Weekly Bulletin 20/05/2016

Pond Dipping at Sayers Croft

Year 1 and Year 2 enjoyed an exciting day of discovery at Sayers Croft.

Undaunted by the heavy rain they began the day by pond dipping. Then, using a key, they were shown how to identify the creatures they had managed to catch in their nets; they found stickleback, pond skaters, dragon fly nymphs and newts, and many other species.

They moved on into the beautiful bluebell wood to look for mini-beasts lurking under logs and hiding in the woodland habitat. Thankfully the weather was a little kinder at this point. The budding naturalists found millipedes, centipedes, worms, beetles, ants and a host of other creep crawlies.

After lunch and an adventurous ramble through the maze, everyone found their way out to join in the plant games, which were played indoors. The lively games taught the children about pollination of flowers, the important elements plants need to grow and generally how difficult it is to survive as a plant!

Everyone returned to school with a greater understanding of the habitats that surround them and the creatures that inhabit them. It's great to have this wonderful facility on our doorstep.

Mrs Turner

UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge Success 2016

Congratulations to students in years 9 and 10 who achieved certificates in this year’s challenge. Hamish P received a gold award along with certificates for best in year 10 and the school. Robbie R, Emily C, Austin R (also best in Year 9), Guy R and Theo K received silver awards. Bronze certificates were awarded to Mikey H, Pippa G, Will J, Felix S, Blake FP and Will RB.

Mrs Coackley

Anti-Bullying Action

The Prep School Council decided that it would be a good idea to run a poster competition on Anti-Bullying. The idea was that the posters would demonstrate what the Prep School thought about bullying and people who bully. The posters would also give suggestions of what to do in different situations and who to ask for advice. There were a huge number of entries and the Prep School Council chose one winner from each year group. These posters will be displayed around the Prep School Corridor for all pupils to see.

Mrs Lock

Prep School Cake Sale Raises £217

On Wednesday 18th May the Prep School Council held a cake sale to raise money for The Orang-utan Sanctuary. Many thanks to the pupils and parents of Year 3 and 6 who baked the most delicious cakes, we raised an incredible £217!

Mrs Lock

Women's Cup Final at Wembley

Last Saturday Mr Green and Miss Coady took 12 students to Wembley Stadium to watch Arsenal vs Chelsea in the SSE Women’s FA Cup Final.

We stopped for a very filling lunch at the London Designer Outlet before heading into the Stadium. Arsenal certainly looked the dominant team, with some fantastic attacking play and went on to win the match, and the title, with a 1-0 victory.

Mr Green 

Pre-prep Stars of the Week


Penny for enthusiastic participation in all activities


Millie D for great effort in the classroom and showing a willingness to learn on our trip

Year 1

Mia for excellent focus in class and for using number knowledge to solve problems in numeracy

Year 2

Ed W for maintaining his effort in swimming and working on the tricky skill of keeping his eyes open under water.

Miss Munro

Pre-prep Dance in Action

Music News

On Tuesday pupils of our guitar teacher Mr. Beale and our guitar and piano teacher Miss Beale performed in one of our lunchtime recitals. This one was held in the Music classroom due to the GCSE exams in the PA Hall and as a result had a lovely ‘pop up’ atmosphere with performers and audience relaxed and informal. It was great to see the children enjoying themselves in a performance environment with lots of support from parents, grandparents, teachers and friends.

There is no concert next week due the school exams so the next one in the programme will be on Thursday 9th June for the Prep School pupils of Mr. Clifford Hill, at 12.40 in the PA Hall.

Can I also please remind parents that with half-term approaching now is the time to sign your child up for individual instrumental lessons for next September, or to give notice if your child wishes to stop.

Mr Rye