Weekly Bulletin 27/04/2018

Year 9 British Army STEM Challenge

Year 9 had an exciting day on Friday challenging their design creativity with the Army at a STEM education day. During the afternoon the students immersed themselves in various activities involving all three sciences such as designing a new helmet and energy bar for soldiers to use in humanitarian rescue situations. Everyone took part with great enthusiasm and interest and impressed the leaders with their innovative design ideas.

Mr Kettle

Year 7 V&A Performance

On Tuesday, Year 7 performed at the V&A as part of the Museum’s ‘Shakespeare Festival’, on a performance project called ‘Shakespeare in a Suitcase.’The aim of the project was to introduce schools to Shakespeare-related objects to inspire them to produce performances and re-interpretations of his plays and to give them the opportunity to perform at this wonderful Museum to the general public and other schools. The practical limitation was that anything the students need to produce their work must fit in a standard, family-sized suitcase.

Over the last term, the children have worked incredibly hard devising a twenty minute play on a child’s dream, using lines from eighteen of Shakespeare’s plays relating to sleep, dreams and nightmares. They had based their piece on the Great Bed of Ware, which was referenced in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and famed for its size.

The children had one rehearsal in a space that they were unfamiliar with, a situation that a professional actor would find daunting but they took on the challenge with confidence and professionalism. Out of the four schools performing that day Duke of Kent School were the first to perform and held their own amongst some impressive pieces performed by all ages. The children really rose to the occasion with their wonderful performances, and deserved the praise given to them by those fortunate enough to have seen them perform. They made me a very proud drama teacher!

Mrs Honey

Nutrition Day

On Thursday the lovely Sally, a nutritionist from Holroyd Howe (our school catering company), came in to speak to Pre-prep and Prep pupils about the importance of a balanced diet.

After an assembly, during which the pupils were introduced to the ‘smoothie bike’, children enjoyed small workshop sessions throughout the day with Sally. Reception and Year 1 thought of fruits and vegetables beginning with different letters of the alphabet before drawing their own balanced meal on a paper plate. Years 2, 3 and 4 sorted foods into food groups and suggested ways in which to improve some unbalanced plates, and Years 5 and 6 found out more about the types of food that we eat before measuring out the quantity of sugar in popular treats that we sometimes like to indulge in!

As well as memories of riding a smoothie bike, pupils also took away the key messages of: enjoy your food, try something new and of course the importance of eating everything, but in moderation.

Mrs Green

5T Assembly

In line with our Growth Mindset ethos, 5T led assembly this week with thoughts on what being positive means, and gave some tips on how to have a positive mental attitude. We thought about how our thoughts influence our actions. We also explored how we could talk to ourselves in a positive or negative way, according to how we perceive an event. 5T discovered that Escher, a graphic artist who used negative and positive space to show 2 different images demonstrates this very well. Oscar, Casper and Johnny explained that depending on whether we focus on the black [negative space] or on the white [positive space] we can see different things. Some of the Year 5 students showed the “Wow! Journals”, they have been keeping, where they are noting down 3 things a day that make them feel happy or for which they are grateful. This reminds us to notice the small events and things that matter. A bunch of bananas were used to illustrate further the idea of being positive. Bananas are bright and cheerful, giving us energy. They hang together in cluster or hands, and we give each other a hand if needed. We concluded our assembly with a reminder to think on “Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things, and the God of peace will be with you.” A cheerful rendition of “Bring Me Sunshine” with suitably silly Morecombe and Wise dancing brought our assembly to a close.

Mrs Green

Pre-prep Egg Rolling

On the final day of the Spring Term, Pre-prep children and staff gathered for the eagerly anticipated egg-rolling competition. Each pupil had decorated an egg in preparation, helping to make it a very colourful, creative affair. Prizes were awarded for the most impressively dressed shells; special mention must go to Johnny, Henry L and Phoenix for some spectacular efforts. With the opening ceremony complete, the egg-rolling began, under the watchful eye of Miss Walpole who made sure there was no foul play. Well done Pre-prep!

Mr Wright

Pre-prep Maths Day

Mr Ellarby started the Pre-prep Maths day with an assembly, asking the children to consider where we might find Maths in our daily lives, and how grown-ups need it to do their jobs. We were also introduced to some famous mathematicians within our very own department. If you don't already know about them, do ask your children who they are and see if you can spot them next time you're in Pre-prep! Fired up by the assembly, the pupils split into mixed age groups to begin their activities. Throughout the day, the children's culinary skills were honed as they made pizzas (both real and paper ones!) that helped them to understand fractions, their creativity was put to use making animal themed artwork by arranging various shapes into tessellating patterns, and outside they had the chance to compete in a 'Mathletics' event, measuring jumps, timing races and keeping score of their throwing attempts. After all of this, and a school wide Maths Trail in the afternoon, everyone had earned a quarter, or even a half, of pizza back in the classroom. Thanks to all the staff, and in particular to Mrs Crabtree for coordinating our efforts.

Mr Wright

A few match reports from this week

U15 Cricket

On Wednesday the U15s played their first cricket fixture against Christ's Hospital. Sammy L won the toss and we elected to field first. Duke of Kent School started well with Sam R taking a wicket in the first over with a good catch from Dugald P. Duke of Kent School kept their high standards in fielding and bowling throughout with accurate bowling. This resulted in our second wicket from Tom W thanks to a catch from Callum H. Duke of Kent School started their batting innings with Luca E and Dexter B but unfortunately it was cut short due to the bad weather and the match was abandoned.

Mr Green

U14 Rounders

On Wednesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School's U14 rounders team travelled to Christ's Hospital. The team managed to dodge the rain showers for their first rounders match of the term. Captained by Minnie C, the girls elected to field first and started fantastically well. Fleur B and Megan A worked as an incredible team as backstop and bowler to stump 4 players out within the first 7 balls. The girls continued to field well with some solid bowling from Minnie C throughout the first innings. Duke of Kent School batted well in both innings with some spectacular rounders from Sophie D and Fleur B. The team continued to keep up their high standard of performance to keep just ahead of Christ's Hospital. The score finished 18 rounders to 16 a half, well played to all the Year 9 girls involved, what a brilliant start to the season! 

Miss Vickers

U9 Cricket

The U9 cricket team played their first cricket game of the season against St. Edmunds School on Thursday. Duke of Kent won the toss and elected to bat first. After starting on 200 we scored 292, with some impressive batting from Oscar H and Josh W-D including several fours. St. Edmunds were unable to chase the target down finishing 10 runs short. Seb D bowled particularly well resulting in a wicket. This is a promising start to the cricket season, well done.

Mr Burwood

Whole School Reminders:

Wednesday 2nd May:

Technology Review Day

Friday 4th May:

Online Safety Awareness Day

Friday 4th May:

House Music finalists concert

Senior School Reminders:

Monday 30th - Tuesday 1st May

GCSE Art Examination

Tuesday 1st May:

Year 7 English Workshop at the Royal Courts of Justice

Prep School Reminder:

Monday 30th April:

Year 3 trip to Butser Ancient Farm

Pre-Prep Reminders:

Tuesday 1st May:

Reception trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks

Wednesday 2nd May:

Nursery trip to Bocketts Farm

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Nursery:  Savannah Littman for settling into her new class so well

Reception:  Max Machin for accurate descriptions of the properties of 2D and 3D shapes

Year 1:  Fenella Wates for showing great focus and enthusiasm in Maths lessons and making excellent progress

Year 2:  Levi Littman for settling into his new class so well

Mrs Green

Music Department News

The Music Department is gearing up for another busy term with a full calendar of concerts and recitals. Please keep an eye on the school calendar for when your child's lunchtime recital might be; these relaxed and informal recitals are a great opportunity for all the children who have individual music lessons to perform and also a chance for the parents to meet their instrumental teacher.

We also have numerous evening events taking place that involve a huge number of children from across the school so I look forward to seeing, as always, lots of parents there to support!

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Whatsapp has announced that it is raising the minimum age to use its service from 13 to 16, due to changes in European data privacy laws. In the next few weeks users will have to confirm that they are 16 or over, and agree to new terms of service. Users between the ages of 13 and 15 can nominate a parent or guardian to control the account for them.

Although it is difficult for many websites to enforce age limits, it is still worth knowing that if you or anyone else you know is using a service that they are not old enough for, they should probably not be using it. On the bright side you will now be able to download a report containing all the data that Whatsapp knows about you, which should give users a better idea about how their privacy is affected by using the app.

Here is are some articles for more details:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause For Thought

Well the first full week back at school and we're back at full tilt!

Relationship workshops, school council meetings, performances at the Victoria and Albert museum, literacy evenings, various matches, maths challenges and of course the announcement of the new head!

This week I have been reminded of how precious our school community is. The love and support that both pupils and staff give and receive is a hallmark of our ethos here.

But it is more than that.

It is who we are.

Mrs Knox recognised that on her visits here and it is a familiar response by all who are welcomed here for the first time.

We love because God first loved us. To show this love we put others before ourselves, we put their interests before our own. This is how God loves us and it is how we can show this love here, in our school community. This is not always easy but we can ask for help from the God of love.

Lord Jesus Christ,

We are here as your people, one body, one community, yet we are also here as individuals because you love each one of us, and offered yourself for each of us. Help us to come as we are before you; help us to see our way through the challenges of life, so that we can see clearly your path for us.


With every blessing

Mrs Pakenham

Pray for the school community with coffee and croissants this Monday 30th, 8.30am. Meet in the Old Hall. All welcome!