Weekly Bulletin 25/01/2019

From Mrs Knox

A few years ago, teachers were being advised that beginning the day with a personalised greeting for each student could help improve relationships and possibly results. Amazingly, teachers’ greetings have now become a global internet phenomenon. One teacher in America has taken this to new heights with a video of her personalised handshake greetings (which include clapping, dancing and clicking) reaching 6.2 million views.

I absolutely agree that developing positive relationships between teachers and students has a significant and long-lasting impact on the students’ lives, both academically and from a well-being perspective.

This week, my focus has been to spend time with the teachers and students in the classroom. I have seen some excellent examples of engaging learning environments where these strong relationships have encouraged pupils to take risks in their learning and challenge themselves. So far, I haven’t seen any examples of personalised greetings, and to be honest, am quite glad!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Knox

Year 11 University visit

On Monday we took the Year 11s for our annual University visit, this year returning to the University of Sussex in Brighton. The aim of these trips is to expose our young men and women to a little bit of what University life might be like, to allow them to start thinking about their longer term futures and to bring their A-level choices into a bit of context.

The student team at Sussex firstly gave us a lecture on Student Life, explaining what a typical week looks like, what opportunities are available to everyone, and how you can make the most of your student experience. We were then given a tour of the interesting, ‘brutalist’ campus, shown the Union, the halls of residences, and the library. After lunch our pupils were involved in an exercise of designing their own university in an exercise aimed at making them think about exactly what you want to get out of university, and what you want yours to be like in terms of courses, facilities, location, buildings, and clubs and societies. An enjoyable and informative day was topped off by a quick walk on Brighton beach and a promenade on the peer.

Mr Macdonald 

Years 9, 10 and 11 trip to Vitality International Netball Quad Series

It was an exciting day for pupils in Year 9, 10 and 11 as they travelled to the Copper Box in London on Saturday with Miss Vickers and Miss Vernon to watch two international netball matches. After a quick stop at Westfield shopping centre to get some lunch, we made our way to the Copper Box Arena. The first match was Australia v. New Zealand, it was a thrilling game from start to finish with incredibly high accuracy of passing and shooting throughout the game. All the girls were on the edge of their seats as they watched the action unfold! During the afternoon and into the evening, there was an opportunity to try freshly squeezed orange juice and have their faces painted with England flags and roses, try the activities put on by the British Army and buy some memorabilia to take home. 

Finally, it was England’s moment; they were playing South Africa in the second match of the day. The stadium was full with netball supporters and the atmosphere was incredible. It was another brilliant match with nail biting excitement throughout; unfortunately England couldn’t quite hold on and lost by the narrowest of margins. They did however manage to win against Australia in their match on Sunday! It was a fantastic day and a great opportunity for the pupils to see an outstanding level of netball. All the pupils behaved brilliantly throughout the day and made the trip a joy for everyone involved. We are already looking forward to next years' Quad Series.

Miss Vickers and Miss Vernon

Year 8 Science Technology Engineering and Maths Challenge

Year 8 Design Technology students have just completed their set of STEM challenges. These were group practical challenges that pulled together scientific, mathematical and engineering theory. Key to success was teamwork. For the first challenge students had to produce a self-propelled buggy that travelled the furthest under its own power. To make this harder, the buggy could only be released, not pushed.

The second challenge was “Absolutely Smashing”. The brief was to produce an eggcellently eggciting egg launcher that will project an eggstreamly fragile, raw egg a minimum of 5 meters and result in the egg coming to nest safely and intact. The egg had to be securely held in the device prior to launch and could not be plucked, picked, poked or handled again until it has travelled a distance of at least 5 meters. As with the other projects students had a minimum 5 minutes planning time to eggstrapolate their thoughts before they could touch any materials or eggquipment. Remember you don’t want egg on your face.

For the final challenge students had to design and build a ‘wind powered hoist’ for rural communities with limited access to clean drinking water and electricity. It had to use sustainable resources wherever possible. This final challenge resulted in much excitement (and noise) as three teams battled for supremacy to see which team could lift the greatest weight. Well done to the team of Ben D, Freddie S, Izzy B and Zoe L who eventually won the third and final challenge. Congratulations to all students who fully engaged in all aspects of the challenges.

Mr Usher

Artist in Residence with Year 6

On Friday we had the pleasure of having portrait artist Maureen Domoney visiting the Art Studio. Maureen is a local artist and graduate of Goldsmiths College. An experienced freelance portraitist she specialises in fabulously detailed work that really captures the spirit and personality of the sitter. If you would like a closer look at Maureen's work please follow the link below.


Maureen spent the morning working on portraiture and painting technique with a number of students from Year 6. Students were given direction in measuring for drawing, mixing flesh tones from a limited palate and paint application technique.  Students worked hard to produce a self portrait and portraits of each other.

"I really enjoyed the pencil work. Especially what we learnt about shading. It really made it look 3D" Sam S

"I enjoyed the painting. I am really proud of my work. I liked mixing the colours to make really good flesh tones" Harry A

Mr Watson

Nursery trip to Little Street

This Tuesday Nursery took a trip to Little Street in Frimley. It is situated in a converted train station waiting room and is set up inside like a little street. It has a little café, a hairdressers, a vets, a supermarket, a construction site and a theatre. Everything is child sized and children are encouraged to touch and explore each area - which they love! Experiences such as this really help children explore the world around them in a safe environment. Play such as this feeds imagination and develops language and social skills. The children all had a fantastic time, highlights being the ride on the minibus, the café, the vets and construction site and of course a lovely lunch. Around the room are quotes from respected teachers of child development, one of my favourites is 'Play is the highest form of research' by Albert Einstein, which I think sums up a wonderful day.

Mrs Ragless

A few match reports from this week

Girls' Hockey: Senior Girls' House Hockey

On Tuesday afternoon, all girls in Year 9, 10 and 11 took part in the annual inter house hockey tournament. For the first time, the matches were played on the Wilsons’ Pitch! The weather was most definitely against us, with freezing cold temperatures and attempts at snow. Despite this, the girls’ persevered and played three matches throughout the afternoon. There was some great individual play but also a good sense of team work in every game. There was some close matches, with Whittle beating Chichester 4-3 in a thrilling game and Whittle beating Armstrong 2-1 in the final match of the afternoon to give them the win. A huge well done to all the girls involved for a wonderful effort in tricky conditions!

Senior Girls' House Hockey


Miss Vickers

Netball: U13 and U12 v. Shoreham College

On Wednesday, the U12 and U13 netball teams travelled from a very cold Peaslake to a very, very cold Shoreham. Despite these bracing conditions, the girls were in great spirits and were really up for a win. From the start, passing and moving was accurate and quick (perhaps to keep warm!) and the goals started coming. It was lovely to see how both years have developed as a team, and they naturally seemed to know where each other were and spaced themselves out well. Because of the cold, the girls switched positions regularly and it was great to see their efforts in areas that they may not be so used to. In the U13 match, Kora W and Aoife W scored some impressive goals as shooters, showing they are more versatile than they think! Both teams were leading at half time but those in defence still fought hard, with Izzy B literally thumping the ball out of the opposition’s way! In the U12 game, Jasmine K and Ruby K worked tirelessly in defence to keep Shoreham out of the D as much as possible. Goals came from Maddie I, Poppy K, Poppy R and Millie W-D. In the end, both teams deservedly won and enjoyed their well earned teas! Well done to all the girls involved.

Miss Vickers and Mrs Vermeulen

Girls' Hockey: Years 3 & 4 House Hockey

On Thursday afternoon, all the girls in Year 3 & 4 braved the chilly weather to play their house hockey tournament on the Wilsons’ Pitch. Every pupil got involved and managed to make accurate passes, dribble with speed and make strong tackles. It is a perfect opportunity for the girls to put their learning into practise and continue to learn and develop their skills. By the end of the afternoon, the girls ability to spread out and drive into the space was much improved. We are looking forward to continuing to practice and start to play matches against other schools over the next few weeks. There were some great goals from Eve M, Isabelle S, Rose S and Tansy-Bela T throughout the afternoon, a huge well done to all the girls involved. The results:

Years 3 & 4 House Hockey

Chichester and Whittle

Miss Vickers

Rugby: U13 v. Box Hill School

In an extraordinary, see-saw, game of rugby, reduced to eight a-side, our Under 13s were absolutely magnificent against a strong Box Hill team. Our opponents had plenty of subs who they rotated on and off, whilst our eight players battled and fought their way through the whole game with no respite. They played some of the best rugby of the season. There were sweeping moves out to the wings, with Ben We. and Jack A. displaying excellent wing work. There was penetration in the middle of the park with Freddie N. and Ben Wi. running hard at the opposition defence, creating holes at will. Up front Charlie K and Caspar C played like men possessed, tackling hard, hitting the rucks and the mauls, and always in the thick of it. Freddie B was his usual pugnacious self and caused no end of alarm the in the opposition ranks, and Marcus D marshalled the troops with maturity and skill throughout. This was a highly enjoyable and entertaining match for all. Well done, boys.

Mr Macdonald

Rugby: U12 v. Box Hill School

This week saw the U12s Rugby team travel to Boxhill on a crisp afternoon. Duke of Kent School settled in well scoring the first try of the match through some good passing play and running from Alex W and Oliver J. Both sides then exchanged tries tic for tac resulting in the score being 20-20 at half time. In the second half, Duke of Kent School managed to exploit the gaps in the oppositions defence and ran in 7 tries, with some good footwork from Archie L for the last one. This was through strong tackling by Leo H, Callum M and Tom H and counter rucking by Max S to gain possession of the ball for the game to finish 55-40. Duke of Kent School has shown that they are developing their skills with every game they play. A massive thank you to the parents who came along and watched.

Mr Green

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School Reminders

Senior School Reminder:

Friday 1st February

Senior Cross Country ISA Regional Championships, Buckingham Park, Shoreham by Sea 14:00

Prep School Reminder:

Friday 1st February

Years 3 & 4 - Author visit from Zanna Davidson

Pre-Prep Reminders:

Tuesday 29th January

Reception and Year 1 trip - "Looking at people who help us in Cranleigh"

Friday 1st February

Reception, Years 1 & 2 - Author visit from Zanna Davidson-Kelly

Duke of Cat

It has been a purrrfect week at the Duke of Kent School.

In my absent mindedness, I mislaid my collar last week. I offered a reward of 10 minutes 1:1 cuddle time including stroking under chin and back of ears but no one came forward. A parent has suggested that a reflective collar might be prudent with the cars in the evening and I pondered to wonder if this is health and safety getting out of hand? However, I prefer to think of it as a little bit of feline bling that will add a certain amount of “je ne sais quoi” to my night time wanderings.

Miaow, miaow



We are a NUT FREE School

Yet again wrappers of snack bars, containing nuts, or traces of nuts, have been found in the changing rooms at school. It cannot be emphasised enough what a potential threat these bars are to our children with nut allergies. Contact with even the wrappers alone can cause anaphylactic shock, which can be life threatening.

Please, do not send your children in with any snacks from home.

Mr Macdonald

The Impossible Assembly

Have you ever looked at a climbing wall and thought it would be impossible to scale it? Maybe you've tried skateboarding or horse riding, fallen off repeatedly, and decided it's just not within your capabilities. You might even have been led to believe that pigs cannot fly. Well, 6W did a marvellous job this week of setting the record straight, because all of these things (yes, including the one about porky pilots) are indeed achievable if we set our minds to them in the right way. And if your own mind can't quite fathom how to overcome your personal hurdle, there are always others around you to help encourage and give a new perspective. Well done 6W for spreading this important message throughout the school with such clarity, enthusiasm and theatrical flair. And if any of you still think pigs can't fly, I urge you to find someone in the Prep School who might just convince you otherwise.

Mr Wright

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Angus D for displaying such a positive attitude towards his learning, with increasing confidence and concentration.

Reception: Rufus S C for making a special effort to develop greater resilience to setbacks.

Year 1: Max M for making a real effort to follow the Golden Rules, especially ‘Work Hard’ and ‘Be Kind’.

Year 2: Tom C-G for fantastic attitude to his learning and for remembering his full stops and capital letters!

Mrs Green

Performing Arts News

There are still some tickets available for the music evening on Feb 8th. Get yours while you can! The evening will be a wonderful celebration of song - with three top class professional artists and our own pupils from Years 10 and 11 joining them. Email bookings@dokschool.org - Tickets are £10 each and £5 for pupils from Years 9,10 and 11.

The House Music quiz in Monday's assembly was a great success again this year, with four pupils from each House answering different question on all sorts of music subjects. The winning house (Armstrong) now get first choice of the four songs available for the House Song element of House Music.

The auditions for House Music will start next week, so pupils must continue to get their entries in. The first rounds need to be done and dusted by half-term.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

In this week's bulletin we take a quick look at a scam involving YouTube impersonators, where fake messages have been sent out to the subscribers of popular YouTube channels. These messages, which encourage readers to click on a link to claim a prize that they were randomly picked for.

YouTube are currently in the process of fixing these issues, and the channels involved have released videos revealing that the messages were fake, but in the meantime I would be on the lookout for to good to be true messages like these and avoid them.

Here is a link for more information:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

PADoK News

Bookings open on 01/02/2019

The evening will be held at the prestigious Denbies Vineyard in Dorking and will begin with drinks, followed by a three-course dinner, tea/coffee during which a charity auction (with all proceeds going towards abbiesfund.com) will be held and the evening will naturally end with much dancing to Mr Rye’s fantastic band “The Accidentals”

Tickets are limited and once sold out, we are unable to accommodate any more guests.

Names can be put on a ‘first come first served’ waiting list should we have any cancellations nearer the time but we cannot guarantee a ticket at that late stage.

Based on the strength of demand in the past and the fast uptake of tickets for all our previous balls, we will be operating an early booking system whereby you can put your name down from 8am on the 1st February to reserve tickets. Please contact your class rep or email padok@dokschool.org

Tables will be able to accommodate 10 guests. Please submit your booking either as a complete table or individually and we shall place you with other lovely parents. Please include all the names of your guests and for the purposes of billing can you include each guest’s child’s name and year group. Ticket price will be added to your summer term bill.

PADoK Walking Group

Our Next Walking group will be on Friday 1st February, meeting at 8.30am in Control car park 3 (near the windmill pub). I hope many people can join us for a lovely walk in the Surrey Hills, followed by tea and cake on your return to the car park. Everybody and dogs very welcome.

Mrs Trotman

Pause For Thought

I gave a talk on Wednesday evening and the topic I was given was 'Embracing Opportunity'. A challenging topic given the context!

It caused me to pause and reflect on the wonderful and varied opportunities we and our school community have here.

The obvious opportunities that being here in the beautiful Surrey hills affords us in terms of location and facilities but also, perhaps less obvious, but equally important ones. Such as the opportunities to grow in character by embracing the opportunity to show compassion, offer friendship and foster good relationships.

As a parent I was struck by the extraordinary lengths that our dedicated staff go to to ensure the well-being of our children and now, being a part of that team, I am even more impressed.

We are truly blessed to be a part of such a caring and compassionate school family and I praise God for it.

With every Blessing

Reverend Kia