Weekly Bulletin 04/07/2016

Year 11 Leavers Concert & Dinner

We say farewell to our Class of 2016 following a wonderful concert held in Performing Arts, showcasing their incredible talent. A formal dinner was held, where Mr Macdonald and Mrs Fremont-Barnes congratulated them on all their successes during their time at Duke of Kent School.

Olympics Day

Olympics Day saw the students working in five areas of the School: Maths and Science, English and History, Art and DT, MFL and Geography, and Performing Arts. Within these areas, the students worked on Olympic themed tasks with other students from their houses. It is always so incredible to watch the children work across the age range with Senior School students stepping up to support the Prep School. We witnessed a brilliant range of tasks and the students all created presentations either on their iPads, or on large posters. Being based in Maths and Science for the day, I saw the students building up profiles of famous Olympic Athletes and comparing them to the students here at Duke of Kent School. I am always impressed to see how the students encourage and develop the ideas of others. The final presentation in the PA Hall was a wonderful example of just what the students are capable of when given a broad task, and allowed to develop their ideas independently. Students had created their own opening ceremonies, researched the history of Olympic Games, considered athletes and designed stadiums, but most importantly, had worked together to build teamwork and presentation skills. I’m already looking forward to the next event! 

Miss Coxhead and Mr Watson

Years 3 & 4 Pop-up Fundraiser Gallery Event

For the first time ever, the School held a charity auction last Tuesday evening in aid of the Sumatran Orangutan Society. The event, hosted by the children of Years 3 and 4, was also an opportunity to showcase the Art, ICT and Growth Mindset projects they have been working on during Creative Curriculum lessons over the past two terms. Entertainingly, and sometimes breathlessly, spurred on by our auctioneers - Katyana and Thomas - parents bid generously on a variety of lots, ranging from professional wildlife drawings and photography, to abstract conceptualism and fine craftwork. After much "fair warning", we raised over £750 on the night and, following on from other fundraising events the children have organised, we will be sending SOS just over £1,200 - a fantastic contribution to a very worthy cause. We look forward to welcoming the charity's Chief Executive to a Prep School assembly in the Autumn Term, so the children can hear how the money will be spent. Sincere thanks to all staff, parents and pupils involved for making it such a memorable evening. 

Mr Wright

Duke of Edinburgh Award Expedition

On Saturday morning, twenty six intrepid Year 10 pupils departed from Duke of Kent School in two minibuses, heading for the start-points of their first walk of the weekend. Equipped with tents, sleeping bags and a small town’s supply of Haribo, they were separated into four groups of five to seven pupils. Thereafter they would have to complete two unaccompanied walks of six hours duration (at least three of which had to be spent walking) and camp overnight in order to pass the expedition phase of their Bronze DofE award.

Both walks took place in the Dorking area and would incorporate such features as Box Hill and Leith Tower. On the first day, the weather was warm and by the afternoon there was heavy rain, but luckily towards the end of the day, pupils were able to pitch their tents in hot weather - we camped at Henfold Lakes near Newdigate. Pupils inevitably had mixed experiences as most managed to navigate the right way most of the time and their spirit and determination could not be faulted. Bastien H somehow managed to fall uphill but drove on regardless. Tommy C and Noah T decided to move their sinking tent from their first location to elsewhere – a commendable and wise move. Hamish P and Alex F turned out to be ‘chefs extraordinaire’.

I was genuinely impressed with Year 10. Their resilience and good humour (relating to the walks, overnight camping and cooking) was noteworthy. The team-spirit was epitomised by a number of pupils taking part despite illness earlier in the week. One such example was Sophie C, who managed to join us for the Sunday. I was less impressed with the strange deposition of stray socks after packing up the tents – any claimants are welcome!

Mr Lodge

Duke of Kent School Triathletes

On Sunday 19th June the Duke of Kent School Tri Team competed in the Horsham Triathlon. The team consisted of Fergus, the promising all rounder, Albie, the keen athlete, George, the hard work and me, Andrew, the cycling enthusiast although he likes to sink in the pool. When we arrived we all hid behind nervous faces. Mr Kettle and Miss Coxhead gave us assuring complements.

We all got our race numbers drawn on our legs and arms. As we wheeled are bikes towards transition the dreaded swim was no longer in the future but now the present. First to enter the pool was George, directly after me and couple of minutes later by Albie and lastly Fergus. We all did well in the swim, Fergus getting the best time out of all of us. After the pool we had to short run to get to transition. George was first in to transition after a good swim time, I lost time in the transitions because he changed to clips instead of using trainers, like the others did. Coming out of transition Mr Kettle, Miss Coxhead, Mrs Ives and our families where shouting words of encouragement. I used my skill to my advantage making up lot of time from what I’d lost in the swim and getting the best time out of the group.  George did well standing his ground. Albie also was one of the outstanding cyclist of the group also making up for lost time after the swim. Fergus managed to pull his weight considering he had a bike which was too small for him, well done.

 Next was the run, possibly the hardest part of the race, as I found out. All of us agreed that the run was the hardest part of the race. I was trying to talk to Albie but there was no reply, just a look of pure agony, which we where all in. Albie ran a nice smooth run keeping a very good pace throughout the run. When George and I were watching Albie finish the race the first place he went was the jelly baby box to get his energy back. Fergus also did well in the run and when he crossed the line he looked lifeless, like us all. Unfortunately none of us won a trophy (1st-3rd) but George doing the best out of us getting 6th, myself 7th, Albie 10th and Fergus 9th, who was competing in a different race.

We would all like to say a massive thank you to Mr Kettle for training us, Miss Coxhead for letting us use her bike and spectating and also Mrs Ives for coming along to spur us on and also a huge thank you to our families for helping us, when all seemed bleak. 

By Andy and George

Pre-prep News

Pre-prep Swimming Gala

On Wednesday 29th June Pre-Prep had great fun at the annual swimming gala. A range of fantastic skills were on show using traditional strokes and in less well-known events such as an aquatic horse race and water ball race! The children performed magnificently and were hugely supportive of each other as they cheered everyone on.

Special mention goes to the winners in each race that were:

Front Crawl: Arthur (R), Tommy (2), Scarlett (2), Jonny (2)

Breaststroke: Patrick (R), Monty (1), Charlie (1), Mia (1),
Tommy (2), Florie (2)

Backstroke: Tilly (1), Isla (1), Scarlett (2), Tommy (2)

Horse Race: Arthur (R), Freddie (1), Isla (1), Millie (1)

Ball Race: Millie (R), Charlie (1), Monty (1)

Float Race: Jonny (2)

Pre-prep Stars


Hubert for working really hard and for improved collaboration and negotiation with peers.


Pip for displaying a positive attitude and showing good strategy skills in a tricky word game.

Year 1

Heath for excellent progress in numeracy and having a cheerful and positive attitude to class activities.

Mia for excellent progress and fabulous enthusiasm for reading.

Year 2

Jonny P for swimming so confidently in the swimming gala

Saoirse for showing a lot of kindness to the new children on moving up day, and for working hard to make new friends.

Fatherly Histories

3W treated their fellow pupils - and parents - to a historical overview of Father's Day, punctuated with cameo appearances from some very influential fathers, both past and present. From the cautious paternal instincts of Daedalus, to the enlightened wisdom of Sir Thomas More and Charles the Great, the children's explanations highlighted what they think it takes to be a great Dad. Most importantly, as illustrated by a typically eloquent contribution from Homer Simpson, we learned that we should be grateful for the efforts our fathers make, even if they're not always a success! Well done 3W for not only entertaining your audience, but also eliciting a tear from several proud parents. 

Mr Wright

Table Tennis Tournament

This term, 11 regular players and a handful of weekly guests, have been pitting themselves against one another with great enthusiasm and no little skill. After completing most of the Round 2 matches last week, Harry leads the league standings, just ahead of Thomas, Marcus and Dylan. Calum and Alex also deserve mention for how much they have improved, having started as virtual novices. It has been great to see everyone support each other whilst awaiting their own fixtures, and a sense of real competition is now taking hold as we enter the third and final round of matches before the end of term. 

Mr Wright

Year 6 Trip to the Stream

Recently we have been studying ballads in our English lessons. We have focused particularly on the ‘Lady of Shalott’. We took an outing to the woodland in Ewhurst so that we could study the ballad in a similar setting to that of the actual story. Surrounded and inspired by this beautiful environment provided us with a different and exciting learning opportunity; this really helped to develop our understanding of the poem. Each of us took an active role within our groups to discuss a variety of themes, then report back. We are looking forward to doing something like this again in the near future.

By Laura and Milly


Dear All

Christopher and I are heading off to Calais to take donations of essential items to the refugee camp. We are donating/volunteering via Help Refugees and CalAid and are hoping to gather together as much as possible of the list below. If you could help us with any of this that you have and no longer need or any other items such as long-life milk, sanitary products, soap, rice, teen, men's and women's clothes or essential cooking items etc we would be so very grateful.

Fiona Rowland