers.

Our dedicated catering team is experienced in dealing with religious and medical dietary requirements, sports nutrition, allergies and food intolerances. Parents are welcome to contact the Catering Manager, Rob Hanvey, via the School Office, to discuss any individual needs. 

Duke of Kent School catering is provided by Holroyd Howe who work closely with the leadership team to ensure that the needs of the community are well met. Holroyd Howe regard providing pupils with food containing high nutritional value as key to their healthy growth. Emphasis is also placed on presentation, on creativity and on encouraging pupils to learn more about the food they eat. Please do visit the Holroyd Howe website to learn more about their approach.

As in all areas of their development, we emphasise the importance of balance in our pupils' nutrition.  Occasional treats (e.g. a doughnut as a whole school reward, or a sweet for winning a competition) are given to pupils.  Parents who would prefer to provide a sugar-free alternative for their child are welcome to discuss this with form teachers. 

A tuck shop run by and for senior pupils operates once a week. Sweets and snacks may not be brought in without prior permission from teachers. Parents who wish to do so may send in a cake to celebrate their child's birthday. Please note that we are a nut-free site and it is essential that nuts are not brought to School.

Menus are provided on this site, but please bear in mind that these are a guideline and in order to provide the most seasonal and the highest quality of food service, there may well be occasional variation.

Any parent who wishes to see a typical day's lunch service, or to meet with our Catering Manager to discuss any aspect of this important area of School life, is welcome to do so by prior arrangement with the Office.