Weekly Bulletin 25/05/2018

Music News

Last Friday was a busy day in the Music Department. After the success of the Prep School trip to Woodhouse Opera in the morning (see last week's bulletin) we had no fewer than three recitals in the afternoon and the evening!

Miss Macaulay's Prep school piano pupils kicked off the proceedings at 5pm with a lovely 40 minutes of piano playing, with pupils from Years 3 - 6 playing a whole range of styles and pieces. The friendly audience showed their appreciation fully and it was lovely to see lots of friends there to support their classmates.

At 6pm we had a full house for Miss Barnes' singing recital. This was a great opportunity for those of her pupils who have not yet performed to gain invaluable performance experience and also a great chance for some of the more seasoned performers to work in groups and focus on harmony and cohesion as an ensemble.

And then finally, at 7pm we were treated to an hour of high quality piano music from Miss Macaulay and Mr Kaye's Senior piano pupils, all of whom performed with aplomb and assurance: a lovely way to spend an early Friday evening!

Mr Rye

Careers Assembly - IT Industry and Business Management

A couple of weeks ago, the Senior School were fortunate enough to have a special visit from Deepak Anand who is the Senior Accounts Manager for Lenovo at just 32 years old. He explained where his interest of being a manager started when he was 16 years old when he had his first job at Asda; Deepak was encouraged to be a Team Leader in the bakery. It was then that he knew that managing others was something he had a special skill in. During his time at the University of West England in Bristol, where Deepak decided to study Business Management, he took on an internship position at Hewlett Packard which was ultimately a key stepping stone in his career.

Mr. Anand was able to explain the different layers of an organisation including: finance, product design and management, sales and marketing. This was relevant for many of our Senior School pupils who have interests ranging from art and product design to business and computer science. He also explained how organisations in the IT industry fiercely compete to become the market leader in their sector. It was fascinating to learn how organisations attempt to differentiate their products from others and how they set trends in product design - and why Rose Gold became such a popular trend across the board!

The feedback on this assembly was incredibly positive and many students felt they had been given “food for thought” about the challenging, yet rewarding aspects of being in the technology and business industry. Mr. Anand gave a thought-provoking message to the students that they should always plan ahead and consider their long-term goals because the path to success “isn’t always plain sailing” and that in life the “learning never stops”. He also emphasised the importance of hard work and honesty in building your reputation within your company and within your industry and how that ultimately pays off when you need it most.

Mr. Anand's full presentation can be found on the VLE in the "Careers" pages.

Mrs Lacroix

Year 5 Poetry Work - Jabberwocky

As part of our poetry work in English this term, last week Year 5 studied the poem 'Jabberwocky' by Lewis Carroll. Having tried to decipher what in fact 'slithy toves', 'borogoves' and 'mome raths' might be, we decided to take our vorpal swords and enter the woods to snicker snack any frumious Bandersnatches or, indeed, Jabberwocks that we might encounter amidst the Tumtum trees and bystanding Jubjub birds. The resulting action interpreted by the various groups was most frabjous and not at all mimsy with expressive, clear and creative performances that led to our galumphing return in time for lunch. Well done everyone!

Mr Coote

Chemistry Festival at Surrey University

On May 24th, Issy F, Milly B, Oscar B and Oisin W became university students for the day as they ventured to Surrey University for a Chemistry festival. On arrival we were greeted with complimentary juice and biscuits which went down very well, and quickly. All the students were then lead into a vast laboratory which really excited and inspired everyone. They were set a challenge to find out the culprit of a theft using a number of scientific skills and advanced equipment, alongside teamwork and decision making. After lunch they returned to the laboratory to make some bright and vibrant coloured dyes from everyday fruits and vegetables such as beetroot and cabbage! (As I said to them, a great alternative if they don't like eating them.)

The day concluded with a "Chemistry magic show" where we saw balloons fulminate, colour changing chemicals and exploding methanol. All four students represented the school impeccably and were great company for what was a fantastic day.

Miss Taylor

Share a Pencil Day

On Wednesday we joined around 70,000 school children from across the UK to take part in Share a Pencil Day and raise awareness of the 124 million children globally who do not have access to an education.

Along with thousands of pupils in classrooms throughout the country, the pupils were encouraged to share one pencil between two students (not during their exams!) to experience what life is like for children who cannot go to school or have to share the basic tools for learning, like a pen or a pencil. Throughout our Share a Pencil Day, pupils were asked to think about the importance of education and consider how, for many children living in zones of conflict, turmoil or poverty, even the simplest tools for learning are a luxury they cannot experience.

Evan Lewis, the founder of Hope, the organisation behind Share a Pencil Day, said: “By helping children understand that access to an education is not a given for all, we will hopefully give them a desire to see change.” Over 100,000 UK school children took part in this year’s Share A Pencil Day, which is designed to tie into the aims of the World’s Largest Lesson event, which supports the UN’s campaign to introduce children and young people to sustainable development goals and unite them in action.

Alongside raising awareness of the issue, Hope also sells stationery to raise funds for good causes. £1 from each pack of Share a Pencil Day pencils sold goes to support Plan International’s children’s education projects around the globe, including teaching Syrian child refugees in camps in Egypt and training female teachers in Sierra Leone.

For more information please visit www.shareapencilday.co.uk

Mrs Pakenham

Prep Chess Tournament

This half term has seen the return of the annual Prep Chess Tournament. Children from each of our 4 Houses battled it out to earn the chance to be their House's champion for the finals. Each game was a closely fought contest with great sportsmanship throughout.

Eventually we found our four champions and they were:

Armstrong- Charlie N

Chichester- Chester B

Hillary- Sam S

Whittle- Calum M

Each champion took part in a semi final earlier this week to decide who would win the Clarke Cup and a large amount of the ever so vital House points. Each of the boys displayed the skills that secured them a place in the finals yet it was Sam and Charlie who emerged victorious, with Chester and Calum competing in the Bronze Final to decide 3rd and 4th place.

With the Grand Final and Bronze Final completed the positions are as follows:

1st- Sam S

2nd- Charlie N

3rd- Calumn M

4th- Chester B

Huge congratulations to Sam who has played some truly magnificent chess throughout the competition and commiserations to the other finalists, who should still feel very proud of their efforts as it certainly wasn't easy to get into the final 4.

A big well done to everybody that entered. Whether they were a seasoned chess player or new to the game, every one one of the children who entered has earned House Points and made this year's tournament very enjoyable to manage.

A few match reports from this week

Yr 2 cricket vs Belmont

On Monday, Duke of Kent School's Year 2 team took part in a cricket match against Belmont School. This was their second sports fixture of the year and was watched by a great crowd. Duke of Kent School opened the batting and demonstrated some impressive hitting with Patrick W, Arthur W and Levi L all scoring several boundaries. During Belmont's innings, the pupils fielded with enthusiasm and concentration, in particular Johnny E, who made several great stops from Belmont's batting. Well done to everyone who took part in the fixture, both teams showed great enthusiasm and team work!

Mr Burwood and Miss Vickers

U11C vs Ripley Court

On Wednesday Duke of Kent School travelled the short distance to play a paired cricket match against Ripley Court. We batted first with John M and Toby C opening the batting scoring 14 runs with some lovely shots off the legs and John M scoring a 6! Harley B, Alessandro P and Henry P continued this flow of runs with some hard hitting resulting in Duke of Kent School scoring 60.

Johnny M bowled very well with great accuracy and this was backed up by Henry P who bowled great line and length. Josh E and Harley B Both picked up a wicket each resulting in a tight finish. Well done to all those boys involved.

Mr Green

Senior School Reminders:

Friday 8th June:

Year 9 Bronze DofE Practice Expedition

Prep School Reminders:

Friday 8th June:

Year 6 trip to PGL Osmington Bay departs (Returns Sunday 10th May)

Friday 8th June:

Year 4 tip to Isle of Wight departs (Returns Sunday 10th May)

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Nursery: Seren G for great effort learning her numbers to 10.

Reception: Raphael A for improvement in reading and consistently neat writing in all of his activities.

Year 1: Phoenix H for showing great perseverance and an excellent attitude to learning.

Year 2: Elliott S for showing a thoughtful awareness of others during our 'Share a Pencil Day' experience.

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

This Friday marks the arrival of the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in the making for several years. Such a wide reaching and significant change in data law can seem daunting to an individual, so hopefully I can summarise the main points of it so you are more familiar with how it may affect you.

The GDPR will alter how organisations handle the information of their customers, but will also give more control to individuals concerning the data held about them.

For companies and businesses, they must now show that they are taking adequate steps to protect the data they are in control of, for example by having the right policies in place and by monitoring how it is being used. Perhaps most notable are the new fines for breaking the GDPR - up to 20 million euros with a significant breach.

Under the GDPR you are also able to request a copy of all the information an organisation holds about you , free of charge. Under certain circumstances you are also able to have the data removed, for instance if it is no longer necessary or if consent is withdrawn.

The GDPR is an important piece of law, so hopefully this helps clear up some of the confusion surrounding it

Here is an article for further reference:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause For Thought

For some the end of this week marks the end of exams for others there is a brief reprieve and they continue after half term.

When we are so engrossed in study and our own lives it can be helpful to pause, breathe, take a step back and embrace a different perspective.

With that in mind I'd like to invite you to watch this 5 minute clip from Pete Grieg that was released last week as part of the Thy Kingdom Come initiative. Pete, incidentally, is a local chap who leads a church in Guildford - 'Emmaus road', which gathers at the Yvonne Arnaud on a Sunday morning.


I hope you have a relaxing half term.

With every blessing

Mrs Pakenham