Weekly Bulletin 17/05/2019

A Message from Mrs Knox

I would like to commend our pupils on the way they have approached their GCSEs this week and, for the rest of the school, the start of their school exams. Exams are a tool in the building blocks of learning and only one of the many measures that helps us assess progress over the course of a year. I would like to thank PADoK in advance of tomorrow for the tremendous effort that has gone into organising the Charity Ball in support of Abbie’s fund. I wish everyone a superb evening.

Mrs Knox

House Music finalists' concert

Last Friday evening saw the House Music Finalists Concert re-run in the PA Hall, at which parents got a chance to come and witness the brilliance of their children - and brilliant they were! Every single performance was wonderful and the evening was another special one. The traditional jam session song at the end, with every performer on stage singing along, was this year was a version of 'My Generation' by The Who; what a song and what a brilliant rendition by our musicians! Thank you as always to the parents who came along to support and to the Peripatetic teachers who do so much to encourage and inspire the pupils.

Mr Rye

"The Teenage brain and online safety"

On Monday we hosted senior parents for a talk on ‘Teenagers and Social Media’ in the Meetings Room. The talk covered social media use, mental health and what happens to a teenager during adolescence. Thank you so much to those who attended, it was fantastic to have so much support. Please find a link to the presentation below. Links to relevant documents and videos can be found by clicking on the settings cog and selecting ‘Open Speaker Notes’. 


Mr Southee 

Year 9 CPR Training

Some pics attached of my PSHE session with year 9, learning the basics of CPR and giving it a go with our dummies with a view for being prepared for all eventualities for their forthcoming DofE Expedition (let's hope it's not needed!!!!)! They learned about the primary survey "DR ABC", how to do the "head tilt, chin lift" to open the airway and check for breathing, and how to do compressions. All wrapped up with a video of Vinnie Jones doing CPR to "Staying Alive". 

Mrs Sarjant

Year 8 Social Evening

Last Friday the Year 8 students stayed after school to participate in a range of activities designed to take advantage of our wonderful site whilst appreciating one another’s company. One of the most hotly contested mixed Rounders games ensued with some big hits and outstanding fielding resulting in a hard fought draw. Indoors some of the students engaged in a four-way Mario Kart tournament either side of tea whilst others continued to enjoy the lighter summer evening with further games of Rounders and Capture The Flag on MacRobert. As a member of staff it was a truly enjoyable evening to be a part of and my thanks go to all the Year Eight pupils for being so well mannered and good spirited throughout the event. 

Mr Wilson

Prep School Council Meeting

The Prep School Council met to discuss ideas for new outdoor equipment at break times. Mrs Knox joined us to observe how the council meetings proceed.
Many of the council members had discussed ideas with their classes or even carried out surveys about what Prep pupils would like to play with at break times. There were suggestions such as frisbee, tennis rackets, cricket sets, skipping ropes and many many more. They also discussed how Year 6 could be in charge of the equipment and organise a rota.
Now that the list has been completed the School Council are going to go back to their classes to see if we can come up with a short list of each classes top five! The aim is to have new equipment as soon as possible.

Mrs Lock

A roaring success at the Sussex Championships

I took part in the Sussex Championships last weekend at K2 in Crawley. There were approximately 150 competitors and there was a great atmosphere for all the athletes involved.
I had some success in winning a bronze medal in javelin out of six with a personal best of 26.19m.
Then my team won also won a bronze medal in the 4 x 100m relay.  In my team I run the first leg and managed to hold onto third place but was close to catching second place by the time I was handing over the baton to the second leg runner.

I'm looking forward to my next competition on the 15th June, The Southern Regions in Guildford.

Jasmine B, Year 10 and Miss Vernon

A few match reports from this week

Athletics: Senior Waverly Athletics Meet

On Tuesday Duke of Kent School attended the Waverly Athletics meet held at Charterhouse School. They were joined by some of the local larger schools competing in all events to represent Waverley. Matty S took part in the 1500 metres and ran really well coming 2nd with a time of 4 minutes 19 seconds. Sam I took part in the long jump and high jump recording his PB of 1.60 metres. Jasmine B won her heat in 100 metres and threw well in Javelin. Alex W took part in the long jump and high jump showing good determination but was up against strong competition. Fleur B took part in 100 metres and long jump but unfortunately couldn't replicate her performance from the ISA regionals. Unfortunately Ellis McK injured herself during her high jump so she could not take part in any other events. Well done to all those pupils which took part as they showed great technique in all their events. We are waiting to have email confirmation of those pupils who will be representing Waverley for Athletics.

Mr Green

Rounders: U13 A Triangular v. Belmont and Box Hill

On Wednesday 15th May, the U13A rounders team headed for an afternoon in beautiful sunshine for a triangular tournament against Box Hill and Belmont. Our first game was against Box Hill and after losing the toss, we had to bat first. However, the girls were not perturbed, least of of Amelie WB who whacked the ball so far it nearly reached the cricket match that was happening on the other side of the field. One rounder to us. Our confidence may have risen a little prematurely as this was proceeded by a few run outs due to some overly optimistic attempts at reaching second or fourth base. However, Aoife W scored a lovely rounder, positioning her hit Away from all their fielders and kept our hopes up.

Fielding was where we really settled in to the game; despite Box Hill having some very strong hitters we managed to get all of their players out before their time was up. Amelie W-B, Aoife W and Kora W worked brilliantly together at backstop, first post and second post respectively, stumping many of their players out. We were also backed up in second deep by Angie M who could seemingly throw a ball with significant power and accuracy to reach fourth post from anywhere in the field, no matter how far out! After a more successful second innings with two rounders from Molly G, and one each from Aoife W, Bea H and Amelie W-B we won the game 8 - 5.5.

Next up was Belmont. Buoyed by their first win, rounders came quickly from Amelie W-B, Kora W, Molly G and Izzy B, using their coordination and power to distribute the ball effectively away from the fielders. We managed to score five rounders from just our first innings and were feeling confident. Again in fielding, we were quick to run and catch their players out, Izzy B making some amazing fast reaction catches from her position as bowler. All the girls worked brilliantly together, talking and giving clear instructions to each other. Zoe L, Emma B and Eva M working well on the posts to prevent rounders, and Lucy M and Molly G out deep. Our final innings saw another rounder each from Amelie WB and Kora W and some great hits from Izzy B and Zoe L that unfortunately were picked up by their defender on second post. However, we held our lead throughout their innings to win the game 9.5 - 4.5 and as a result, come first in the triangular tournament! Two lovely games that showed the girls' skills and teamwork so well done all. 

Mrs Vermeulen

Rounders: U13 B Triangular v. Belmont and Box Hill

On Wednesday, the U13/12 B team travelled to Box Hill for a triangular thriller with Box Hill and Belmont. Duke of Kent School were up first against Box Hill, it was a match full of rounders even with 5 minutes innings each way! Duke of Kent girls fielded first, they worked together as a team and managed to make sure that Box Hill’s scored stayed as low as possible. When it was time for the girls to bat, they stepped up and hit some cracking shots with Poppy and Rub y K scoring big rounders for the team. Duke of Kent School were just ahead, by 1 rounder, after the first innings so it was all to play for. Both teams took more risks in the second innings as they started to grasp the 5 minute timer! Duke of Kent School managed to score 12 and a half rounders in total and Box Hill were very close behind with 9 rounders. The girls went straight into their second match, this time it was against Belmont. The match started in a similar fashion with some great fielding from Tilly C and Emily B in particular. Going into the final innings, Duke of Kent School were ahead by 2 and a half rounders. With some more cracking scores from Ruby, Hannah M and Millie WD, the girls won 8 and a half rounders to 4 and a half. Together with the U13A team, Duke of Kent School were victorious! Congratulations to all of the girls involved in a brilliant afternoon of rounders. 

Miss Vickers

Boys' Cricket: U11 v. Copthorne

Duke of Kent School U11s continued their winning streak with a 28 run victory over Copthorne on Wednesday. We were put into bat in the lovely sunshine and things got off to a flying start with Conrad C (14) hitting a 4 of the first ball of the innings. This was backed up by George P (14) and Luca H (23) with some lovely strokeplay. Toby T (16) helped speed up the scoring for the last few overs with excellent technique and timing of the ball for someone so young. At the end of 16 overs Duke of Kent School scored 129-5.

Copthorne got off to a quick start but were slowed down with some accruate bowling from Leland W and Sam S. Before Conrad C took a double wicket maiden to ensure that Duke of Kent School won by 28 runs.

Well done to all the boys involved as they showed good technical skills and control of the game situation. 

Mr Green

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Monday 20th - Friday 24th May:

School Examinations

Friday 24th May:

Half Term Departure Times:

15:30 - Pre-prep and Prep siblings

16:05 - Prep School and Senior siblings

16:45 - Senior School

4:45/17:00 - All after school buses depart

Pre-prep Reminders

Tuesday 21st May:

Reception trip to RSPB Pulborough Brooks

Wednesday 22nd May:

Pre-prep swimming gala

Duke of Cat

So… following on from my moan about Larry the cat who lives in Downing Street, I started to research other famous cats and came across one called Puss in Boots. Now… he looks rather marvellous in those gorgeous boots and splendid hat adorned with a feather. Apparently, as the story goes, this cat uses trickery to gain wealth and the hand of a princess in marriage for his penniless master. In the end, Puss in Boots, himself, enjoys life as a great lord running after mice only for his own amusement. That all sounds rather marvellous. I quite like the ring of: “Sydney in Boots”. Time to have a little nap now and I might find some energy later to do some plotting ….

Miaow, miaow


Duke of Edinburgh Club

On Thursday Mr Wyllie and I took the DofE Activity Club to Sayers Croft Field Centre at Ewhurst to help with conservation at the site. Armed with ‘loppers’, and a positive attitude, the assorted throng managed to clear an impressive amount of uninvited brambles and undergrowth. The site manager, Mr Rob Squirrel was delighted with their work and hopes to see them again very soon!

On the Wednesday afternoon the Year 9 boys had an orienteering competition on the local bridleway ‘triangle’. Four teams attempted to identify colours, types of plants, and numbers of paths at track junctions, using their maps and compasses. ‘Team Children’, consisting of Johnny H, Oisin W, Kit J and Reuben D won the event but, most importantly, everybody eventually worked their way back to the finish!

Mr Lodge

Stars of The Week

Nursery: Rocket M for settling into school life with such enthusiasm and vigour.

Reception: Eva W for such super effort and focus in handwriting and great counting in tens.

Year 1: Ruby W for settling in to Year One so beautifully.

Year 2: Martha G-A for always coming in with a smile on her face and for finding the positive in every day.

Mrs Green

Performing Arts News

It has been a busy week in the Performing Arts Department!

Rehearsals are well underway for the Years 8 and 9 production - please keep an eye on the calendar for the Sunday rehearsals.

The LAMDA pupils are gearing up for their exams, which are after half term - they need to really learn those words!

Also this week were two recitals featuring pupils of the individual instrumental teachers; Monday lunchtime saw the pupils of Miss Brown, one of our singing teachers, performing and Thursday evening saw the piano pupils of Miss Macaulay and Mr Kaye entertaining us. Well done to all - both events were delightful.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Huge thanks to all the parents that attended the mental health and social media talk on Monday evening, it was a productive talk and I hope everyone there went away with some information that can help them.

Following on from that I wanted to mention some tips for managing games consoles, which came up at the end of the talk. Whilst I myself am a big fan of gaming I would definitely advocate for setting firm time limits, especially on term time weeknights. Sleep has a big factor on mental health and being able to work effectively, so it's important to not just stay up all night playing games.

PS4: As part of the system restrictions and family manager you can set the play time to restrict between certain hours. Notifications will appear when its time to quit.

Xbox: Limits are set under the "family account" feature. If you have one sign in and select screen time on your child's name. You can also set it to notify when the time is running out.

Nintendo Switch: You can download an app onto your phone that allows you to view what games are being played and set time and age restrictions on the games themselves.

As well as this I would have a discussion about why the limits are being set, so that it's clear that it is a health matter as opposed to a discipline issue - the aim is to have a positive outcome rather than something confrontational.

Here are some links for further details:




Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

Resilience has been a bit of a buzz word around schools for a while now. It is something that we focus on here too, and the bible also has stories that teach us about resilience.

Take Joseph (of the special coat) as an example. Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers and later imprisoned. He coped by maintaining faith in God and believing that God can bring good out of dark situations. He found meaning in his suffering, and he had a sense of purpose and hope. He also practised forgiveness. These are aspects of resilience, backed by research.

Or take Ruth. After her husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law die, she is left as a young widow without men for provision or protection. Her story teaches us the importance of close relationships and a supportive environment in nurturing resilience. Again, this is confirmed by psychological research.

The importance of close relationships and a nurturing environment is a bit of a USP here. I operate an open door policy and anyone (pupils,staff, parents) are welcome for a chat, a biscuit and a jolly good listening too!

With every blessing

Reverend Kia