Weekly Bulletin 28/09/2018

Visit from author Jamie Thomson

On Monday 24th September, award-winning author Jamie Thomson visited Duke of Kent School. Jamie is best-known for his comedy-fantasy books 'The Dark Lord' series. The day started off with Years 3 to 8 having an exciting assembly where they learned a little bit about Jamie. Jamie also made them practice their best 'MWHAHAHAAH' laughs! We are lucky the PA Hall didn't collapse with all the noise...Jamie was convinced that Duke of Kent School was the most EVIL school he had EVER visited after some of the students came up with some gruesome ingredients for a 'Dark Lord' pie!

Throughout the day, students in the Senior and Prep school had various workshops where Jamie gave the students his 'Top Tips to Get Creative' with story-making! Jamie shared some very useful strategies to help the students create bizarre settings and characters in their own stories! Later, Jamie was kind enough to do our very own book signing. I was delighted to see so many of our students taking a real interest in their reading and contributing to the workshops with such enthusiasm and excitement!

Miss Anand

Languages Day

Duke of Kent School's celebration of Languages Day 2018 started with an assembly focussing on the humorous side of language learning! Miss Francis explained exactly why it is that Google Translate is a poor alternative to one's brain, Miss Fellous asked pupils to guess the real meaning of some truly bizarre idioms from around the world and Mrs Cabanes ran a quiz about "false friends" - Spanish words which look like English words, but have completely different meanings. The uproarious laughter, particularly from the prep school, was most gratifying! It was lovely to see so much colour and to hear the children sharing how to say "hello" and "thank you" in their chosen language.

Year 2s from Duke of Kent School, Peaslake Free School and Ewhurst C of E School were then treated to a languages carousel workshop; over the morning's session, they had tasters of British Sign Language, French, Italian, Spanish and Welsh before asking for their well-earned pain au chocolat and chocolat chaud in French! HUGE thanks to Miss Anand, Mr Wright and Izzy P (Year 10) for teaching Welsh, Italian and BSL respectively and to all the minibus drivers; it was a true team effort!

Lunch was also an international affair, with Chinese soup, Spanish main course, a Welsh vegetarian option, Italian pasta and tarte au citron for dessert. Huge thanks to the kitchen staff who made the dining hall look spectacular.

The afternoon brought the sounds of Spain, when Anita and Tito arrived to teach Year 8 some flamenco! Along with some pupils from Notre Dame School, Year 8 learned about the rhythms of flamenco and were treated to some beautiful guitar music and dancing. I was really impressed by the pupils, who embraced the experience.

Miss Francis

Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh

On Thu 20th Sep I dropped off a Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Silver Expedition Practice group on St Martha's Hill, Chilworth, near Guildford. Their return to Duke of Kent School that afternoon heralded a 3-day extravaganza of DofE expedition fun, frolics and much exercise for the feet! The Silver group consisted of Dexter B, Toby H, Sam R, Max T, Luca E, Tom W (fresh from his new appointment the DofE Ambassador for Duke of Kent School) and the indomitable Lucy W. This 'Magnificent 7' camped at Duke of Kent School on what can be described as a pretty blustery night before marching to Henfold Lakes Leisure campsite via Holmbury the following day. In the meantime 38 Bronze intrepid participants began their particular adventure. This comprised most of Year 10, accompanied by Josh B from Year 11. Three groups began their walk at Denbies car park, Ranmore Common, with another three starting in Mickleham village. They walked to the said campsite via the Leith Hill or Box Hill areas. All followed some interesting routes and all groups finished during daylight hours and in good enough time to erect their tents and cook various combinations of pasta, noodles, sausages and other uniquely coloured concoctions.

After a cool night the groups departed on Saturday in the reverse direction of those routes they had not followed the day before, while the Silver group explored an alternative route back to School. A standout moment occurred when one student injured himself exiting a WW2 era pillbox near the Ranmore finish point. He was bandaged by Zach H who was also assisted by Dan J - and well done to them. All groups coped manfully with the deluge that erupted at about midday - it did not badly distract anyone from finishing by mid-afternoon. Their justified sense of achievement was well earned!

All students deserve credit for completing this part of their DofE experience, but a small number deserve special mentions. Jasmine B, Minnie C and Evie M had suffered significant injuries prior to the expedition but all three girls took part with spirit and aplomb. Other participants also overcame discomforts and all conquered the physical and mental demands of being removed from their familiar surroundings of home, complete with associated creature comforts. To a lesser degree the same was true of supporting staff who included Mr Seeley, Mrs Tattan-Robb, Mr Watson, Mr Burwood, Mr Kaye, Miss Barnes, Mr Wyllie, Mr Gritton, Miss Nott, Mr Wilson and Mr Allen. Mrs Sarjant and Mrs Garside provided key medical backup packs, training and advice for the groups, while Mr Southee provided backup, Mr Macdonald and Miss Vernon minibus help, and Mr Taylor-Bowers personalised baguettes! Other teachers covered the responsibilities of those who were 'out' so it really was a full Duke of Kent School effort. I had the privileged position of seeing it all through and now anticipate a high quality of potential Silver participants - as long as they complete (or near completion) of their Bronze Award. The current Silver participants can look forward to their Qualification event in the South Downs during the Summer term after the GCSEs.

Finally, many thanks also to our patient External Assessor, Mr Rob Squirrell, from Sayers Croft Field Centre for all your time and help on the expeditions.

Mr Lodge

Match reports from this week

Football: U16 v. St. Edmund's

On Tuesday the 25th September the U16 First XI took on a strong St Edmund’s team on the back of a fine 5-2 victory the week before. Confidence was high as a hard fought first half ended goalless with the team rarely trouble due to a fine defensive unit led by Ben C, reading the game like a young Bobby Moore, and Callum ‘the enforcer’ H mopping up anything that snuck through. A vibrant start to the second half followed with wave after wave of attacks from the home side soon rewarded. Luca R showed his predatory prowess, sprinting clear and delicately rounding the keeper to finish in style as Sammy L threaded the eye of a needle with a sublime through ball from wide left. Nerves were soon calmed as Max T surprised even himself, rising like a salmon to head home powerfully from Luca’s long throw-in, a move Rory Delap would have been proud of in his Stoke City days. 2-0. Game over. The team is starting to foster a real team ethic fuelled by hardwork, encouragement and enthusiasm and I am excited to see where the rest of the season takes them. Special mentions need to go to Dexter B (debuting superbly in an unfamiliar full-back role), Sam ‘safe hands’ R, ‘tricky’ Tom W and the terrier like midfield display of Toby H. Onwards and upwards.

Mr Wilson

Football: U15 v. St. Edmund's

The U15 football team played St. Edmund's school on Tuesday afternoon. The boys put on an impressive display and are showing great improvement week on week. Duke of Kent School produced attacking football throughout passing the ball around with fluency and accuracy, ending with powerful strikes on goal on several occasions. Duke of Kent School came out on top 4-0 winners, Alex W, Vincent T, and Sam I all scoring. Well done on a good performance.

Mr Burwood

Netball: U13 A v. Pennthorpe

On Wednesday 26th of September, Duke of Kent schools U13 A netball team played Pennthorpe school. We knew it was going to be a hard match because they have a good reputation. In the first quarter Duke of Kent School took the lead 4-1 with some excellent team play especially in defence but by the end of the second quarter Pennthorpe came back with some excellent attack. So the scores where tied at half time 6-6. Both teams matched each other in the third quarter with some amazing interceptions by both teams so we went into the fourth quarter tied 8-8. After a team talk with Miss V we knew we had to keep possession of the ball and ensure when we had the chance to intercept and score. In the end we won 12-11 it was very tense! Well done to the whole team who kept strong throughout the game.

By Izzy B, Year 8

Football: U8/9 v. Ripley Court

The under 8/9's hosted Kingswood House School on Thursday afternoon in the glorious sunshine. The Tigers and Panthers both conceded early on but both fought back valiantly to come back and win, with the Tigers scoring 4 goals in the second half with no reply. The Panthers coming back from 0-1 to win 3-1. Special mention to the scorers Monty L, Myles C, Jack R and debutant Felix C. The Lions put on a fierce display, winning 3-1. All 3 goal came from Theo C. Well done to all the boys who applied what they have been learning in lessons into competitive matches.

Mr Burwood, Mr Green, Mr Gritton

Netball: U12A v. Pennthorpe

On what turned out to be an unseasonally hot Wednesday afternoon, the U12A's hosted Christ’s Hospital. With having only played a couple of matches together as a team there were a few nerves that led to a very back and forth first half, with both teams often losing the ball at the final hurdle. As a result, after one quarter the score was just 1-1. However, after a quick water break the girls really settled into their positions. Ruby K was intercepting many a pass at GK and Poppy K showed her worth at GS and GA, moving for the ball and being accurate with her shooting. They were very ably assisted in the middle in a game that showed real team effort and strength. Millie RD, Alanna H and Hannah A worked tirelessly making interceptions and putting the opposition under pressure and, despite still getting used to the sport, Macy B showed her talent with her calm nature and ability to see where the space is. Poppy R was relentless in her running in both defence and attack and definitely wore half of the opposition out!
The final score finished 8-5 to the good; a result that was thoroughly deserved and reflected the girls’ desire and effort. Well done!

Mrs Vermuelen

Netball: U11 v. Pennthorpe

On Wednesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School's U11 girls made the short journey to Pennthorpe to play netball in the beautiful sunshine! After a great warm up and some tactical discussions the girls were ready to play. They started brilliantly with fantastic linking passes from Ava W, Frankie M and Alex K. This gave Duke of Kent School some great opportunities to score with Rose S on shooting form. Meanwhile, Esme P, Ella S and Annabelle R in defence were working incredibly hard making great interceptions as often as they could in an attempt to keep Pennthorpe’s score low. After two hard fought quarters, the score was 3-2 and after a quick hydration break the girls were ready to go again. Every member of Duke of Kent School’s team continued to try their best, consistently dodging away from their players in an attempt to get free. A huge well done to all of the girls in Year 6 for making every effort to put the skills we have learnt in lessons into a game situation – congratulations on some great play!

Miss Vickers

Whole School Reminders

Saturday 6th October:

Open Day - Sports Showcase

Senior School Reminders

Tuesday 2nd October:

Year 7 Parents' meetings 16:45 - 19:00

Prep School Reminder:

Wednesday 3rd October:

Years 3 - 6 Ballet Club ISA Ballet Competition

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Savannah L for displaying kindness towards her friends and being supportive towards the new children.

Reception: Eliza R for setting a great example to her friends.

Year 1: Hubert S for having a positive attitude to all areas of school life.

Year 2: Martha G-A for a brilliant attitude to learning in all subjects.

Mrs Green

Performing Arts News

This week Nursery and Reception had a treat when Dexter B, Ava H, Toby H and Jago C all turned up to their music lesson and performed for them. It's wonderful to see the Senior School pupils working with the younger ones, and Nursery and Reception loved it - especially when Mr and Mrs Fizz (looking suspiciously like Dexter and Ava) made a surprise visit!

LAMDA news - we have had a terrific response to the LAMDA lessons. In fact so many people are interested that we are recruiting an extra specialist teacher! Mrs Honey will be in touch shortly about all of the above but we are looking to start around half-term.

And finally 'Made in Dagenham' is going very well but don't forget to check the weekend rehearsals. The first one is Saturday 13th October.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

A recent news story has highlighted the risks of chat apps and their potential to put children into contact with strangers online. One such app, Kik, was found to be featured in more than 1,100 cases of abuse in the last five years. While I believe that people should be allowed to chat to people online, it is important to make sure that there is no risk of getting into contact with people who might want to harm you. Stick to people you already know outside of the internet, and if anyone you don't know tries to get into contact then block and report them if necessary. The same goes if anyone you don't know tries to ask you for pictures, videos, or your personal information. Block them, report them, and tell a trusted adult.

Here is a link for more information:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-pe

PADoK News

PADoK Walking Group

A fabulous time was had by all at the PADoK walk last Friday. Glorious weather, wonderful views and fabulous company, all finished off with tea and cake.

Please do join us for the next PADoK walk on Friday 19th October 2018, meeting at 8.30am in Pitch Hill car park (Hurtwood control car park 3) just above the Windmill Pub. Everybody and dogs welcome.

Mrs Trotman

Pause For Thought

What a beautiful week it's been weather wise - if you like the days drawing in and cold mornings! With the sun out on a clear bright day the changing colours all around us seem almost majestic. As you can tell I love this time of year!

If you get a chance this weekend do take a moment to stop and look around you. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world, let's get out there and enjoy it!

Here's a little weekend poem for you!

Reverend Kia