Weekly Bulletin 21/06/2019

A Message from Mrs Knox

Another busy week with the highlights being our “Familiarisation” Day when current and new pupils spent time getting to know their classmates and teachers for next year and also Sports day. This was another “first” for me and there were some shining examples of resilience, persistence and outstanding performances. It was fantastic to see the way the pupils congratulated and supported one another. I am looking forward to the Sports Dinner this evening and acknowledging our fine sportsmen and women. Thank you to PADoK this week for their attendance at our parent event and for hosting a superb Mum's Charity Netball Tournament. Finally, “buon viaggio” to Year 11 who are heading off to Sorrento on Sunday. Have an amazing time.

Mrs Knox

The Summer Concert

Last Friday saw our annual Summer Concert taking place in the PA Hall.

This was a delightful affair, with a full house enjoying an eclectic mix of solos and ensembles. The concert was very much pupil led, with self composed songs, bands put together by the pupils, ranging from Years 5 to Year 11 and a huge amount of support shown for each other by all ages.

The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful and the evening was a lovely showcase of the work we do in the Music Department. There was even a guest appearance by Mrs Knox in the Big Band!

A huge thanks to all the pupils who worked so hard leading up to the concert, and of course to Mr Kaye, Miss Barnes, Miss Macaulay, Mr Wilson and Mr Win Pe for all their help.

Mr Rye

Year 8 Activity Day

On Monday morning all of year 8 set off to Brighton for the day with their Form Teachers (Mr Monk, Mr Win-Pe and Mrs LaCroix). For our first activity we met with the Pier 2 Pier Beach Clean team (www.pier2pierbeachclean.com), an enterprise started by Amy Gibson initially as a community effort to clean the beach whilst having fun (and a silent disco!). Amy and our team looked after us very well. We were kitted out in gloves, litter pickers, and recycling bags and given wireless headphones so that we could listen to a choice of music while we worked. She explained to us about who litters, what litter is typically found, and the effects of litter on wildlife, visitors and their pets.

We were also very fortunate to meet “Wayne and Koda”. Wayne had always wanted to walk Britain’s coastline (7000 miles approximately) and he set out to do that in 2016 with his dog Koda. Along the way Wayne became concerned about litter in the UK and decided to do what he could to clean up the coastline as he goes. After 3 years he is half way round and has at least 3 more years to go! As part of his journey Wayne is reaching out to schools and communities to raise awareness about littering and its effects. Wayne’s story has featured in the Telegraph and he can be followed on Twitter.

Yesterday, we managed to collect 7kg of litter between us: including bottle tops, plastic lids, plastic wrappers, bottles, cans, fishing wire and net. We even found some sunglasses, lost toys and money (which we were able to return to its owner)! Fishing wire and fishing net gets caught up in the seaweed and then around the fish and can pose a danger to sea life.

Both Wayne and Amy’s stories are inspirational but the key message is that, although the issues of litter in particular plastics in our environment can seem huge and overwhelming, we can all still make a difference. Small changes implemented by each of us on a daily basis can make a huge difference if we all do it together.

Some of the prizes given out at the end of the activity included re-useable straws (make from metal or bamboo) or printed cotton bags for life. These are just two small ways we can all help the environment. There are more tips and easy swaps for plastic we use daily on www.4ocean.com and www.keepbritaintidy.org.

After all the hard work and a quick refuel we set off to the Palace Pier to spend some pocket money on the amusements, rides and treats. A fun reward after a hard day working on the beach!

Many thanks to Pier2Pier Beach Clean, the Year 8 Form Tutors and the Year 8’s themselves for their efforts on the day!

Mrs LaCroix

Year 5 Camp

On Saturday, Year 5 braved the driving rain wearing their dazzling Wild West Costumes. Parents dropped us off, waved goodbye and initial nerves vanished when we began playing some games in Ness Hall. Once everyone had arrived, we clambered into our waterproofs and wellies and strolled up the hill to Forest School.

Mrs Henry reminded us of the Forest School safety rules, and we had a wide range of activities available to us. Tom B, Oscar H and Josh W-D had a rocking great time in the hammock! Beautiful hapizome prints were created on calico by Daisy N, Emma F and Saoirse W. They used rhododendron flowers and ferns to transfer dye onto fabric by pounding them with a mallet, which was very satisfying! Chester B, Quentin J and Isla B had the very important job of whittling hazel sticks in preparation for roasting marshmallows in the evening. Sydney R made good use of the available wool and made colourful friendship bracelets. Mr Burwood led a game of 40/40 It. Henry and Leo were hot on tactics and used their camouflage skills to get to base to win this intense and competitive game. A tightrope was tied between trees with a bottom rope to stand on and a middle rope to hang on to. Daisy R, Belles H and Jess I battled to keep their balance from Hurricane Josh W-D! Clay face sculptures appeared on many trees, some designed by Matilda R, James B and Troy K. Their bizarre, decorated faces seemed to take on a personality of their own!

A well-earned break was accompanied with toffee apples, biscuits and hot chocolate. Teeth survived the shattering of the toffee and with renewed energy Year 5 headed back to camp to have a spirited game of dodge ball, followed by tea, kindly prepared for us by Belle’s Mum.

Afterward a suitable break to arrange tent interiors, gooey, sticky and delicious marshmallows were roasted in the blazing camp fire, around which Year 5 told jokes and riddles, made up stories and did some wonderful singing. Isla shared that she loves singing as it makes her feel happy and takes away everything negative in her mind.

All too soon it was time for a torchlight walk. Year 5 headed out for a short ramble to help restore peace and calm before bedtime. Unfortunately this had the opposite effect! The excitement of getting the chance to sleep under canvas was too much! Once the bed time routines were finalised involving many treks to Ness Hall bathrooms, the sleeping process slowly commenced, and the moon glowed over New Ground.

The morning came very swiftly – 4.30am to be exact! A ball game was played against the backdrop of a magnificent sunrise. Breakfast was thoroughly enjoyed and the soggy tents carried into Ness Hall. Parents were reunited with their exhausted but exhilarated children and headed off to enjoy Father’s Day celebrations. According to Quentin J, as everybody knows, all good things must come to an end.

Collectively written by Year 5

Pre-prep Sports Day

On Monday afternoon Pre-prep pupils gathered on the sports fields for their annual Sports Day celebrations. We began with the Year 2 ball throw competition on Wilson’s Pitch, followed by the Nursery standing jump and long jump competitions for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils in the sandpit. Participants and spectators then headed over to the 50m track for some obstacle races. Nursery began with a continuation of their classroom theme: a pizzeria! Contenders needed to put on an apron, chef’s hat, collect their ‘pizza’ and then balance along the plank with a final sprint to the finish line. The Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 obstacle races included variations of running, jumping, hopping, balancing and skipping; much strength, stamina and co-ordination was shown! Our final events were the 50m sprints. In one of our Nursery races we saw great kindness and sportsmanship as a participant waited for their friend in order to run alongside each other, and as we moved up the ages some races required a photo finish to determine who the victor was! Preparing for and participating in our Pre-prep Sports Day offers a wonderful introduction to the world of athletics and it is magnificent to see the children develop their skills, resilience and determination with regard to each event year on year. All pupils who participated should be most proud of their performances. On behalf of all the staff and parents who were spectating, we thoroughly enjoyed watching you take part and compete, well done! 

Mrs Green

Young Leadership Award

As part of their Young Leaders Award for RS last Friday 7x planned and implemented a school community project. In groups of 4 they joined the prep school and led a year group in an organised activity. These ranged from year 3 mask making, outside games, bridge building and Kahoot quizzes. Great fun was had by all and I was really impressed with their enthusiasm, team skills and blossoming leadership skill. Well done!

Reverend Kia

A few match reports from this week

Duke of Kent Success at the ISA National Athletics Finals!

On Wednesday pupils, who had won their event at the London South regional athletics meeting earlier in the term, travelled to Birmingham to represent their region at the ISA National Finals. The Alexander Stadium, host of many international meetings, is a great venue for these athletes to showcase their talents. Tom H ran first and achieved a very respectable 7th place in the 1500M. Rufus B finished 6th in his Long Jump against some excellent athletes. Fleur B was so close to a medal coming an excellent 4th in the Year 10/11 Long Jump. Matty S showed what a talented athlete he is with a fabulous display of track running to win gold in the Year 10/11 1500M and Tom G-B won Silver in Long Jump with his championship record of 6.12m only overtaken by 2 cm on the last jump from the London West athlete. Tom then moved quickly across the stadium to compete and win an incredible gold medal in the 100m sprint. This was a fabulous day and all the athletes performed amazingly well. Their encouragement to other team mates was also wonderful to witness. Well done to all who took part.

Mr Herbert

Girls' Cricket: U13 v. Pennthorpe

All of the U13 girls took on Pennthorpe on Wednesday afternoon for a game of pairs cricket. After the coin toss it was decided Duke of Kent School was batting first. The girls batted in pairs and faced two overs each. Izzy B batted particularly well scoring numerous 6’s and 4’s. She later went on to be awarded batter of the game. It then came time to field and everyone had the chance to bowl an over and keep wicket for an over. The girls showed great determination and managed to secure a number of catches. Molly G and Zoe L both bowled exceedingly well, delivering fast and accurate bowls to achieve one wicket each- a highlight for this cricketing term! It was a fantastic game to watch and ended with a well deserved score of 216-168. Well done girls!

Miss Godfrey

Girls' Cricket: U14 and U15 v. King Edwards 

On Tuesday afternoon, Duke of Kent School’s U14 & U15 teams played cricket matches against King Edwards on the Wilsons’ Pitch. The weather had been poor all morning but it managed to hold off for most of the afternoon to allow the girls to play their first ever cricket match against another school. Both matches were extremely close with accurate bowling and powerful hits from both teams! The U14s managed to win by 12 with particularly strong performances coming from Kiki B, Laura S and Millie L. Meanwhile, the U15s were also playing well with Jas B, Megan A and Fleur B bowling with great confidence, Jas B even managed to get a wicket with her very accurate bowling! We managed to fit in two innings and the U15s took the win by 40 runs. A fantastic start to the girls’ cricket matches this year - well done to everyone involved! 

Girls' Cricket: U12s v. Box Hill & Belmont

On Wednesday afternoon, all the girls in Year 7 travelled to Belmont to play in a triangular cricket match against Box Hill and Belmont. Thankfully, the weather held and it stopped raining just in time for Duke of Kent School’s first game v. Box Hill! The U12 team batted first, Millie WD and Hannah A opened the batting and scored two 4s, what a brilliant start for the team. Jas K, Maddie I and Imogen C also scored multiple runs for the team and put Duke of Kent School in a good position with a score of 243. 

Box Hill started well and the U12s had to remain focused in the field. In the last 4 overs, the team managed to get 5 wickets through some strong catching and quick reactions. Consequently, Duke of Kent School managed to get the win by almost 50 runs, what a great performance! After a quick drinks break, the team were back on, this time against Belmont. Further strong batting came from Tilly C, Sophie S and Ruby K but the girls also took a few too many risks leading to multiple run outs. Every girl involved managed to have a go at bowling and many of the girls were very accurate and showed very good technique. Some particularly fantastic bowling came from Macy B, Amber C, Tilly C and Millie WD. Duke of Kent School lost to Belmont by just 7 runs, a very close and good quality game! Well done to all the girls involved for playing in their first ever cricket game.

Miss Vickers

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th June:


Monday 24th June:

Year 10 Charity Day

Tuesday 25th June:

Miss Barnes Prep pupils singing recital 12.30

Wednesday 26th June:

PADoK Uniform Shop open 15:00 - 16:00

Senior School Reminders

Sunday 23rd June:

Year 11 trip to Sorrento departs

Thursday 27th June:

Year 11 trip to Sorrento returns

Friday 28th June:

Mr Thomas drum pupils recital 12.40

Friday 28th June:

Years 8 & 9 production 19:30 - 21:00

Prep School Reminders

Thursday 27th June:

Years 3 & 4 Trips day

Friday 28th - Saturday 29th June:

Year 3 Camp

Sunday 30th June:

ISTD ballet exams in Southampton

Year 1 Junk Modelling

Year 1 have been junk modelling, they chose to do this as their reward for completing the reward system. We had some very imaginative creations!!

Miss Walpole

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Finn H for coming into Nursery with a smile and playing happily and confidently with his peers.

Reception: Eliza R for consistently thoughtful responses and answering questions across all areas of the curriculum.

Year 1: Raphael A for excellent focus, amazing reading and imaginative creativity!

Year 2: Lulu B for impeccable behaviour and a wonderful attitude to learning. It’s a delight having you in the classroom!

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

We're continuing our look at safer technology by talking about an article released earlier this week in which Samsung have advised their customers to regularly scan their smart TVs for viruses. Just as you would your laptop or computer, it is important to virus scan any device that regularly accesses the internet in case they pick up any malware or spyware. The effects of these viruses vary wildly and could do anything from slow your tv down to even spy on everything you say and watch.

Thankfully, in the case of your TV, Samsung smart TVs come with virus scanners built into your settings. Simply go to your settings, system manager, smart security, and then scan. If you have another brand of TV I would definitely check your security settings for a similar feature, or use the Internet to find out more.

Next week, I will talk about viruses on mobile devices and what we can do to detect/protect against them.

Here are some links for more information:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

Well, we're nearly there! Two more weeks and we can jump in this chair! As the term comes to an end let us pause, breath and gather ourselves for the final push!

Have a restful and relaxing weekend

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

PADoK News

PADoK Netball Tournament

On Wednesday morning PADoK once again invited parents from schools in the surrounding area to join us for our annual charity netball tournament. This is the 6th year we have run this tournament, a firm fixture in most calendars.

Despite the recent days of bad weather we were lucky and the morning of the
tournament stayed dry. This year we were visited by 5 teams from the
surrounding area, Belmont school, Longacre, Eagle House School, Dorking back to netball and we were delighted a team was brought together to represent
“Abbie’s Fund”. 

The morning was filled with fun and competitive netball and
after 6 games each Eagle House school were named this year’s winners.
Many thanks to all the PADoK reps for providing cake and fruit. Thank you to
reps Kate, Gill and Jessica for serving refreshments throughout the morning.
Many Thanks to our umpires Steph, Miss Vernon and Chloe.

I am delighted to say the morning raised £250 for Abbie's Fund.

Book Club
Thursday 27th June.
Please repeat poster from last week

PADoK Walk

Do join us for the last walk of this school year.
Meet in the usual place, Hurtwood control carpark 3 near the windmill pub.
Tea and coffee served on your return.
Everybody very welcome.

Mrs Trotman