Prep School Science day

On Thursday 21st June it was Prep School Science Day: an exciting and jam-packed day of activities and challenges. All pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 were entertained with an assembly by Vonnie of the Science Wizards. She demonstrated a series of exciting experiments which were all on the theme of Forces. After break the whole of the Prep School took part in a Marble Run Challenge. Working in teams of six, they had forty five minutes to design and make a marble run, the challenge was to make the marble travel as slowly as possible to the bottom of the run. They had only a limited selection of recyclable materials to work with (but unlimited sellotape!)The standard of competition was extremely high. Each of the fifteen teams produced an innovative and creative design for their marble run. There was a huge variety of different ideas and the teams worked with enthusiasm and diligence to complete the challenge in time. The winning team consisted of Fleur (Yr 5) , Henry ( Yr 4), Rhys (Yr 3), Annabelle ( Yr 3), Alfie ( Yr 6) and Conrad (Yr 5). Their marble took an impressive 9.12 seconds to reach the bottom of the run. During the day every class from Nursery to Year 6 had the opportunity to work with the Science Wizard Vonnie . All the activities were linked to the theme of Forces so the pupils used hairdryers to keep ping pong balls in the air, turned cups of water upside down (without spilling a drop!) balanced cans on their sides and investigated friction by trying to pull a tablecloth off a table without knocking the dishes on the floor. They also had a chance to create mini rockets out of a film canister, a vitamin C tablet and some water! All the pupils had fantastic fun and really enjoyed trying out all the different experiments. The pupils had an additional workshop during the day with different members of staff. Year 3 investigated density and Year 4 made electrical switches. Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to visit one of the senior science lab and were entertained by Mr Kettle and Mr Vallance-Webb. They watched amazing chemical reactions, were surprised by how much energy was in a jelly baby and discovered more about Space.

To sum up the day, here are some comments from the pupils.

“My absolute favourite moment was when the potassium set on fire in the water”

“My favourite part was when I pulled the cloth “

“I really enjoyed the making of the marble run working with all the people on my team”

“I have a strong interest in Science so this day was perfect!”

“I enjoyed Science Day so much. It was scary, fun, exciting and interesting”

Many thanks to all the staff who were involved in making the day such a fantastic success.

Mrs Lock

Okinawa Day

Last Saturday was not just any Saturday, for in London it was Okinawa day (Okinawa being a Japanese island meaning rope in the open sea, a place I now feel I am unnecessarily knowledgeable on). As the name suggests, the day featured a vast array of Japanese instruments, songs, martial arts and stalls.

Most importantly however, it featured our own Oscar Boatswain. Despite being the sole Duke of Kent School, and possibly teenage, representation, he did not look out of place. In fact, with the number of people, both young and old, coming up to commend him on his performances and enquire more about the music, he was more the celebrity!

Oscar started with some entrancing and exciting drum dancing, which incorporated a story through the choreography, singing and the beating of the taiko, all performed in traditional Japanese attire. Following this, he enlightened us on another instrument called a sanshin, a beautiful guitar like implement that produces unique sounds. His skill and knowledge was astounding as he played it with ease whilst explaining the history.

All in all, a truly unique and wonderful experience and a big thank you to Oscar B and mum for letting me join in on the day. I thoroughly recommend adding it to your calendars for next year!

Miss Taylor

Year 3 'Great Outdoors' Camping

The weekend before last, twenty four eager Year 3 children scrambled up the rope to the Forest School site to begin their ‘Great Outdoors’ camping activity. They made beautiful dream catchers out of twisted willow, wool and feathers, made dens and tried their hand at archery with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.

After tea, the children enjoyed more games in the woods, a mock Spain-Portugal football match and a nature hunt followed by songs, toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate around the campfire. We then got our torches to light our way on a dusk walk up to Pitch Hill. Finally we all gathered together (along with a whole host of teddies) in the teepee for a story before snuggling down in our tents under a clear night sky. The next morning began at twenty past four with the clear melody of a dawn chorus of both birds - and children!

Mrs Nicholls

Years 3 and 4 Exhibition of Artwork

On Monday evening, Years 3 and 4 hosted an exhibition of artwork created during this term’s Creative Curriculum sessions. Their work was based on the themes of ‘The Dot’, Peter H. Reynold’s book about growth mindset and also on rainforests. The evening finished with an auction of artwork generously donated by Olly and Suzi, staff members and International Animal Rescue. The children were keen to support this charity, having learnt about deforestation in their Topic lessons and we are delighted to be able to donate £1200 to their orangutan project. Special thanks to all the children, staff and parents who supported the event, and particular congratulations should go to our superb auctioneers, Isabelle S, Jack P, Daisy R and Chester B.

Mrs Nicholls

Year 3S Assembly

On Wednesday morning, 3S travelled back in time to share what they have been learnt about Roman Britain during our Topic lessons. They discussed Roman soldiers versus Celtic warriors, Boudicca and what the Romans have left for us. Every child added great enthusiasm into the role that they played, and they should once again be very proud of themselves. Well done!

Miss Nott

Year 5 Trip to Blackland Farm

On a blazing hot Tuesday, Y5 had a very exciting and fun filled day at Blackland Farm. When we arrived, we were faced with an indoor rock climbing wall. We donned harnesses and abseiling ropes and worked as a team to help each other climb to the top of the variety of intriguing walls. One person climbed, one person acted as a counter weight, and the rest of the team were belayers, keeping a tension on the rope. The climbers often felt frustrated when they couldn’t find an obvious foothold. They were ably helped by those below, shouting advice. Fleur scaled a wall with no obvious footholds, which even instructors had difficulty climbing!

We then moved on to the crate challenge! Helmets and harnesses were again part of the dress code. Two people had to work together to climb on top of crates, which were skilfully stacked in two parallel towers, two crates at a time, by other team members. The climbers had to work as a pair, moving in sync to step up on top of the rising tower. Annabelle and Ella reached the dizzy heights of 15 crates before the tower toppled over and they were left dangling in mid-air attached to their ropes. The ropes were belayed by the remaining team members. A very important job!

Lunch was enjoyed under the shade of the trees, where we sang Happy Birthday to Charlie and Romily , followed by a few rounds of an assault course in the woods.

The final series of challenges included making a human marble run with guttering; rearranging ourselves alphabetically without falling off a narrow bench; flipping a mat while standing on it and threading our bodies through a spider’s web.

We learnt about the importance of communicating as a group, and how the right leader makes all the difference. At the end of a thrilling day, Y5 felt that teamwork is the key to success

Mr Ellerby

Years 3 and 4 Trips Day

For trips day this year, Years 3&4 were treated to a visit to Fisher’s Farm. They learnt about some of the inner workings of a farm as well as being able to meet and greet many furry friends. We were lucky enough to go on a tractor-trailer ride around the farmland as well as try their hand at many other different obstacles and activities. The weather was glorious, and everyone was in high spirits. It was the perfect way to congratulate them on all of their hard work this year!

Miss Nott, Mrs Nicholson & Mr Gritton

Year 6 Shepherding

On Tuesday we went to Saddlescombe Farm in the South Downs to learn all about shepherding. In the morning we learnt about the different equipment that they used, how best to herd sheep and how to build their pens. On the farm they have roughly 1,100 sheep and they had a big bull called William. Also they had a sheep dog called Fly who was awesome. For lunch we had lamb burgers and hot dogs cooked on the bbq. In the afternoon, we split into two groups and had a competition to heard sheep the quickest, pick a prize-winning sheep for the agricultural show and select a suitable sheep to be used for breeding. Herding the sheep and then putting on the various straps and harnesses once they were in the pen proved rather challenging! We all really enjoyed our trip and we would like to say a big thank you to Camilla and Roly for giving us such a great day.

Alanna and Calum

Year 8 Trip to Cobnor Activity Centre

On a warm Thursday afternoon we set off in minibuses to Holmbury St Mary hill for some orienteering. We split off into 5 groups and discovered the natural countryside. We were trusted to rely on our navigational skills using a map and a compass; it was a great team building time.

Once we returned to school we then played some rounders on MacRobert. There was some competitive team play with the boys playing the girls. The boys could hit it quite far but struggled with not knowing the rules, resulting in the girls winning.

After eating dinner at school we camped at the senior school campsite. We enjoyed some background music from Oscar B whilst eating marshmallows around the campfire. After a short sleep, with the majority waking up at 4:30am, due to the sun rising, we then had a delicious breakfast at school before setting off to Cobnor Activity Centre via Portchester castle for lunch.

We were met by Ryan who was one of the instructors looking after us for the two days. After dropping off our bags into our rooms we were straight into activities. The activities ranged from water sports such as sailing and canoeing to land based activites such as aeroball and archery. We learnt how to sail in RS Quba boats dodging the boom and practising our tacking in the beautiful sunshine and sailing to Bosham and back. We also took part in aeroball, a mixture of trampolining and shooting.

The food was delicious and we hung out in the tepees, learning more about our friends, and played football. Thanks to all staff for making this a trip so enjoyable and memorable.

Mr Green

PADoK Charity Netball Tournament

On Wednesday, for a 5th consecutive year, PADoK hosted a Mums' charity netball tournament. Mums' teams from schools in the surrounding area joined us for a fun morning of netball, cake and chat.

Once again the sun shone for this most exciting annual event and it was wonderful to welcome Belmont, Lanesborough and St Catherine’s to our school, but it was a joy to welcome mums from Eagle House school who joined our tournament for the first time.

After a few ‘friendly’ games of netball Belmont were crowned this year’s winners and nearly £300 was raised for Starfish Malawi.

Special thanks must be given to PADoK helpers Nicola McNaughton, Alex Vinall and Kate Western who worked very hard in the heat, ensuring everybody was provided with refreshments.

Sam Bimpsom

PADoK Netball Co-ordinator

Teddies & soft toys needed

PADoK will again be running a Teddy Tombola at the Ewhurst Carnival. We would be hugely grateful for any teddies or soft toys you are happy to donate. These can be dropped off in the boxes at school, or handed in at the Front Office. We will be collecting until the end of term. Huge thanks for any donations.

Mrs Hunter

Match Report

Cricket: U15 v Box Hill

On Wednesday Duke of Kent hosted their counterparts from Box Hill for a 20:20 match on Top Pitch. DoK batted first and managed 104 runs. Sammy L scored a well crafted 31 runs, including 5 boundaries. He was well supported by Luca E who scored a belligerent 18 runs including a couple of choice sixes. Box Hill achieved their total of 105 runs in just over 12 overs but DoK succeeded in taking four wickets during their innings. Toby H held onto two difficult catches while he, Callum H, Sammy L and Sam R all secured a wicket each. Congratulations to both sides for an entertaining fixture in very warm conditions.

Mr Lodge

Whole School Reminders

Saturday 7th July

Parent's Day and End of Term

Senior School Reminders

Monday 2nd July

Year 11 Leavers' Concert and Dinner 18:00

Tuesday 3rd July

Silver DofE Expedition

Year 7 Watersports Day

Prep School Reminders

Year 5 and 6 Trip to BFI, London

E Safety Tips

In past articles I have mentioned how games companies are relying more on "DLC" as revenue for games. Downloadable Content, as it is called, is where optional extras like costumes, emotes, levels etc. are sold on top of the initial cost of buying a copy of the game. Many "free" games make their money doing this, and it is a significant earner.

An article entitled "The Finances of Fortnite" has looked at the spending habits of the people that play the widely successful battle-royale game. Although the game itself is free, it has actually made on average $1 million every day through these micro-transactions.

Among the results of the survey were that 68% of people have spent money on the game, the average amount of money spent was $84.67, and 60% of people that play the game are college age or lower.

It is important to be aware of the amount of money you or someone you know could be putting into the game. For some people it may represent a significant investment into something that will ultimately give you no advantage in the game itself. Try and set a limit to the amount that you purchase, or even delete your payment details outright, if you feel like your spending is getting out of hand.

Here is the study for more information:

Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

This Sunday I am due to be ordained as a Deacon in the Church of England. This is something that I have been training for for 3 years and will continue to train for 4 more as a curate at Wonersh Church.

On Sunday I will make some big (and quite scary!) promises to God and to those whom I will serve. I see my role here, with you, as an embodiment of all I will promise. As your Chaplain I am here to guide, nurture and love our school community. To be a signpost to Christ, but to be equally available to all, whether of no faith or a different faith, for we are all made in the image of God.

This is a small excerpt from the service

'To serve this royal priesthood, God has given a variety of ministries. Deacons are ordained so that the people of God may be better equipped to make Christ known. Theirs is a life of visible self-giving. Christ is the pattern of their calling and their commission; as he washed the feet of his disciples, so they must wash the feet of others.'

If praying is your thing then do send one up for me!

With every blessing

Mrs Pakenham