Weekly Bulletin 21/09/2018

Breaking News!

We are delighted to announce that Duke of Kent School has been shortlisted for the ISA Award for Excellence and Innovation in Performing Arts. This is an annual award open to the 474 members of the ISA, the country's biggest Independent Schools Association, and only three schools make it to the finals, to be held on 7th November.

Do have a look at our Performing Arts microsite to see what a busy year it was last year! http://www.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/performing-arts-microsite

Do have a look at our Performing Arts microsite to see what a busy year it was last year! http://www.dukeofkentschool.org.uk/performing-arts-microsite

Mr Rye

Year 2 Visit Brighton's Sea Life Centre

On Thursday, Year 2 went to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton as part of our topic Commotion in the Ocean. We arrived, after a very enthusiastic bus journey, ready to see all of the majestic ocean creatures! We started our tour with a fun workshop which involved us looking in detail at some of the most popular ocean creatures including sharks, crabs, seahorses and whales. We then had some scrummy lunch before exploring the Centre in more detail. We were able to stroke starfish and watch jelly fish and sting rays up close! Here are some quotes from the children about their day:

"I loved the stingray tank. They were scary but good at the same time!" Henry O'B

"My favourite part was the workshop where we learnt lots of interesting facts about octopuses. They have three hearts!" Martha G-A

"The jelly fish were the best. They went, 'bop', 'bop', 'bop'!" Remy M

Miss Able

Reception’s trip to Pooh Bear country

It was aptly a very blustery day when Reception went on an ‘expotition’ (Pooh Bear word) to Ashdown Forest where the real Christopher Robin and his friend Winnie-the-Pooh and their friends grew up together.

We started from Gills Lap, Galleons Lap in the Pooh stories, which is the Enchanted Place at the very top of the forest. Christopher Robin had noted that it was the only place on the forest where they could sit down without the trouble of prickly vegetation so we determined to have a healthy snack there before setting off.

We built up our strength and nerve and went to find the Heffalump Trap. In the stories piglet digs the pit whilst Pooh gets honey to bait the trap, however the pit was very big and although we were very brave descending into the pit, it was devoid of Heffalumps!

Next we followed a narrow path through high gorse bushes as thick as any jungle until we came across a memorial to the author A.A. Milne and illustrator E.H. Shepard and looked over towards Christopher Robin’s house and the place where he played ‘Pooh sticks’.

Then, we came across Roo’s Sandy Pit and played and climbed amongst the tree roots before returning to Galleons Lap for our lovely packed lunch. Feeling refreshed we headed off to find the ‘North Pole’. Fortunately, unlike Roo no-one fell in and we ventured onward to Eeyore’s Gloomy Place, which today was not “rather boggy and sad”. From there we looked toward the ‘100 Aker Wood’ (Five Hundred Acre Wood) and although we looked out for owl, we thought he must be sleeping in the afternoon.

It was all too soon time to return to school. We were all exhausted from trekking in Ashdown Forest but had a lovely time learning more about Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends.

Mrs Henry

Match reports from this week

Netball: U13 v. Shoreham College

Right from the start, Duke of Kent School showed a strong presence on the court. The defensive side went from strength to strength- only conceding one goal throughout the first 3 quarters! Whilst the attacking side and centre court players worked incredibly hard to secure the final score of 8-3. Well done to all who played and in particular both Izzy B and Kora W for being rewarded with girls of the game!

Miss Godfrey

Netball: U14 A v. Shoreham College

On Tuesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School’s U14A team played Shoreham College; it was an exciting match up with some high quality play from both teams. Laura S played as centre and managed to distribute the ball with accuracy to her mid court team including Alice S, Daisy K and Millie L. This allowed the girls to create various shooting opportunities for Daisy M and Martha M early in the first quarter. The girls gave themselves a strong lead by the second quarter with accurate passing and brilliant movement around the court. Shoreham College began to make a comeback with some outstanding shooting from the edge of the D! But thanks to Charlotte W and Holly C playing a flawless game in defence, the team managed to limit Shoreham’s goal scoring opportunities towards the end of the match. Meanwhile, Milly B moved into a shooting position and worked well with Daisy, Martha and Millie to add further goals to the Duke of Kent School tally. A huge well done to all the girls involved in the match, keep up the hard work!

Miss Vickers

Netball: U8 & U9 v Shoreham College

On Thursday afternoon, the U8 & U9 girls struggled to contain their excitement as they travelled to Shoreham College to play their first netball match of the year! For the U8 team, this was a completely new experience but the girls behaved brilliantly, remembered their warm up and made some great efforts at putting their learning into practise on the court. Meanwhile, the U9s took the afternoon in their stride and knew exactly what to expect. They played some fantastic netball and managed to link their passes with great accuracy. All the girls enjoyed a lovely match tea afterwards! A huge well done to the girls in Year 3&4 for their resilience, effort and positive attitude - what a fun afternoon!

Miss Vickers and Miss Godfrey

Football: U14/15 v. Kind Edwards

On Tuesday afternoon, the U14/15 side travelled to King Edwards for their first football match of the season. Duke of Kent School showed good dominance in the first half with some fast and dangerous runs from Alex G on the wing and skills from Matthew C in the centre. This dominance resulted in James H scoring a poachers goal after a great cross from Alex G. The score at half time finished 1-1 due to some excellent saves from Tylan T. Duke of Kent School continued to press in the second half with some fine passing from Joe P but unfortunately King Edward’s fought back with some impressive goals. Well done to all the boys involved as they showed good listening skills and acted upon feedback given.

Mr Green

Football: U11 C and D v. Handcross Park

Duke of Kent School U11 C and D’s travelled to Handcross Park on Wednesday for their first match of the season. The C’s played first showing good determination and grit from Johnny M, Alex F and Sam S in midfield. Ozzie H and Henry C showed bravery and positioning skills in defence ensuring Chester B wasn’t too busy in goal. Thomas B made some excellent runs up front and ensured he was in space which allowed him to score 2 great goals.

The D’s played afterwards and was led well by James B in midfield who ran well with the ball evading lots of tackles. Tom B making his debut in goal displayed good accurate throws which led in to many threaten attacks from Henry P, Oliver W and Josh E. Quentin J and Troy K made some good tackles at the back and cleared the ball when in trouble.

Well done to all the boys involved in the matches as they showed improvements from first to second half and a good determination when on the pitch.

Mr Green

PADoK News

Worlds Biggest Coffee morning

In support of this national event PADoK will be hosting an Afternoon Tea.

Friday 28th September 3pm-5pm

Meetings Room, Duke of Kent School

Please do join us just before pick up, to catch up with old friends or meet new friends whilst raising money for charity.

All money raised will go directly to MacMillan cancer support.

Mrs Trotman

Pause For Thought

On Monday morning I was joined by some parents as we prayed for the staff, our children and their families here at the Duke of Kent. We all agreed that it was a wonderful way to start the week.

Over the years I have had the privilege of being asked to pray for many people. In my experience all people, whether of a different faith or none, appreciate being prayed for. Often it is when we feel up against it that we turn to a power greater than us, that some of us call God. Prayer can be a conversation, reading, walking, sitting in silence or just listening. There are many ways in which we can engage with prayer - through nature, music, art and each other - we just have to be willing to be open to the possibility.

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

Whole School Reminders

Monday 24th September:

Visit from author Jamie Thomson

Tuesday 25th September:

Languages Day

Friday 28th September:

Stretch and Challenge Photography Trip

Prep School Reminders

Year 6 Pupils social evening

6W Assembly

This week, 6W kicked off the term's Class Assemblies with an unorthodox perspective on the Prep School's rewards system. Gameshow hosts, Tiffany Diamante and Orion Polaris presented a special early morning edition of "Stars and Diamonds", ably assisted by show mascots, Ringo and Anne. With their help, and the supreme acting talents of some off-duty Hollywood A-listers, the star-studded contestants had to judge whether everyday, intergalactic scenario re-enactments were worthy of being awarded a star or a diamond. It turned out that all the contestants, and the audience, were so well versed in appraising examples of hard work, and kindness, that the teams could not be separated. We even managed to bring about intergalactic peace in the process. Not bad for a 20-minute assembly in the Surrey Hills - stars and diamonds all round, 6W!

Mr Wright

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Henry H for improved effort , motivation and skill in mark making and fine motor activities.

Tombi W for coping well with change and for displaying a super attitude to learning.

Reception: Seren G for a consistently positive approach to new experiences and showing great effort in writing.

Year 1: Max M for starting the year with great effort and embracing the new challenges that year 1 brings.

Year 2: Fenella W for showing beautiful friendship to everyone in her class

Mrs Green

Performing Arts News

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Christmas Song Writing Competition! This is a competition open to the whole school, with the winning song to be performed by Year 2 at the Carol Service, the Pre-Prep Nativity and the Prep Christmas Concert. The song must be between 2 and 3 minutes long, suitable for a junior choir to sing, with both words and music written by the composer. Pupils can work in a pair or on their own. There will be a prize of £50 worth of Amazon vouchers for the winning entry, which will be judged by a professional songwriter and then recorded in the school studio. The closing date is half-term.

Congratulations to the following pupils who achieved excellent results in their music exams last term:

Johnny M: Grade 1 clarinet - Merit

Ella S: Grade 3 cello - Merit

Harley B: Grade 2 piano - Merit

Aoife W: Grade 3 flute - Pass

Oscar H: Grade 3 piano - Merit

Edie H: Grade 1 piano - Pass

Kora W: Grade3 trumpet - Merit

In the summer holidays Myles C in Year 4 trod the boards, having a fantastic time performing at the beautiful Grange Park opera in West Horsley as Guiseppe the Boy in Verdi's 'Un Ballo in Maschera' Opera accompanied by the English National Orchestra. Well done Myles!

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Our relationship with social media comes under a lot of scrutiny - and rightly so. But one thing it is good at is letting family, friends, and loved ones how you are getting on. "Sharenting", or posting images and content of your family and children online, is popular - but you want to make sure that anything you share is done so safely and not at risk of getting into the wrong hands. Here are five quick tips when it comes to posting online:

1) Review your privacy settings - make sure only the right people can see your photos.

2) Check your social network of friends - are you happy with everyone you are connected to seeing your photos?

3) Get permission - if your picture features other children or people always get their permission before posting.

4) Manage your footprint - remember that content posted online is very difficult to remove, so consider how your post affects the future.

5) Final check - just before posting make sure the photo or post has nothing that can be traced back to you (a house number, road, or school name)

Here's a link you may find useful:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe