Weekly Bulletin 29/03/2019

From Mrs Knox

With the spring bulbs now in full flower and the site blossoming, we have enjoyed another very “productive” week here at School - the Prep school production of Wind in the Willows was another outstanding performance from all the pupils and the Performing Arts crew! The Pre-prep Mothers’ day parties were very touching – it was joyous (but emotional!) to see the love they hold for their mummies and grannies! And then we had the Easter bonnet competition today, again in Pre-prep. Congratulations to Henry H, Eva W, Rupert L and William T who came out the winners, though it was a very tough decision because they were all so imaginative and colourful! I did, however, enjoy wearing my own Easter bonnet. The Awards assembly was a super way to end the term as we acknowledged some outstanding achievements.

I wish you all a very happy Easter holidays and hope you enjoy a well deserved rest!

Mrs Knox

Jason Robinson visits Duke of Kent School

On Monday afternoon, Duke of Kent Senior School were given an excellent talk from World Cup winning rugby star Jason Robinson OBE. Pupils were given an excellent incite into how Jason had overcome challenges in his early life to become the amazing rugby we saw in so many high profile matches. He answered some excellent questions from the girls and boys and then gave a fabulous training session for twenty of our Year 10 and 11 rugby players. His demonstrations were excellent to witness and the players thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon. Thank you to Fuzion 100 who helped make this event possible.

Mr Herbert

The Wind in the Willows

The PA Hall was transformed this week into a woodland wonderland for the Prep School production of ‘The Wind in the Willows’. With a cast of sixty-one children, this was a wonderfully ambitious show that set a high bar for the children to aim for and, without question, they reached it! Both nights saw full houses and received a hugely enthusiastic response from the audiences. Visually it was a treat, with a revolving stage, real trees and even a real life boat! The children were professional and mature beyond their years, showing wonderful characterisation, diction and acting throughout. A huge thank you must go out to the whole team of staff involved, but especially to Mr Macdonald, Mrs Kerr, Mrs Nicholson, Miss Nott, Mrs Locke, Lisa Lee and of course Mrs Honey who adapted, designed and directed the show. Well done to all concerned.

Pre-Prep's Mothers Day Parties

On Thursday Pre-prep held their annual Mothers’ Day celebrations. Each class produced some tempting treats and treated their mums to cups of tea, handcrafted sandwiches and cakes. The children entertained their mothers with poems and songs, expressing their feelings and gratitude for all of the wonderful things their mothers do to support them and everyone left with a handmade gift ready for Mothering Sunday.

Mrs Henry

Year 7 English

In English this term, Year 7 have been learning about charities and how they effectively use persuasive devices to create awareness for a cause. Year 7 were given the task of creating a charity for a cause which they thought should be supported by others. They created a charity advert, a poster, and a leaflet. Last Friday, they then pitched their charities to students from Year 5 and Year 6. They were competing for the most sign-ups - just for fun!

We were so impressed with the execution of the charity stalls: the use of vibrant colours and exciting props created a lively atmosphere in the ILC and it was so impressive to see how our students went above and beyond to bring their charities to life. Congratulations to C.N.W who won the competition. They created an exceptional TV advert and interesting advertising material to support their charity. The runners up were 'Pomoc' and ''Pink Parlour' who took the time to execute their stalls with such detail and care. The English department are so proud of all of our Year 7 students for all their hardwork and efforts this term - we hope the winners enjoy their Easter egg treats!

Miss Anand and Mrs Punter

Charity Bake Sale

Last Friday morning Esme, Ella and Rose from Year 6 organised a Bake Sale for the Prep School to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Here’s their account of the event:

On a sunny Friday morning, the three of us all came to school buzzing with excitement! After all the hard work in our Endeavour lessons and lunch times, we were looking forward to seeing how much money we could raise. We hosted a talk the day before (Thursday 21st) to grow awareness and understanding for this amazing charity and to inform everybody of what we were doing to raise money for it.

We had a surprising amount of cakes, made by people in the Prep School, donated to us on the Friday morning. Sadly, after all her hard work in the lead up to the event, Ella was ill on Friday morning and missed the Bake Sale. We would like to say a huge thank you to those people who stepped in at the last minute to help.

The event was very popular all over the Prep School, and in the staff room as that is where all the extra cakes ended up! We raised a fantastic £130! A huge thank you to everyone who made a bake for our Bake Sale and those who donated money; we appreciate your help to make this dream become a reality.

Thank you,

Ella S, Esme P and Rose S, Year 6

Year 4 Debate

On Thursday 28th March 4G presented their debate to the Prep School. The title was " Year 4 should be allowed to choose their own bedtime". There were strong arguments for both sides. Those for the motion suggested that Year 4 would be able to spend more time doing their spellings and tables in the evening if they went to bed later. Those against the motion thought that Year 4 would be very tired if they went to bed late and would probably fall asleep in lessons and perhaps fall out with all their friends.
There were some very interesting comments from the audience about why it is better for parents to be in charge of choosing bedtimes.
Finally a vote was taken and the motion was defeated 56 votes to 22.
Congratulations to all of 4G who spoke both clearly and confidently.

Mrs Lock

A few match reports from this week

Boys' Senior House Hockey

On Tuesday saw Year 9-11 Boys House Hockey competition that took place on the Wilson's astroturf. It was great to see all the boys involved as there an A team and B team competition that decided the overall winners. Well done to all the boys involved as there was some great skills on show and goalkeeping.

Overall Standings:

1st - Hillary

2nd - Chichester and Whittle

4th - Armstrong

Mr Green

Girls' Football: U11 Football Tournament

On Wednesday afternoon, 8 girls from Year 5 and 6 took part in the annual Longacre 5 a-side football tournament. It was a big event this year with 16 teams playing, spilt into two tournaments. Duke of Kent School started well; although they were initially nervous they managed to hold out to gain a 1-1 draw against Amesbury in their first match. The success continued, as Duke of Kent won their next match when playing St Hilary’s, with a stunning goal from Alex K. After a quick break, the girls were back in the game, the remained focused and continued to work hard to get the ball up to their attackers, and this allowed Sydney R and Alex K to score against Longacre to win the match 2-0. The fun continued as goal keeper Fleur S managed to keep a clean sheet for the rest of the tournament with help from her brilliant defenders in Frankie M and Esme P. The goals continued to come from Alex K and Ella S also managed to hit the back of the net! Duke of Kent School worked as a brilliant team throughout with Ava W and Isla B working hard in the variety of positions they played showing great versatility. After seven matches, the girls had managed to remain unbeaten with 4 wins and 3 draws – what an incredible performance and some well deserved goal medals! Congratulations to all the girls involved as each player showed great skill, determination and team work throughout the afternoon

Miss Vickers

Girls' Football: U9 Football Tournament

On Thursday afternoon, Miss Vickers was back at Longacre for another 5 a-side football tournament, this time it was the U9s turn with 15 teams in the tournament! Duke of Kent School’s team was made up of six Year 3 & 4 girls and for most of them it was their first ever competitive football match! Duke of Kent School started brilliantly with a 3-0 win over Longacre with goals coming from Edie H and Eve M. As the sunny afternoon continued, the girls kept their focus and managed to win their next game 2-0 with more fantastic goals set up by Isabelle S in her midfield position. Rose S worked extremely hard as goal keeper and made some great saves to stop the opposition scoring. Erin C and Isabella N worked tirelessly in defence, clearing the ball at every opportunity with pace and accuracy. Duke of Kent School then had 4 matches on the bounce with no break! They played brilliantly throughout with a draw and three losses. A huge well done to all the girls involved for winning two matches and managing to score 5 goals during the afternoon!

Miss Vickers

Cranleigh Hockey Club

With the season nearing its close, Cranleigh Men's hockey team have been toasting another highly successful campaign, winning their fourth consecutive promotion last weekend. Established in 2015 by Mr Green and Mr Wilson, the team includes several DoK teachers, parents and pupils (past and present) in their ranks - some of whom you might spot in the photo. New members, aged 13+, are always welcome; the team trains on Wednesday evenings with matches taking place on Saturdays. For more information, contact Mr Green or Mr Wright.

Mr Wright

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Wednesday 24th April:

Term begins for all pupils 8:20am

Friday 26th April:

Open Morning 09:30 - 19:30

Senior School Reminder

Thursday 25th April - Friday 26th April:

Year 10 GCSE Geography trip to Dorset

Friday 26th April:

Year 9 Social Evening

Military History Club

On Tuesday the 26th March the Military History Club set out on a small and quick mini-bus journey to the Q.R.M.W (Quick Response Memorial Woodland) which is a small patch of woodland near Belmont School in Holmbury St Mary. This is a restored parkland dedicated to those who served in the army’s Queen’s Regiment (Surrey) which was a very moving experience. We spent some quality time there and it was a very nice trip overall. A massive thank you to Mr Lodge for the day out.

Ben Hulford-Funnell, Year 9

Surrey Netball Success

I was chosen from my U15 Surrey Academy squad to play in the London and South East Regional Netball Festival which took place last Sunday in Kent.

We played 8 matches against 9 other teams including Essex, Kent and Middlesex. We all had to play several different positions throughout the tournament - I played WA, C and WD. My team ended up 3rd place just 1 point off second place with Kent 1 & 2 taking first and second place. It was a really fun day. 

Poppy S, Year 9

On Sunday I represented Surrey at the South East Regional Netball Festival. The festival includes teams from Kent, Middlesex, Essex and Surrey for U15 & U13 age groups. I was really looking forward to being part of it and when I got there I was asked to be captain for my team which was really exciting. We played 4 matches first off and won all of them which took us through to the next round and quarter finals. we got through to the quarter finals where we played a really good match against Kent 1. It was goal for goal with really good defence interceptions on both sides but in the end it came down to 1 goal scored just as the whistle went by Kent. Kent 1 went on to win the tournament in the U13 category. I had a great day and really enjoyed putting all the skills I have learnt during the year into practice with my team at Surrey.

Izzy B, Year 8

Duke of Cat

I have to admit I am quite exhausted. There is only so much parading, pampering and preening a cat can do without needing a nice rest. Whilst I know the School will be very quiet over the next few weeks, it will give me opportunity to relax. My friends, the mice and rabbits, will also all be out to play next week which will be fun. I do enjoy a game of hide and seek. Have a lovely Easter and thank you for all of the treats this term.

Miaow miaow


E-Safety Tips

A new way of addressing geographical locations may help emergency services find people faster. You may have seen stories about a mother and daughter being rescued from a car crash in rural Somerset after using a three word GPS system; weekend.foggy.earphones allowed the police to find them. The system, which divides the planet up into 57 trillion 3 metre x 3 metre squares, was used as an alternative to long numeric codes, or zip/post-codes and has been adopted by a number of police and fire and rescue services in the UK.

What3words requires users to call the service, then receive a text message with a link to their location on the map and the three words that correspond to their location. They also have android and ios apps.

I'm definitely going to keep this service in the back of my head in case I need it, and I would encourage you all to do the same.

Here are some links for more details:




Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

On Wednesday we celebrated Easter (slightly early!) at the Prep school assembly and now have a new Crème egg eating record for the Duke of Kent School!

We recognised that in participating in the 40 Acts challenge over the last few weeks it has made our school an even more special place to be. In doing small random acts of kindness for those around us we can make a huge difference to the happiness of our community.

Our school is so blessed to be full of children (and staff!) who do these things on a regular basis - we really are truly blessed.

I wish you all a relaxing and restful Easter break, and remember;

Easter egg hunts are proof that your children can find things when they really want to!!

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

PADoK News

Spring Term 100 club draw Winners

1st Prize £230: Mr and Mrs Tyson (Tylan Yr 10)

2nd Prize £135: Mr and Mrs Monserand (Remy Yr 2)

3rd Prize £100: Mr and Mrs Coackley (Ben Yr 11)

Congratulations to you all.

We have lot’s of very exciting PADoK events and activities next term I do hope you are able to join us for one some or all.

Teddy and Bottle Donations

Morning drop off on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd May.

Can we ask everyone to have a look through your cupboards during the Easter holidays. We shall be collecting teddys and soft toys for Peaslake Schools “Teddys Bears Picnic” and “Bottles of Booze” for a charity ball auction prize.

Charity Ball

May 18th at Denbies Vineyard.

We have sold over 170 tickets for our May Charity Ball, it really is going to be a fabulous evening and the highlight of the PADoK year. We shall soon be contacting table leaders for your wine orders.

New PADoK Netball

Parents netball will be meeting every Wednesday morning 8.30-9.30am after the Easter holidays. This is a new netball club focusing on the beginner (or returning to the sport since school) Miss Vernon will be leading most of the sessions and the focus, as with all PADoK events, will be on fun and bringing people together.


Tuesday 18th June, Do join us in the meetings room to find out everything we have been doing over the year. Richard Brocksom the Chairman of the governors will be joining us after the meeting and is available to answer any questions.

Duke of Kent School Singers

Continue to meet every Thursday morning 8.20-9am, a warm welcome awaits anybody who would like to join in.

PADoK Walks

Walks will take place first Friday in every month, during term time.

Next Term walks: Friday 3rd May

Friday 7th June

Friday 5th July

Meet in Hurtwood control carpark 3 (near the windmill pub) @8.30am. Refreshments served in the carpark on your return.

Mrs Trotman