Year 10 World Cup Charity Day

On Monday the Year 10s charity committee, ably supported by the year 6s, hosted a World Cup Charity Day. With great excitement various football tournaments were held on the new astroturf whilst stalls ranging from face painting and treasure hunts to cake sales and tug of war were thriving in the afternoon sun. More than £900 was raised to be shared equally between our link school in Malawi and Mind, the mental health charity (as chosen by Year Ten). Thank you to all those involved.

Year 9 and 10 Trip to Macbeth at National Theatre

On Tuesday all of Year 9 and 10 went to the National Theatre to see the current production of Macbeth. After a rocky start where the transport threatened the day…we managed to get to the venue with a bit of time to spare for lunch (many thanks to Mr Young, Ms Rowe-Britton and Mrs Hopwood for the timely arrival of the school minibuses.) The much lauded production starred Rory Kinnear as the titular character, and Anne-Marie Duff as Lady Macbeth. With a post-apocalyptic setting and visually stunning production design, the performance was a wonderful adaptation of a Shakespearean classic. All the pupils behaved brilliantly and having experienced the play live, the students should find this extremely useful for their iGCSE English Literature studies. Many thanks to all the staff who came along to provide support - an eventful day had by all!

Miss Anand

House Chess Tournament

The House Chess tournament now moves onto its final stages after the completion of the preliminaries. The Winner from each House will now progress into the inter-house finals where one of them will crowed overall House Chess Winner. The finalists are: Armstrong - Max T, Chichester - Will W, Hillary - Archie L and  Casper C, Whittle .

Mr Seeley 

Year 6 trip to PGL Osmington Bay

The weekend before last Year 6 visited PGL at Osmington Bay in Dorset. We had a very long bus journey to get there but it was worth it. We did kayaking, climbing, tunnels, archery and trapeze. The evening activities were capture the flag and campfire. We learnt about the happy llama song. We all had so much fun. Almost everybody’s favourite activity was kayaking. We were all sad to leave. The shop was amazing and everyone bought at least one snack.

Max and Millie

Year 1 Class Assembly

This week Year 1 held an assembly based on the Rainforest. For homework the children had researched some animals of the rainforest, which they shared with the Prep school. They used body percussion to recreate the sounds of the Jungle and sang a song about the layers of the rainforest. We finished with a performance of the Great Kapok Tree. The children took the opportunity to remind the prep school about the importance of recycling and buying food grown in a sustainable way. The children performed with clear voices and had learnt all of their lines perfectly, well done Year 1!

Miss Walpole

A Few Match Reports

Rounders:  U11A v. Belmont

The Under 11 A team had a hugely exciting rounders match against Belmont on Wednesday. After the first innings, defeat seemed inevitable for the Duke of Kent School team after some very strong fielding and batting from Belmont. However, our team had no intention of giving up and really committed to scoring rounder after rounder in the second innings. There were some astonishing big hits and resulting rounders from Katyana and Millie, and fantastic fielding from all the girls meaning that some risks taken by the Belmont team went to our advantage. Consistently accurate bowling from Alanna meant no half rounders were lost. The last few balls of the second innings were nail-biting, the Duke of Kent School team eventually winning by one rounder! Particular congratulations go to Ariane, who was awarded fielder of the match and Katyana, who was awarded batter of the match.

Miss Francis

Cricket: Years 3 and 4 House matches

Thursday saw the hotly contested Year 3 and 4 House Cricket Matches take place. Whittle faced Hillary in their semi final match on top pitch with Whittle scoring 133 due to some big hitting from Tom B. Hillary, led by Oscar H, unfortunately fell one run short in a great chase. On the front pitch Armstrong batted first scoring 138 with Chester S playing some lovely shots. Chichester managed to chase this score down and scored 157 runs with some big shots from Josh WD.

The 3rd and 4th match saw Hillary bat first with Jude B striking the ball well and the team scoring 142. Armstrong managed to score 148 with a great all round team performance. The final saw Whittle bat first scoring 126 due to some tight bowling from Seb D. Batting second saw Chichester win the game scoring 161 runs.

1. Chichester

2. Whittle

3. Armstrong

4. Hillary

Mr Green

ISA London Athletics News

National Success For Duke of Kent School Athletes!!

Rufus B (600M), Ben D (Shot Put), Tom Martin (1500M), Ellis Mc(1500M), Matty S (1500M), Hannah D (Long Jump), Tom G-B and Andrew Mc (1500M) traveled to the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham on Tuesday. Congratulations to all eight athletes who represented London South in the ISA National Athletics Finals. Each pupil performed very well to win their regional qualifier to give themselves the chance to perform against some very talented athletes. Particular congratulations to Hannah D who won silver in the Long Jump with a personal best of 5.08m. Matty S ran an exceptional 1500m race to win a silver medal with a time of 4m26sec. Tom G-B left it to his last jump to break his personal best, recording a distance of 6.11m and securing a well deserved gold medal. This was a great day and all who took part should be very proud of their achievements.

Mr Herbert

Whole School Reminders

Monday 25th June

Lunchtime Drum Recital for pupils of Mr Thomas 12:45-13:30

Tuesday 26th June

Year 5 and 6 Trips day

Wednesday 27th June

PADoK Charity Netball Tournament 9:00

Thursday 28th June

Year 7,8 and 9 Production- Oliver 19:30-21:00

Friday 29th June

Sports Day

Sports Day Dinner 18.30-21:00

Saturday 30th June

Leaving Concert for Mrs Fremont-Barnes 18:00-20:00

Pre-prep Stars of the Week


Eva W for being so friendly, welcoming and kind at school.

Eliza R for consistent enthusiasm in class and her nurturing and kind attitude towards our young visitors.


Max M for progress and determination in both reading and writing.

Mac Y for making a great effort to focus, especially during writing activities.

Year 1

Emily C-G for reading with super expression and enthusiasm.

Year 2

Sam W for progress in reading and writing.

Patrick W for showing resilience in his attitude to learning, showing he wants to learn from mistakes and improve. for .

Mrs Green

Music Department News

The Duke of Kent School Album, Volume II is currently at the replication house being duplicated ready for release next Saturday at Mrs Fremont-Barnes' leaving concert. With 12 tracks recorded and mixed all here in our very own recording studio, featuring the Senior and Junior Chamber Choirs, pupil led groups, solos, original compositions and many others it is sounding wonderful and is an eclectic mix of styles and flavours that really reflects the outstanding music many of the pupils create here at school.

Next Saturday is, as mentioned, Mrs Fremont-Barnes' leaving concert. This will be at 6pm taking place in the top car park in front of the school. Please email to let us know if and how many of you will be coming.

And finally, next Thursday will be, for one night only, the first ever Years 7,8 and 9 drama production here at Duke of Kent School! An adaptation of Oliver Twist, there are still a few tickets available. Please email to grab yours before they sell out.

Mr Rye

E Safety Tips

Gaming addiction will now be treatable under the NHS, as the World Health Organisation moves to classify it as a mental illness. There is an increasing amount of evidence pointing to the mental health side effects of video gaming, although to be classified as suffering from gaming addiction, a person's behaviour must be "of sufficient severity to result in significant impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational or other important areas of functioning".

While it might seem to some that video gaming addiction is "made up" and those that suffer from it should simply play less games, it is important to realise that this is no different to something like gambling in how it affects the brain.

If you feel like you, or people you know, are developing an unhealthy relationship with video games, please find someone to talk to. Although specialised gaming addiction centres do not yet exist in the UK, going to a charity like mind or Samaritans are good places to find help.

Here are some useful links:

Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

I have a 'quotations' poster in my room (some people think it's a bit naff, but I love it!). It's full of my favourite one liners and bible verses that have inspired me.

I was particularly drawn to one of them today.

'Some people will only love you if you fit into their box...

Don't be afraid to disappoint'

This speaks to me on so many levels.

In a culture that tells you, you will only be happy if you have more or better - latest phone, newest PS4/Xbox game, this seasons clothes, the most friends, the best looking boyfriend - it is a real and constant challenge to 'step outside the box'. This is the same whatever your age!

Our world is obsessed with the stuff on the 'outside' - God is concerned with the stuff on the 'inside'. To live a life in all it's fullness we need to start with paying attention to what's going on within, and when we do we might just find God has been there before us.

With every blessing

Kia Pakenham