Weekly Bulletin 26/01/2018

Year 8 French language event at Notre Dame School

Notre Dame School, Cobham very kindly invited us to a French theatre workshop taking place at their school on Tuesday. Year 8 pupils were fully involved in recounting the story of the Three Musketeers and I was very impressed by how they embraced the experience and threw themselves into the action. The pupils used French phrases to contribute to creating the 17th century Parisian scene and vociferously participating in crowd scenes and duels. Fun was had by all and Year 8 should be proud of having carried a story in French! Thank you to Notre Dame School for upholding the motto "tous pour un et un pour tous" by inviting us along.

Miss Francis

Year 6 trip to The National Theatre

On Tuesday, Year 6 went on a trip to London and spent the day at the National Theatre. Once we had arrived at the National's Clore Learning Centre we were taken on a tour. We were shown where the sets and props are designed and made, and were told how the process works from the initial idea and planning through to the design and construction, including what props are made from and why. This took us backstage through the workshop areas and past the rehearsal rooms and up to the main Olivier theatre. More interesting facts were then shared about the Olivier theatre, and as 'Amadeus' is currently running there were lots of bustling technical crew members and various things being tested and moved about on stage which was fun to watch. We then moved to a studio space where we got to learn about and handle some props that have been used in various productions. So, as well as some artificial food, there was a dog/shark's mechanical head, a wolf's head to wear, a prototype crocodile and a slightly more grizzly looking human head that was used in a scene involving a guillotine! After lunch, we had a performance workshop lead by a professional actor. The focus was on voice projection and confidence when on stage. There were lots of different activities that culminated in the delivery of lines from both A Midsummer Night's Dream and Julius Ceasar. It was super to see the children's interpretations of their lines along with their delivery of shakespearean language. It was a great day out and enormous thanks to Mrs Green and Mrs Honey for all their help on the day and well done to Year 6!

Mr Coote

A flight to Iceland

On Wednesday 17th January Year 1 experienced a flight to Iceland! We made our own passports and tickets and at 10.30am Captain Crabtree and Stewardess Rachel Bond arrived and our classroom transformed into an aeroplane. We had to show our passports and tickets at check-in then find the seat listed on our ticket. Captain Crabtree needed a co-pilot so a few children took turns to help him. Rachel gave us a safety briefing then we took off! During the flight we ate delicious biscuits baked by Rachel and were offered drinks too.

After a few detours to visit other countries of the world we spotted mountains and glaciers which told us we could be near Iceland. Following a safe landing the children took turns at flying using a flight simulator programme. The day was great fun and we would like to thank Captain Crabtree and Rachel very much for making it happen.

Mrs Crabtree

School Council Meetings

On Monday 22nd January the Prep School Council met to discuss the up coming Prep School Disco. Ideas were put forward about how to make this a fundraising event and it was decided that it would be Mufti and there would also be some fun things for pupils to purchase. The members of the school council have taken on different tasks which they will need to plan and organise with the help of their year groups in order to make the event successful. They are going to meet next Monday to discuss progress.

Mrs Lock

Year 6 Assembly

Last Wednesday Year 6 gave an assembly to the Prep and Pre-Prep pupils, and Year 6 parents that aimed to help us understand a little more about how our brains work. Importantly, they focused on the roles that practice and mistakes play in improving our ability at a given task. We learned about different parts of our brain, such as the cerebrum, amygdala and hippocampus amongst others, as well as how the neurons in our brain form stronger connections the more we practise something. This enables us to create memories and embed skills. Should you wish to find out a bit more, there is an interesting book in the Prep Library entitled, 'My Fantastic Elastic Brain' that is full of much of the content of 6C's assembly and more. We hope that everyone who watched the assembly learned something new about how we can learn, adapt, make our brains stronger and, to draw from our closing thoughts of the assembly, summon 'the courage to have a go at new things, to learn from our mistakes, to challenge ourselves, and to persevere when we struggle and find things difficult. ' Well done 6C!

Mr Coote

Year 4 Assembly

This Wednesday 4G treated the Prep School to an assembly about motivation, with a focus on the importance of strong motivation and role models that have used as a drive to remain at the top of their field. All of the children delivered their lines with impressive confidence and clarity. Well done 4G!

Mr Gritton

Senior Trip to the Netball Quad Series 2018

On Saturday the 20th of January, Miss Vickers, Miss Vernon and Miss Jones took 10 excited Duke of Kent School pupils to the Copper Box Arena in London to watch the the 2018 Quad Series Netball tournament. We took a short walk to the Copper Box from the station and settled into our seats ready for the action to unfold!

First match on was Australia V South Africa, an exciting game to see for Tyla W and Lexi B! Both teams played some fantastic high speed Netball. The pupils tried to focus on the players that were playing their usual positions in order to learn some tactics to help them improve in their own game. Australia took the win, 54-50, after a fast and exciting game!

The tension was building in the Arena as England and New Zealand started to warm up, the girls showed their support for England with some face painting! The game was amazing from start to finish with the score completely level at full time, 49-49! The crowd went wild as 14 minutes of extra time started, goals continued to be scored every 30 seconds and after some important turnovers from England, they managed to edge ahead of New Zealand. Duke of Kent School were on their feet with excitement as England took the win 64-57, what an epic game!

All the pupils were fantastically behaved throughout the day and left the Copper Box with excitement, motivation and enthusiasm for the sport! Thank you to Miss Jones and Miss Vernon for giving up their Saturday to help the smooth running of such an inspiring trip!

Miss Vickers 

A few match reports from this week

Hockey: U15/16 v. St. Edmund's

On Tuesday afternoon, a mixed U15/16 team played their first hockey match of the season away at St. Edmund's. After a quick warm up and team talk the girls were ready on the first whistle. Throughout the first half girls remained in possession of the ball for the majority using Josie M and Chloe E-L to bring the ball up through midfield to Lexi B and Tyler W who both had opportunities for shots on goal. However excellent defending from St. Edmund's meant to score remained at 0-0 at half time. The girls upped their tempo in the second half of the game and a strong run for Tyler W put them in the lead. With only a minute to go Ana D, Ava H and Constance C were tested in defence as St. Edmund's equalised. The final score was 1-1. A brilliant first game of Hockey and an extra mention to Lexi B nominated as girl of the game. All the girls are looking forward to playing more hockey matches on the Duke of Kent School Astro soon!

Miss Jones

Hockey: U8 and U9 v. Belmont

On Thursday afternoon, the U8 and U9 girls played in their first Hockey match of the season away against Belmont. The U9s were up first and demonstrated their skills trying to link passes down the court, however they were up against a very strong Belmont team. Well done to Saoirse W nominated as girl of the game who played a key role in defence.

Second game up were the U8s who started the game in possession of the ball. Clara H-S and Mia O’B played up front and quickly worked the ball past Belmont’s defenders into the D. Before the end of the first half, Isabelle S scored for Duke of Kent School putting us one in the lead. The second half the girls made more opportunities to score but Belmont defended strongly. Edie H was tested in defence as Belmont equalised and the final score was 1-1. An excellent first game of hockey and both Miss Vickers and I were extremely impressed with the stick skills the girls demonstrated. A special mention to Edie H nominated as girl of the game who made a couple of key saves throughout the match. Well done girls!

Miss Jones


On Sunday four swimmers from Duke of Kent School travelled to the Olympic Aquatic Centre in Stratford to represent London South in the ISA National Swimming Finals. Bea H, Nick E, Alex M and Charlie T had all qualified for this day at the regional qualifier last term. The atmosphere in this incredible Olympic venue was amazing, 1300 spectators and 400 swimmers from Year 4 to Year 11 were swimming for the North, South West, East Anglia, Midlands, London West, London North and London South. All four swimmers swam incredibly well helping London South to 2nd place in the overall standings. Nick E and Bea H swam in both the medley and freestyle relays, Charlie T and Alex swam in both relays and individual events; Alex (butterfly and freestyle) and Charlie (breaststroke). Bea H was part of a very strong relay team where all four London South swimmers swam very well achieving a bronze and a silver medal. Nick performed exceptionally for his team but was left with a little too much to do when swimming the anchor leg in both relays. Alex M was so close to a medal in his freestyle, just missing out by 0.03 of a second. Charlie T won silver in the breaststroke, both he and the winner broke the existing ISA National record! Congratulations to all four swimmers and thank you to parents for their fabulous support throughout the day.

Mr Herbert

Pause for Thought

It's a dark, rainy and windy January day, a day when we crave fires, snuggly duvets and the arrival of spring. In the Christian calendar it is the time when, rather appropriately, we celebrate light!

Candlemas is a traditional Christian festival that commemorates the ritual purification of Mary forty days after the birth of her son Jesus. On this day, Christians remember the presentation of Jesus Christ in the Temple. Forty days after the birth of a Jewish boy, it was the custom to take him to the temple in Jerusalem to be presented to God by his thankful parents.

In pre-Christian times, this day was known as the 'Feast of Lights' and celebrated the increase strength of the life-giving sun as winter gave way to spring.

It was the day of the year when all the candles, that were used in the church during the coming year, were brought into church and a blessing was said over them - so it was the Festival Day (or 'mass') of the Candles.

Candles were important in those days not only because there was no electric lights. Some people thought they gave protection against plague and illness and famine. For Christians, they were (and still are) a reminder of something even more important. Before Jesus came to earth, it was as if everyone was 'in the dark'. People often felt lost and lonely. Afraid. As if they were on their own, with no one to help them. Then came Jesus with his message that he is with his followers always ready to help and comfort them. As if he is a guiding light to them in the darkness. Christians often talk of Jesus as 'the light of the World' - and candles are lit during church services to remind Christians of this.

Mrs Pakenham

Whole School Reminders:

Friday 2nd February:

Readathon begins (Years 5 - 8)

Prep School Reminders:

Friday 2nd February:

Year 5 History visit to The Old Rectory

Saturday 3rd February:

Prep School optional trip to Dorking Halls Author Event - an audience with Cressida Cowell

Pre-Prep Reminders:

Tuesday 30th January:

Reception trip to Winchester Science Centre

Pre prep Stars of the Week

Nursery: James McL for displaying such a kind, thoughtful and empathetic attitude towards his peers.

Reception: Max M for lovely independent work using the magic 'e' rule.

Year 1: Freddie P for showing great enthusiasm for our transport topic and care and attention to detail when making his model.

Year 2: Eddie C for showing initiative and dedication to learn his assembly lines.

Mrs Green


During a Physics lesson this week Blue R took part in a demonstration which had strange effects on her hair.  Can anyone tell us what has caused this to happen?  If you know the answer email rkettle@dokschool.org for your chance to win a prize!

Mr Kettle 

Year 6 Prep School Talks

On Thursday some members of 6C gave a couple of talks to the rest of the Prep School. Charlie N, Leo H and John McN started off proceedings with a talk about The Ashes cricket. We learned about what the Ashes actually are, how the games are played and sadly that Australia has a winning record against England! The boys also told us about their favourite cricketers. In the depths of winter it was great to think about those long summer afternoons out on the cricket square. Next, Archie LaC, Alfie C, Max S and Harley B talked about YouTube. We learned about their favourite 'YouTubers' along with some of the finer details associated with using YouTube, which was informative and certainly appreciated by the teachers. Well done to all!

Mr Coote

Music Department News

Duke of Kent School are once again performing at the annual Combined Schools Rotary concert at GLive this year. This is a definite highlight of the school's musical calendar and every year features approximately one hundred pupils representing the school in various different ensembles and formats.

This year the concert is on 15th March at 7pm. Tickets are priced at £12.50 and are available from bookings@dokschool.org. Please let Miss Vernon know how many you would like and then the cost will be added to your end of term bill. It is always a thoroughly entertaining evening and a great chance to see your children in action!

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Safeguarding Webinar for parents:

Ofsted have identified an increase in cases where on-line access has placed children in danger. Grooming, radicalisation and child sexual exploitation are often perpetrated via the internet and pose a real threat to children of all ages. Given this rise in incidents, Ofsted have worked with the Breck Foundation to offer schools and parents a webinar to identify and consider dangers presented by the internet. We provide guidance for school staff to support their work and explain how Ofsted inspects this aspect of safeguarding.

The webinar also offers guidance to parents about how to help their children stay safe. This webinar will be presented by Hilary Macdonald, Senior Her Majesty’s Inspector, Daniel Lambert, Her Majesty’s Inspector, and Lorin LeFave, founder of the Breck Foundation, whose son, Breck, was groomed and murdered in 2014.

The webinar will be hosted on 31 January at 19:00. You can register for the webinar via:


Mr Southee

Social Media News

A recent survey revealed that only 1 in 4 people in the country trust news that has been posted on social media. Issues like fake accounts, child safety, and extreme content has led to people returning to "traditional" news outlets. As part of their Computer Science lessons, Year 8 have been investigating what is commonly called "fake news" and have identified a few key tips to help people spot and avoid fake news.

Firstly, always look at who wrote the news and see if they might have any dishonest reason for writing it. If it is a balanced, neutral report then it is probably trustworthy. Also look at how the story backs up its claims, any statistics or evidence it uses should come from a respected source.

Thinking about the news like this isn't just useful for investigating what we find on social media, but also for whatever story we come across no matter where it came from.

Here are some helpful links:


And the original source of the survey


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

PADoK News

The Krypton Generation - Friday 2nd March

Tickets are now on sale for PADoK’s spring event: the Krypton Generation, a mashup of rounds taken from iconic ‘80s gameshows.

Tickets are £15 per person, this includes supper. Tickets can be booked with your PADoK Rep or by emailing padok@dokschool.org

We look forward to seeing lots of you for an evening of fun & laughter.

The PADoK Team