Beyond the Pre-prep Classroom

Educational Visits

Taking trips off site as part of the learning experience is a major aspect of Pre-prep life.

Nursery and Reception children leave the site as often as 4 or 5 times a term. These trips are fuelled by the children’s interests. Visits are often arranged at very short notice, such as a trip to the Garden Centre to see the parrots after an animal book has got the children talking at quiet time, or a walk across the fields to collect blackberries to make jelly.

The children in Year 1 and 2 also experience significant opportunities for off-site learning. These trips are used to bring the History, Geography and Science topics to life. For example, during study of the oceans, a trip to Seaworld will give the pupils the chance to see the creatures they have been studying. 

The Pre-prep Department also take trips out of school together, as one whole Department. These may be part of our Cultural and Religious Programme (a visit to a mosque, or church or temple), a theatre trip at Christmas or a zoo visit at the end of the year to reward the children and teachers for their hard work.

Activities Programme

A lively programme of Activities gives Pre-prep pupils the chance to try out new hobbies and develop interests with their friends. Dance, Early Years Yoga, ICT, Sport, Art and Cooking are among the popular choices on offer. The programme takes place from 3.45 - 4.45pm.

Community Involvement

We help our pupils to understand the part they play in the local community, for example visiting local care homes at Christmas to sing carols to the residents. The paired reading scheme which links with Year 6 pupils is a great favourite with many in Year 2. Pupils also take part in whole school events such as Charities Day organised by older students.

"We didn't want a pushy school, just one that would give our child every opportunity in life, making him a rounded happy boy. It has surpassed our expectations."      Parent