Weekly Bulletin 28/06/2019

A Message from Mrs Knox

Excitement is building as we draw towards the conclusion of the academic year, and the sun is finally here to stay (at least until after Parents' Day, we hope!).  Academic reports will be published to the Parent Portal next week and will give you a good overview of your child's progress throughout the year.  Our Prize Giving on Saturday 6th will be a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the effort and achievements of all of the pupils.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Knox

Sports Day

The rain finally stopped and the sun came out for a wonderful Prep and Senior School Sports Day. It was amazing to see so many pupils competing to the very best of the ability to gain points for their House. Parents supported the pupils brilliantly throughout the afternoon and the encouragement that the athletes received truly inspired them to produce some incredible performances. There were many close finishes and some wonderful moments of sportsmanship. Congratulations to all who took part and particularly well done to Jasmine B and Dan D who won the Best Athlete of the Day trophies. The House scores were close all afternoon and it was only the superb relay performances by Hillary that saw them crowned the 2019 champions. Well done to all that took part!

1st Hillary - 407

2nd Armstrong - 391

3rd Chichester - 398

4th Whittle - 316

Mr Herbert

Senior Sports Dinner

On Friday evening, pupils and parents from Years 8-11 were invited to the annual Senior Sports Dinner. The evening started with drinks and canapes in the Old Hall before a fantastic New Orleans hot and cold buffet. A tricky sports quiz awaited each table which the guests tackled during their meal.

The evening was a chance to highlight some of the amazing sporting achievements of this academic year and to award pupils for their contributions. The traditional Year 11 speeches were given this year by Tyla W, Chloe E-L, Luca E and Callum H. This was also an evening for the PE team to thank all those that have contributed to the successful running of the sporting calendar this year; these include Oli and Kelly who have produced some great pitches in some difficult conditions, Jason and his catering team who continue to create such wonderful match teas and the office staff who help with the smooth running of the match afternoons. This was a very enjoyable evening and we hope that as many pupils and parents will be able to attend next year. Congratulations to our award winners this year, who were:

2019 Sports Dinner Awards



U16 Sportsman/woman (Trophy)

Tyla W

Luca E

U16 Team Player (Shield)

Chloe E-L

Callum H

U15 Sportsman/woman (Trophy)

Fleur B

Alex W

U15 Team Player (Shield)

Izzy P

Sam I

U14 Sportsman/woman (Trophy)

Poppy S

Harry S

U14 Team Player (Shield)

Alice S

Tom S

U13 Sportsman/woman (Trophy)

Izzy B

Marcus D

U13 Team Player (Shield)

Kora W

Jack A

Mr Herbert

Silver DofE

On a mild overcast day, 5 post-exam Year 11 males were dropped at Lewis Prison with the D of E aim of improving team bonding and morale. From the outset it appeared like all was going wrong with bottles smashing and sleeping bags being forgotten. 

The first day was by far the longest, with many sore feet and some soggy sandwiches attempting to make morale low, but the males came through. After a long day of walking they all found their way to first campsite. That night they met their greatest challenge for so far, not the rain, not the mud but a very angered goose which barred the way to the toilets. Through nothing but shear determination and built up testosterone they ‘fought him off’ (ran past at high speed whilst being chased) so they could finally relieve themselves. They slept peacefully that night in the knowledge they were safe from the geese. After a good sleep and breakfast they were on their way ready take on a day of much elevation.

Day two was very similar with more painful feet but slightly lighter bags. Prospects were positive as the sun was up high in sky. And the recurring theme of animal farms which made the smell of poo linger for hours, couldn’t put a dent in the teams determination. Camp, was made riverside, food consumed and a good nights sleep had by all.

Day three was short and sweet, with the males making good progress throughout the day. Spirits where high and conquest completed when we found the welcoming arms of D. Lodge and A. Wyllie and were on our way home.

Throughout the trip there were recurring themes of aggressive geese and rampant rams, but throughout the males kept morale high and came through on top.

Tom W, Year 11

Year 10 Charity Day

On Monday the 24th of June Year 10 organised a charity day to raise money for two notable causes: Surrey Sands (a charity which helps families dealing with still birth) and funding a child in Tanzania so he can go to school. Without the school fees this particular pupil wouldn’t have the chance to get an education.

The day included a sponsored walk, a best dressed competition and a fair over lunch break, with face painting, splat the teacher, beat the goalie, a jukebox and an obstacle course. Together we raised almost £1,000, the equivalent of 2,912,585 Tanzanian shillings!

We would like to thank Mrs Cook for her emotional assembly regarding the Surrey Sands charity which highlighted what a worthwhile cause this is. We would also like to thank the Year 10 volunteers for their efforts, the teachers for taking part with good humour and your kind contributions which made the day a success.

Many thanks

Matty S and Sophie D, Year 10

Years 3 and 4 Trips Day

On Thursday, Years 3 and 4 headed off to Amberley Working Museum in the South Downs to find out all about the industrial heritage of the South East. A highlight for all was our workshops on journeys which included a ride on a narrow gauge railway around the 36 acre site as well as a memorable trip in an open-top bus which had been built in 1914.

We looked at many old tools and crafts, and all the children tried their hand at wood-turning, each creating a wooden mouse to bring home with them. We also looked at technological advancements over the last couple of centuries, observing how televisions, radios and telephones have evolved.

The children also greatly enjoyed making their own certificates in the printing shop, lining up their letters and pressing these with ink. This also led to interesting discoveries about the origins of well-known expressions such as minding your ps and qs and upper and lower case letters.

It was a fascinating day out and the children are to be commended on their wonderful manners, enthusiasm and levels of enquiry throughout the day.

Mrs Nicholson

Year 7 Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award Event

As part of our Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award, we organised and ran a hotdog stall for their friends. We were taking part in a football match on Sunday and arranged for the hotdogs to be available to sell at the end of the match. We marketed and planned the event which proved to be a tremendous success with £65.20 being raised in total which we will be donating to our chosen charity, The Donkey Sanctuary.

Charlie C and Will P, Year 7

A few match reports from this week

Girls' Cricket: U15 v. St Edmund's

On Tuesday afternoon the U15's faced St. Edmund's away in a cricket match. Duke of Kent School bat first and Jas B and Megan A managed to hit a 6 which helped bring the number of runs up. The team managed to capitalise on some no balls and wide balls but as a team they looked for the gaps and managed to bring their total runs up to 245. St Edmund's were now into bat and Duke of Kent School piled on the pressure with some fantastic bowling, especially from Jas B, Josie M, Issy P and Florence T. All the girls fielded well and managed to keep their runs down resulting in a win of 245 runs to 235. Well done to everyone who played and what a great first year of girls' cricket!

Miss Vernon

Girls' Cricket: U14 v. St. Edmund's

With the rain holding off on Tuesday afternoon, St Edmund’s arrived to play our U14 girls at pairs cricket on the Wilson’s AstroTurf. Duke of Kent School were first up to bat with Eva P and Alice S starting the innings. Between them, they batted confidently and managed to score two 6’s and two 4’s. A brilliant start to the game! Martha M, Daisy K and Poppy S also scored multiple runs for the team and put Duke of Kent School in a good position with a score of 338 runs. After a quick team talk, the girls were ready to take their fielding positions. Consistent, powerful and accurate bowling was shown by Kiki B and Ellis Mck; whilst the rest of the team showed excellent decision making, tactical passes and a good understanding of the game to help limit St Edmund’s runs to 262. Well done to all the girls involved for a fantastic game!

Miss Godfrey

Boys' Cricket: U14/15 v. Shoreham College

Congratulations to the U14/15 cricket team who managed to beat Shoreham College with one ball to spare in the final over. Set a total of 97 in 12 overs, Duke of Kent scored quickly with Alex W striking the ball very well for his quick 39. Arthur B and Sam I also contributed well to our tally before Harry S and Archie L saw Duke of Kent over the line. Well done to all who played.

Mr Herbert

Boys' Cricket: U11 v. Shoreham College

Shoreham College managed to score 79 in 15 overs. Rufus B, Toby T, Luca H and Will R all took wickets, helping to keep the oppositions score down. After tea, George (30 not out) and Rufus B (24 not out) helped Duke of Kent School reach Shoreham's tally with some well timed shots. Duke of Kent won the match without losing a wicket in their seventh over; another fine performance from the U11 boys!!

Mr Herbert

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Monday 1st July:


Departure Times:

3:30pm - Pre-prep and Prep siblings

4:05pm - Prep School and Senior siblings

4:45pm - Senior School

4:45/5:00pm - After school buses depart

Friday 5th July:

School BBQ lunch 

Friday 5th July:


Departure Times:

3:30pm - Pre-prep and Prep siblings

4:05pm - Prep School and Senior siblings

4:45pm - Senior School

4:45/5:00pm - After school buses depart

Saturday 6th July:

Parents' Day and End of Term

Senior School Reminders

Monday 1st July:

Year 11 Leavers' Concert and Dinner 18:00

Tuesday 2nd - Thursday 4th July:

Year 10 Sliver DofE Expedition

Tuesday 2nd July:

Year 7 trip to Globe Theatre for tour and workshop

Thursday 4th July:

Year 7 Watersports day

Prep School Reminders

Tuesday 2nd July:

Year 6 trip to Saddlescombe Farm

Tuesday 2nd July:

Year 5 trip to Blacklands Farm

Wednesday 3rd July:

Year 6 Final assembly and Endeavour Award showcase 08:30 - 10:30

Thursday 4th July:

Prep performance at Woodhouse Opera

Year 3 Assembly

On Wednesday morning, 3N performed their final assembly of the year. The theme for this assembly was inclusion and the children delivered a super performance of a story called 'Carrot Club'. The carrots wouldn’t let any of the other veggies into their club, but Polly Parsnip disguised herself as a carrot and got them to think about their actions. All the veggies were then invited to the revamped 'Veggie Club'. A powerful message delivered about including everybody, well done Year 3!

Miss Nott

Chemistry Introduction

Year 6 had their first introduction to using the bunsen burners this week. First they watched and listened carefully as Mrs Tattan-Robb gave them a safety demonstration. Then they donned their safety goggles and white coats and were ready to go. Not only did they change the flame from the orange safety to blue but they also investigated what affect different chemicals have on the colour of the flame. They were particularly impressed by the lovely green flame from the copper. Thank you very much to Mrs Tattan-Robb and Ms Shaw.

Mrs Lock

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Elise S for progression in numeracy and a positive attitude.

Reception: Herb M for amazing progress in reading.

Year 1: Bea T-R for amazing independent work in English.

Mac Y for focussing really well on his work all week.

Year 2: Harry L for an extremely impressive ‘Great Fire of London’ diary entry. Your similes and expanded noun phrases were brilliant!

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

This week I want to put some focus on the topic of fake pictures. I'm sure we're all aware of the concept of fake news, and skepticism is an important skill to develop if you want to use the Internet. However, fake pictures, audio, and sound are all becoming more popular in the news and on social media. As technology develops, it is now possible to create a video that has been altered but looks completely real. These "deepfakes" are making work for social media sites, as they struggle to detect and remove the offending videos.

For us regular users the danger is that we see a video that is nothing more than fabricated propaganda, and we must all remain vigilant and question everything we read online. Several studies have shown that identifying fabrications is a skill that has to be developed over time, so whenever you see something that doesn't seem quite right, consult other sources before believing it and get used to fact checking things that you see or read online.

Here are some link for more information:




Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

Twenty-five years ago the first women priests were ordained in the Church of England. This Saturday I join them! After a few days retreat I will be ordained Priest at Guildford Cathedral by Bishop Jo Wells of Dorking.

This will enable me to preside at Holy Communion, officiate at Weddings, Baptisms and funerals. It is an incredible privilege and deeply humbling. This was never in my life plan (not that I really had one!) but we live a life with surprises and challenges round every corner - our God is full of surprises and definitely has a sense of humour!

If you are so inclined I would appreciate your prayers.

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

PADoK News


Thank you so much to everybody who joined us at the PADoK AGM.

Re-elected for the 2019/20 school year

Chairlady - Sarah Trotman

Treasurer - Sarah Smith

Secretary - Camilla Phillips

The aim and objective of PADoK is to bring parents and teachers together in a fun and relaxed environment, to support social events throughout the school year, to welcome new parents into the school and help new parents become accustomed to their new environment and to support the school any which way we can. Everybody was in agreement we had more than fulfilled our objective.

It was decided by the reps at the beginning of this school year we would focus on trying to acquire a golf buggy to be used around the Duke of Kent campus. Although it isn’t ever our objective to raise money, all our events are budgeted to a breakeven point, but due to the success of this years PADoK events a substantial amount of money has been accrued in the PADoK account and I am delighted to tell you that this year PADoK will be supplying the school with a 6 seater gold buggy. This will be used in a variety of ways around the school campus, to help less able visitors, transport match teas, take prospective parents around the grounds. I’m sure the golf buggy will be a great addition and help to the school.

Thank you to all the parents and staff who have supported PADoK and PADoK events this year.

PADoK Walk

The last PADok Walk of this school year will be on Friday 5th July

Meet in Hurtwood control carpark 3 (near the windmill pub) for an 8.30am start.

Everybody welcome.

Refreshments served in the carpark on your return.

Mrs Trotman