Weekly Bulletin 21/09/2015

Welcome back to the Duke of Kent School Weekly Bulletin, a round up of the week's events. If you have any comments or suggestions please email office@dukeofkentschool.org.uk

Literature & Arts Festival

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Andrew & Charlotte

Year 7 Teambuilding Morning

Last Monday Year 7 spent the morning taking part in an exciting and inventive teambuilding experience. The purpose of the activities was to help develop group skills, leadership, communication skills and encourage bonding within the year group. The activities, such as, ‘Flowerpot Pyramid’, ‘Toxic Waste’ and the ‘Grid Game’ provided a high-impact learning experience in which pupils learnt about their own, and others, strengths and weaknesses. Taking the pupils out of the class room helped them to break down personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun.

The morning finished with the groups having to build a bridge that was strong enough for a remote control car to navigate across. This wasn’t as easy as you may think because each group had to make ‘half a bridge’ with their partner group making the other half in another room. This activity really pushed the pupils in terms of communication, teamwork, problem-solving and project management.

It was a very useful and enjoyable morning for all the pupils who hopefully benefitted greatly from it.

Mr Seeley

Year 9 Teambuilding Day

On the first Friday back Year 9 went to Blackland Farm, East Grinstead, to take part in an exhilarating teambuilding experience. The forms were accompanied by their form tutors of Mrs Wilkinson, Mr Kettle and Mr Seeley, standing in for Mr Southee. Each group experience the ‘Perch’, ‘All Aboard’ and ‘Zip Wire’.

Pupils were required to overcome their fears undertaking ‘All Aboard’ when four of them attempted to stand on top of a ledge, the size of a pizza box, suspended 11 metres in the air and then lean back trusting one another.

In the ‘Perch’ the pupils were pitted against one another leaping to reach a trapeze in front of them, with their teammates supporting their leap.

Finally, the pupils got to experience the thrill of traveling through the treetops whilst connected to a ‘Zip Wire’

All pupils and staff had an enjoyable day pushing themselves to new limits.

Mr Green

Music News

Very exciting news from the Music Department this term; our new recording suite has been installed! The ‘control room’ has been set up with a top of the range computer, recording software, digital desk and studio monitors and the ‘live room’ has been equipped with new microphones and headphones. A Music Technology after-school activity will start next term and the recording of the GCSE music pupils’ coursework performances will be the first project.

We also welcome three new peripatetic music staff this term; Mr. Andrew Nash is teaching the full range of brass instruments, from tuba to trumpet, Mrs. Hannah Blunden is our new string specialist, teaching violin and viola and Mr. Steve Richardson is teaching bass guitar and our soon to be acquired double bass. Each of them will be doing demos of their instruments in assemblies and if any of the children are interested in learning these, or any other instruments, then please let Mr. Rye know.

And finally, rehearsals are under way for the Prep Harvest Assembly, the Carol Service (not long ‘til Christmas!), the Prep School winter concert and the Senior Production of Calamity Jane, so it’s all go as ever, which is how we love it!

Mr Rye

Great Start for Duke of Kent School Senior Football Teams!

The football season started superbly for the Duke of Kent Senior teams. There were comprehensive wins for the U14, U13 A, U13 B and U13 C teams against The Royal School and Pennthorpe.

U14 vs The Royal School

The U14's got their football season off to a winning start with a 6-1 win against The Royal School. It was an excellent team performance throughout showing dominance in every position. Harry Hearn continued his goal scoring streak with four goals and good team play upfront with Guy Rudman. Archie Hurst made a brilliant debut to his career at Duke of Kent showing great composure on the ball and with defence splitting passes. Everyone played superbly showing good determination and work rate throughout the whole game.

U13 A vs Pennthorpe

The U13 A team showed great energy, good passing and fine finishing as they beat Pennthorpe 5-2 on Wednesday afternoon. Goals came from Luca Rosam-Ellis, MaxTickner (2), Scott Newman and Alex Watkins. Well done to all that played.

U13B Football vs Pennthorpe

r macdonalThe U.13Bs had their first game of the season at Pennthorpe on Wednesday. Normally these early season affairs can be scratchy, with players finding their fitness, and remembering their skills. Not so, in this case. The Bs tore into their foes with skill and energy, producing, on occasion, champagne football of the highest order, resulting in whoops of joy from our supporters and a purr of admiration from the opposing parents. We won 5-1! Central to this was an excellent 4 goal performance from Harry B., who showed touches of magic on the ball. Impressive too, were Zach, who scored his first Duke goal, James C. on debut, Harry P. in goal, the passing of Daniel P, the battling of Callum, the defence of Archie, Ben C and Mattie, and the skippery of Tom W. Well done to you all!

Mr Macdonald

U13C vs Pennthorpe School

On the first Wednesday of term the brand new U13C IX team graced Front Pitch against their first opponents of the season, Pennthorpe School. They managed to win the match 3-1 courtesy of a hat-trick scored, on debut, by Ben G. Not bad at all for a defensive midfielder! The match was especially noteworthy as every player contributed to a highly credible team performance. The first half, in particular, was characterised by effort, skill and ‘shape’ in that players recognised where they were supposed to be on the pitch in order to support one another. Tom B thundered into the game reveling in his newly found speed and strength. Sol B made two crucial saves to maintain that winning score-line. Tom G-B, Jago C, Vincent T and captain Louis C frustrated Pennthorpe’s attackers by never shirking a challenge and encouraging one another. Harry P(‘er), Monte G, Dominic A and Adam G battled effectively, and at times very skillfully, with aplomb. This team has real potential and with a little more self-discipline, better awareness of the offside rule and improved concentration over the whole match they will continue to do well.

Mr Lodge

The grounds were looking splendid for our first matches!

A huge welcome to all the new Prep School pupils...

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Year 2 - Florie for a positive and hardworking attitude

Year 1 - Jamie for being particularly kind and helpful

Year 1 - Rollo for taking great care and pride with his work

Reception - Erin for a wonderful positive attitude

Nursery - Lulu for perseverance climbing the rope during Forest School and setting the younger children a good example

Mrs Macdonald

Mrs Fremont-Barnes welcomes all 280 pupils back to school for the new academic year!