Weekly Bulletin 07/10/2016

Next Saturday - 15th October

National Poetry Day

Duke of Kent School celebrated National Poetry Day 2016 on Thursday with a range of activities across the school.

The day kicked off with an assembly by Mr Southee looking at unexpected poets. The whole school had to judge who wrote the best poem on a set theme: the unexpected poet or the poet.

The school decided that John Cooper-Clarke (‘I wanna be yours’) presented ‘love’ better than Britney Spears (‘Honeymoon’); that Muhammad Ali (‘Last Night I had A Dream’) presented ‘dreams’ better than Wordsworth (‘Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood’); and JJ Redick (‘Untitled’) presented ‘courage’ better than Charlotte Bronte (‘Life’). Have a look at the poems and decide yourself!

Throughout the day the students had subject-themed poetry starters in many of their lessons. These included writing a Science rap and looking at the history of flight in History.

The Pre-Prep were also lucky enough to have Mrs Fremont-Barnes visit them and share some of her favourite poems!

Mr Southee

This Week's Featured Poems

This week, to celebrate National Poetry Day, we're featuring a poem to listen to, and two to read . . .

The physicist Professor Stephen Hawking reading ‘Relativity’ by Sarah Howe:


From ‘The Sea’ by Pablo Neruda

I need the sea because it teaches me,

I don’t know if I learn music or awareness,

if it’s a single wave or its vast existence,

or only its harsh voice or its shining

suggestion of fishes and ships.

The fact is that until I fall asleep,

in some magnetic way I move in

the university of the waves.

From ‘The Song of Mr Toad’ by Kenneth Grahame

The clever men at Oxford

Know all there is to be knowed.

But they none of them knew one half as much

As intelligent Mr Toad!

The animals sat in the Ark and cried,

Their tears in torrents flowed.

Who was it said, “There’s land ahead?”

Encouraging Mr Toad!

The Queen and her Ladies-in-waiting

Sat at the window and sewed.

She cried, “Look! Who’s that handsome man?”

They answered, “Mr Toad.”

Miss Blake

Year 10 practice for The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh weekend was an exciting and adventurous, albeit soaking wet and cold, experience. We all managed to get ourselves and our kit to school by nine o'clock Saturday, and as we congregated in the Old Hall after breakfast we could all see that the rain, battering the outside world, wasn't going to go away in a hurry.

However, despite the weather, Morale Was High, and we zipped up our coats, pulled on our rucksacks, and clattered out into the roar of precipitation, in a multicoloured patchwork of waterproof materials.

I was lucky enough to be in a group with some really awesome people, including those who could actually read a map, and those who had speakers to play music. Some of the views along the way were also pretty incredible, and by about mid-afternoon the rain had eased off, and we could enjoy a bit of watery sunshine.

When we got back we were exhausted, but proud, and after a short rest we faced the next challenge the day had to offer: putting up our tents in an area of long grass so soaking wet it was practically a lake. Everyone had sodden feet but eventually my group got the thing up, and we at least had somewhere to sleep.

So with morale that perhaps wasn't as high as it could have been, we took on the next task: cooking our food. I, personally, took half an hour to cook a "ten minute" bag of flavoured rice, so that by the time I'd finished I had many grumpy friends waiting to cook their dinner, and a bowl of something that tasted a bit like spicy sand.

After what felt like half a minute of sleep, crushed into a soggy, not quite waterproof tent on the hard ground, it was the next morning. The rain was gone but now it was cold. Perhaps made colder by the fact my socks hadn't dried and my shoes had spent most of the previous night filling with water. Morale was semi-dead by this point, but I made a cheering breakfast that actually worked, and soon we had all packed up the tent and were on our way again, ready for the next venture. We didn't have a teacher on the second day, and navigated ourselves. However, after Josie said, "It would be fun to get lost!" we quickly took the map away from her, and gave it to someone else. It was a miracle we got anywhere at all really!

A long day of walking passed, and we finally finished our Duke of Edinburgh practice, cold, achy, grumpy, but pleased with ourselves. It was so much fun, but it wouldn't have even happened without the work of all the teachers who helped us get through it and who made the whole thing possible - thank you!

Siena T, Year 10

Medieval Day in Year 1

Tuesday 4th October was Medieval Day in the Year 1 classroom. Both the children and I came into school in medieval dress and we engaged in a variety of activities designed to give the children a flavour of medieval life.

The children baked bread, designed their own coat of arms, made a shield, tried weaving and had a go at medieval dancing. During the day I answered to the name ‘Lady Crabtree’.

The day culminated in a banquet, where we ate broth, our own home baked bread and drank ‘wine’ (chilled herbal tea!).  A great day was had by all.

Lady Crabtree

Year 3 Assembly

Year 3 presented a wonderful First Form assembly of the year on Wednesday. The theme was keeping healthy and the children, ably accompanied by Barney Broccoli, Amber Orange and Bobby Banana, taught the audience what a balanced diet was (sadly, not a biscuit in each hand or even one bar of white chocolate and one bar of dark chocolate). They finished with ten top tips for keeping physically and mentally healthy. They should be particularly congratulated on continuing so professionally with their performance despite the power flashing on and off intermittently.

Mrs Nicholson

A few match reports from this week's matches

Football: U13 Tournament at Copthorne School

On Monday afternoon, eight of the Under 13 football team headed to the annual Copthorne 6-a-side tournament. Always a tough test, this year was no exception, with Duke of Kent School being drawn in the toughest group.

First up was Ashdown House and we got off to a flying start, winning 1-0 with a cool finish from the unflappable Scott N up front. The following games proved much tougher. Against Cumnor House School we defended resolutely, Archie L and Matty S working extremely hard, but we came away with a 1-0 loss. The final group game - against eventual winners Great Walsted - was a toughie. After falling behind in the first half to an extremely strong footballing team, we rallied in the second half to keep the score down.

Our third place finish in our group led to a final game against Ardingly, which we won 4-1. Alex W scored from a corner and a well worked fourth goal proved highlights of the afternoon. Had the draw been kinder the afternoon may have panned out differently, however the boys worked hard every minute of their four games. Well done!

Mr Southee

Netball: U14 v. Shoreham College

Tuesday afternoon saw the U14 netball team take on Shoreham College and secure a comfortable 21-11 win. It was a very close first two quarters, with a level score of 11-11. After a team talk, the girls fought for the ball and broke down Shoreham's defence repeatedly. By the last quarter, Duke of Kent School had all the play in their attacking third between Anna D and Chloe E-L who was nominated as Girl of the Game for her consistent shooting and great teamwork skills with centre court players. Constance C played with aggression and managed to turn over many centre passes that came her way against a feisty WA from Shoreham. Brilliantly played by all and a great result!

Miss Jones

Netball: U16 v. Box Hill School

On Wednesday the girls U16 netball team played against Box Hill School. Our passing through the mid court was fast and accurate with little mistakes and once the shooters had got their eye in, the goals kept coming.

With a minute to go Sophie C caught the ball in the air and she then landed awkwardly turning her ankle in the process. This was a sad end to an impressive performance from the whole team and I hope it will not be long before Sophie can rejoin the team.

The match resulted in a win to Duke of Kent School and the girls all demonstrated great tenacity and teamwork.  Well played everyone.

Mrs Petter

Football: U8 A v. Belmont & St. Edmund's

This week the U8 A football team hosted a triangular tournament against Belmont and St Edmund's. The first game against a strong Belmont team ended with a great 1-0 win to Duke of Kent School, Oscar H scoring inside the first minute. The boys managed to hold on for the rest of the game with a great defensive display. The second game against St Edmund's ended 3-1 to Duke of Kent School, Oscar H scoring a hat-trick. Johnny P also showed a strong display in midfield with some great tackles and nice passing. Well done boys on two great wins.

Mr Burwood

Senior Production Reminder:

"Just So" rehearsal on Sunday 16th October (10:00am - 16:00pm)

Jasmine races through to County level Athletics

Jasmine Belshaw has been successfully selected for the Sussex County Athletics Squad. This has been given to her based on her performance this year. At the start of the year In 150m Jasmine was running it in 23.0 seconds, but has improved to 21.7 seconds.

Jasmine has also started training to throw a javelin and has already managed to throw a distance of 18.2m!  Jasmine has  also been selected to go to a London Lee Valley competition later this month to compete for Horsham Blue Star Athletics Club where she will compete in the 200m sprint and relay which is a big achievement. Well done Jasmine.

Mrs Belshaw and Jasmine B

Vélo Bagarreur Cyclo Cross

John M entered the Vélo Bagarreur cyclo cross race at Sumners Ponds, near Horsham, on Saturday 1st October. The course went over fields, hills and gravel tracks. John skidded and fell on a tricky corner but leapt straight back on to complete 4 laps, achieving a personal best distance and a prize for his fantastic effort.

Mrs Ives

Pre prep Stars of the Week


Freddie for good work using an analogue clock to tell the time.

Year 1

Elliott for showing great enthusiasm for all activities on Medival Day and producing neat and careful follow up work.

Year 2

Monty for showing perseverance and determination in swimming which has led to great progress.

Miss Coady

Music Department News

Senior Ukes

With many of the original Ukes of Kent members now in the Senior School, and due to popular demand, we will be starting a Senior Ukulele Club after half-term. Hopefully, we will be able to rehearse during a lunch break - potentially a Thursday - but I will confirm with all those interested once I know how many members we will have in it.

Just So tickets available now!

Rehearsals for the Senior School production of Just So are going well and it promises to be a funny and highly entertaining show. The performances are on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th November at 7pm in the PA Hall. Please email bookings@dokschool.org to reserve your seats.

Music Recitals

Over the next couple of terms we are hoping to host a series of concerts by visiting musicians. The first of these will be a recital by international concert violinist Stephen Bryant. Stephen is the Leader of the BBC Symphony Orchestra and a much in demand concert musician. He will be bringing his trio with him and it will be wonderful evening of high quality musicianship and entertainment. Watch this space for dates and details.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Recently the tips have been preventative in terms of using security settings for your child online. While these can be very useful, the most effective prevention tool at your disposal is opening up a dialogue with your child about their lives online.

The thinkuknow website gives you some starting points in talking to your child:


Mr Southee

PADoK News


PADoK's Magic Night is taking place on Saturday October 8th. Guests include Griffin & Jones, who recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is described as “incredible magicians with the banter and chemistry of a punk rock Morecambe and Wise”. To book your tickets please email me at padok@dokschool.org