Weekly Bulletin 30/09/2016

Year 11 visit Sussex University

On Thursday 29th September Year 11 pupils went on a trip to visit the University of Sussex to get a feel and a taster of life as a student at university. We started the day with a lecture on student life at the University and then we were given a tour of the enormous campus. It was great to look around a university, as for most of us, including myself, it was the first time. I quote Marcus H when he said “I never realised how big a university campus is” and he was right. There are just over 13,000 students at the University of Sussex which is small in compared to most other universities around the country.

Next we got to have lunch in a student canteen and then to finish off the day we had another lecture on study skills. This was very useful with our GCSE’s coming up at the end of this academic year as we learnt lots of new revision techniques and effective ways for remembering our notes. Overall the day was great fun and I think we all came away having learnt a lot about life at university.

Pippa G, Year 11

Year 10 visit CERN in Switzerland

On September 23rd, 16 surprisingly lively students and three teachers descended upon Gatwick at 6.30am. Following a quick one hour and 15 minute flight we landed in Geneva and hopped onto a bus to take us straight to CERN. On arrival, we were met by a very impressive steel sculpture that was shaped like a giant ribbon and had etched in it the great discoveries in physics throughout the ages. We were also fortunate enough to be there at the same time as the architect, Gayle Hermick, who designed it which was particularly humbling!

After lunch we were given a short presentation on the work that goes on at CERN by a professor and then we were given a tour around two of the CERN sights, which involved crossing over to France meaning we managed to fit in two countries into our day trip! Some literally mindboggling information and equipment was explained and shown to us, giving us a much greater understanding of how they have tried to recreate the Big Bang and all the work and astounding knowledge that's required. I would go into further detail but I advise you to have a chat with Guy R or Will J, who both made some fantastic contributions to questions from the professors that at times made it look like they were more like staff than visiting students.

We finished the day with a beautiful walk alongside Lake Geneva before a traditional dinner of meat accompanied by traditional music. A delayed flight home was eased by the consumption of sugary treats and good company; all the students’ behaviour was exemplary throughout the day and they really made us proud.

Miss Taylor

Year 1 visit to Arundel Castle

On Tuesday 27th September Year 1 visited Arundel Castle. Despite a rather drizzly day we had a fabulous time. Our guide Sally began with a tour of the Keep, Armoury, Barbican and Baron’s Hall. The children were very excited to spot features such as the moat, arrow loops and battlements, which we had talked about in class.

Our session in The Education Room was both informative and interactive. We learnt about the history and evolution of the castle and the children were given the opportunity to try on medieval outfits.

After lunch, as the rain cleared we were able to explore the stunning gardens and walk along the dry moat. The day seemed to fly by and soon it was time to return to the minibus. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I was very proud of the subject knowledge demonstrated by my Year 1s and the sensible way in which they conducted themselves.

Mrs Crabtree

Senior School Trip to see "One Man Star Wars"

On Wednesday evening, a group of Senior School students headed to G-Live! to watch the very successful 'One Man Star Wars' show. When they arrived at the venue they were greeted by Storm Troopers and other characters from the films, inspecting them before they entered!

Once they were settled in their seats with their drinks and snacks, the students were entertained by the warm up act from Sunderland who told plenty of zany rhymes and stories, including how to play hide and seek in a supermarket!

After a short interval, Charles Ross appeared on stage to perform the original trilogy...on his own!

He has been doing the shows for fifteen years and came on stage at the end to explain his journey, including performing to Lucas Films and getting them on board with his show.

The show itself was exhausting and entertaining in equal measures! He ploughed through the trilogy in just over an hour. Performing dialogue, theme tunes and sound effects all on his own. He also added in a range of comical quips about some of the more absurd parts of the film ('of course she's your sister...she’s the only female in the film!').

It was a great evening enjoyed by all. A massive thank you to Mrs Ives (who followed along with the 'famous bits'!) and Mr Win-Pe (who knew everything Star Wars!) for coming along!

Mr Southee

Junior and Senior School Council

The first meeting of the Prep School Council was held on Monday 26th September and was attended by all the new members. Each member was voted in by their peers and will be on the council for the whole academic year.  During the first meeting, the council discussed some of the ideas they had for the coming year, such as having a Technology Day. Mrs Lock also asked the council members to go back to their peers and discuss the star and debit system that we currently have in the Prep School. She asked them to collect and write down any ideas and to come back in a weeks time with suggestions of any changes that could be made.

Mrs Lock

Twelve new members were elected from years 7-11 to form the Senior Student Council for this academic year. Although not all of them were able to attend our first meeting, those who did discussed our aims and in particular how best to spend the council’s budget. These ideas will be discussed more formally at the next meeting as we look to make a unanimously approved decision. The group also raised other ideas that had come from members of their respective year groups and included changing sports kits, increasing lockers and moving changing rooms (amongst other things!). I'm very much looking forward to welcoming more useful and interesting proposals from the group which will undoubtedly benefit the school as a whole.

 Mr Wilson

This Week's Featured Books

Here are two more fantastic books from the school library, and a reminder: the author Sally Gardner will be coming to the Open Day on 15th October. So if you’d like to read Maggot Moon, do ask your English teachers for a copy.

For Seniors:

This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin

This book explains how humans experience music and unravels the mystery of our perennial love affair with it. Using musical examples from Bach to the Beatles, Levitin reveals the role of music in human evolution, shows how our musical preferences begin to form even before we are born and explains why music can offer such an emotional experience. Music is an obsession at the heart of human nature, even more fundamental to our species than language. In This is Your Brain on Music Levitin offers nothing less than a new way to understand it, and its role in human life.

For Prep:

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Mankind must put a stop to the dreadful destruction by the Iron Man and set a trap for him, but he cannot be kept down. Then, when a terrible monster from outer space threatens to lay waste to the planet, it is the Iron Man who finds a way to save the world.

Miss Blake

Prep School presentations and debates

The Prep School were treated to two entertaining and informative talks this week, thanks to 6W. Marcus D and Charlie K spoke knowledgably about The Hobbit, guiding us through the trials and tribulations of Bilbo Baggins and his fellow adventurers, including a fearsome encounter with Smaug, the dragon. Izzy B then enlightened us about the recent Paralympics in Rio, highlighting some lesser known sports and acknowledging the resilience of all the competitors. We were also invited to pause and pay respects to an Iranian cyclist who suffered a fatal crash whilst competing. Well done to all three pupils for sharing their interests with the rest of us with such enthusiasm.

Mr Wright

A few match reports from this week's matches

U16 Netball Team v. King Edward's, Witley

Netball: U16 v. King Edward's, Whitley

On Tuesday the 27th the U16 girls’ netball team played a close and tough match against King Edward’s School. Our team was under a lot of pressure to live up to our recent win against Box Hill School and so far this term we remain unbeaten. Throughout the match Pippa G and Sophie C shot well throughout the game even though their opponents in the opposing team were very strong. Well done to Josie M for getting Girl of the Game, it was very much deserved. We beat them by a close score of 10-9 overall, well played everyone!

Millie K Year 11

Netball: U11 B v. Amesbury

On Wednesday the U11 B team played Amesbury School away. In the first quarter the girls faced some fierce defence from Amesbury but in the second quarter they reorganised their order of play and managed to feed the ball down to shooters, Eve L and Sophie D, with accurate and solid passes. By half time Duke of Kent School had gained a lead of 8-1. Amesbury came back fighting in the final half and Duke of Kent School were certainly kept on their toes but with great defending from Izzy P, Alice S and Jasmine B they managed to keep Amesbury from narrowing the gap. A big well done to Jasmine B who was chosen as Girl of the Game. The U11 B team remain unbeaten this season so keep up the great work girls and well done to the whole team.

Miss Vernon

Netball: U11 A v. Amesbury

On Wednesday the U11 A team played Amesbury at home and we sadly lost 21-5. In the first quarter we lost 1-7 with a great shot from Izzy B who was playing GA. In the second quarter the score was 1-9 to Amesbury but we had a nice goal from Emma B. At half time we had a good team talk from Mrs Singleton but sadly we lost our third quarter again and the score was 1-17. In the last quarter we had a little switch of positions and the score was 2-21 helped by Kora W's outstanding shot from the very far corner of the circle. There was some great play from everybody on our team and at the end of the game the final score ended 5-21 which was a good win for Amesbury.    The Girl of the Game was Izzy B. Well done to everyone.

Amelie W-B Year 6

Football: U13 A Triangular Tournament

On Wednesday the U13 A team headed over to Windlesham for a triangular tournament against Lancing Prep and Windlesham. Whilst sitting out the first game while the other two teams played one another, Duke of Kent School assessed and analysed the opposition from the side-lines. Come the final whistle, the Duke of Kent School boys had their game heads on and were ready to take on Lancing Prep.

Duke of Kent School started tentatively and found themselves 2-0 down after failing to clear their lines at the back. This roused the boys to find some inspiration and Duke of Kent School started to attack with pace and accuracy. At half time the deficit was only one goal after a Sam I beauty across the keeper just before half time put them 2-1 behind. The second half saw DoK start brightly and the defence really stepping up their game. This culminated in a counter attack and free-kick by Scott N which he smashed in.

The second game saw Duke of Kent School take on the hosts, Windlesham. Historically it has been a difficult fixture for Duke of Kent School and we had lost to them earlier in the season at the Ardingly tournament.

Windlesham took an early lead but Duke of Kent School came bouncing back with a glorious goal by Sam I. Scott N's blocked shot found him on the edge of the area where he Imrahimovic-esq, sliced across the ball to find the back of the net. Again Windlesham struck but Scott N coolly slotted home on the counter attack. Half time came and Duke of Kent could sense a chance for a win. It came with five minutes to go when Harry B 'panna-ed' Windlesham's centre back, and again, Scott N slotted the ball past the keeper. Duke of Kent School held on for the victory with a man of the afternoon performance by Oscar B-A, clearing up in front of the defence.

Mr Southee

Challenge Yourself at Duke of Kent School

Senior School Reminder

Tuesday 4th October - Year 7 Parents' meeting (4:45 - 7:00pm)

Friday 7th October - Year 10 Parents' Meeting (4:45 - 7:00pm)

Pre prep Reminder

Monday 3rd October - Pre-prep Parents' Meeting (3:30 - 5:00pm)

House Bake Off

The eagerly anticipated House Bake Off is here, each House is running in-House heats over the next two weeks.  Children wishing to represent their House are invited to bring an example of their baking to school on the following dates:

Friday 7th October - Chichester & Whittle

Friday 14th October - Hillary & Armstrong

House Leaders will let pupils know where entries should be brought, and help oversee the judging, in-House.

Although prepared at home, the preparation, bake and presentation for the Heats must be within 2 hours because this is the time limit they will have in the school's Domestic Science room, if selected for the semis and final. Pupils can bake savoury or sweet items, such as cakes, bread, pastries, biscuits etc, as long as it's something baked and completed by them, within the time frame. They may work in pairs on a bake, or they can do something individually.  

When sending in entries, please remember that we are a NUT-FREE school.

RAF Air Cadet Achievements for Robbie R in Year 11

Robbie R in Year 11 represented his squadron at the Wing Parade at Brooklands, Surrey on Saturday 24th September where he won the Solo Bugle prize for the whole Surrey Wing of the RAF Air Cadets. The Solo Bugle prize is awarded after a cadet performs two bugle calls in front of their Wing Staff. The two calls consist of one piece chosen by the cadet and one chosen by the staff, ordinarily ‘The Last Post’, famous for its use in World War I. A great effort from the fearless Mr Nash, Robbie's Trumpet teacher, who helped Robbie learn five new pieces in less than a week on an instrument he's never played formally before!

Mrs Richards 

Triathlon Triumph

Three Year 6 pupils braved the elements to take part in an under 12 tri-athlon event at Hever Castle, Kent. Bea H, Izzy B and Kora W swam 200 metres in the murky lake, cycled 4km in the grounds and finished with a run of 2km.

'Tiring but worth the effort, definitely excellent and worth the training,' were the comments from the girls.

Well done to all three, fantastic achievement.

Mrs Wilson

Pre prep Stars of the Week


Hubert Savage for working hard and displaying kindness to his younger peers.


Henry for problem solving using money in our shop role play.

Year 1

Pip for showing an excellent engagement during our trip to Arundel Castle and producing super follow-up work.

Year 2

Charlie for showing a positive attitude towards his learning; demonstrating concentration and a have-a-go attitude.

Music Department News

Rehearsals for the Senior School production of ‘Just So’ are in full swing and the cast are working very hard, remembering choreography, dialogue and harmonies galore! By half-term all cast members should be ‘off the book’ and ready for our half-term rehearsals to be with no librettos in hand! The performances for ‘Just So’ are on 18th and 19th November and tickets will be available soon.

The Duke of Kent School album continues to prove popular – please pick up your copy from Mrs Hopwood if you have not yet done so. All proceedings from the voluntary £5 charge are going to Cancer Research and so far the album has raised almost £400.

In school, Rock Choir is underway, with rehearsals every Monday lunch time and auditions have been held for the Junior and Senior Chamber Choirs. I’m pleased to say we have a healthy complement of new additions to each. The Senior School Ukulele Club will be starting soon and watch out for the forthcoming Ocarina Ensemble – already nicknamed the Dokarinas!

Mr Rye

Weekly E-Safety Tips

Ourpact is a great App designed for parents and children to help keep them safe online. It promotes a joint front in using the internet safely and encourages discussion about online use.

You can use it to set up controls on devices including access times on devices and the internet and App usage.

It's a great app for families to work together to use the internet safely. More information at:


Mr Southee

PADoK News

PADoK Reminder:

The second hand uniform sale is next open on Wednesday 5th October down at the second hand uniform shop adjacent to Ness Hall.

Mrs Wilkinson

Macmillan Coffee Morning

This morning PADoK held a Macmillan coffee morning to raise money for cancer research.  A huge number of amazing and truly indulgent cakes arrived and were thoroughly enjoyed for such a worthy cause! 

Many thanks for supporting the Macmillan coffee morning held at school today. We raised over £500 for the charity, which is fantastic.

Everyone enjoyed sharing the delicious cakes (so many to choose from) and catching up with friends. Even the sun was shining.

Thank you to everyone who came and donated, baked and also to the catering staff for supplying the tea and coffee and to the Senior School pupils who helped make the morning run so smoothly.

Mrs Smith

PADoK's Magic Night is taking place on Saturday October 8th. Guests include Griffin & Jones, who recently performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and is described as “incredible magicians with the banter and chemistry of a punk rock Morecambe and Wise”. To book your tickets please email me at padok@dokschool.org


Duke of Kent School Singers is a new group forming this term and is open to everyone regardless of their musical experience. Taking place every Thursday in Performing Arts at 8:20am.

Mrs Burr