Mr Hubbard's Visit to Malawi 

During the October 2014 half term I visited a school in Malawi. The aim of the trip was to initiate a link with a school there so that we can learn and share ideas with each other over the next few years. This is very much with the goal of us all being more ‘globally aware’.

The school we hope to link with is a place called Salima primary school, situated near Lake Malawi and has over 2000 pupils in it with many of them having lessons under trees outside due to a shortage of classrooms. The pupils were of course fascinated by my presence there and I felt like royalty some of the time, although eventually I seemed to be less of a novelty!

My time in Malawi was spent observing lessons across the whole range of ages in the school. I also taught a few lessons, where I explained why I had come and gave some information about England and Duke of Kent School. I also taught them a Biology lesson which was fun!

I spent time in the Visually Impaired unit in the school where they have up to 30 pupils who are being taught Braille and other skills so that they can be integrated into the main school. I learned some skills here and assisted the teachers in the teaching for one day on my visit.

The Malawi school sent us a gift including two beautiful wooden elephants that you may have seen in the Old Hall at school. They also gave us a few letters written by some of their pupils and staff introducing themselves to both our staff and our pupils.

I did find time to do some cycling there and in fact bought myself a bicycle. This enabled me to cycle almost 500 miles exploring the coastline of Lake Malawi.

I hope to return to the school in the next academic year along with another member of staff and we hope to have a teacher from Malawi visit us here too.

We will keep you updated as this exciting link develops.

Mr Hubbard

Science Club News

Science club dissected frogs this week, investigating the two different ways frogs can respire. The CSI Prep club even joined in too!

Science club also went to Sea Life this week, to apply their dissection knowledge and learn about a wide range of different marine creatures and how they respire. The visit included a behind the scenes tour which looked at breeding programmes and laboratory tests carried out. Finished off with the glass bottom boat ride - where students enjoyed being so up close to the sharks!

Science Club takes place on Monday evenings in the Jenner Lab as part of the Activities Programme.

Ms Armstrong

Prep School Science

The winning team with the cleanest water

Year 6 pupils took part in a science experiment involving filtering. The pupils were given a task: How clean can you make the dirty water. Excellent group work was demonstrated by all groups and the winning team included Sophie, Harry & Raef. 

Miss Morris

Chess Club

Eager pupils watch on as the Chess Club Tournament enters its final stages.

Chess and Board Games Club takes place on Thursday evenings.

Mr Seeley

Sports News

Swimming Success

Two U13 relay teams travelled from Duke of Kent to the Lancing College Mid-Winter Gala. Each team swam in two semi-finals, a 4 X 25M medley relay and a 4 X 50M freestyle relay.

All of the swimmers performed superbly with both teams reaching the freestyle final and the A team also securing a place in the medley final.

The A team swam excellently winning both U13 events. Well done to the A team (Alex, Tyla, Harry and Charlie) and the B team (Lexi, Jasmine, George and Sammy).

Mr Herbert

U13 Rugby

The Under 13s have had a tremendous start to their season. Following on from beating Handcross Park before Christmas, the team has gone from strength to strength, in defeating Copthorne last week, 53-0, and then Cottesmore on Wednesday, by 38 points to 5.

The team has been led magnificently by Connor and Harry, who have each scored a plethora of tries and are, frankly, too hot to handle! The performances throughout the team have been impressive, from the forward play of Theo, Blake and Matthew, the attacking play of Henry and Fergus, and the sniping runs of Andrew, to mention but a few. Congratulations to the whole squad for their commitment and application hitherto. Long may this continue.

A word of thanks, too, to all the parents who have given us such support this season.

 Mr Macdonald

U9 Rugby

On Wednesday a combined U9/U10 team faced arch rivals Cottesmore. We needed all the skill and guile we could muster in a game that ebbed and flowed. Luckily for us Marcus got the bit between his teeth and showed what a tenacious and talented young rugby player he is. He linked well with Casper and we began to make some telling breakthroughs. A lovely little offload from Ben gave Oisin the chance to break through and he shrugged off a big tackle before giving the ball to Ross in a nice move. Charlie began to use his pace and power out wide and was beginning to be a real threat. Our skipper Freddie was on fire and burst through to score an outstanding try. Marcus was a bundle of high speed energy in the centre and his twisting mercurial runs were too much for the ill-fated Cottesmore defence as he ran in a great solo try from near the half way line. Ully was as unstoppable as a freight train as he smashed his way through to score two great tries. In the second half our superior tackling and organisation began to tell and we finished with an impressive 35-25 win. Well done, boys!

Mr Seeley

Pre-prep News

Stars of the Week


Elisabetta for working really hard across all areas and for being kind and welcoming towards new children.

Amelia for joining in with group play, demonstrating cooperation and


Tilly for kindness and a positive attitude and Devon for settling in to his new school amazingly well.

Year 1

Annabel for excellent 'Bear Hunt' work, for neat careful writing and a fabulous detailed illustration.

Year 2

Johnny for improved listening in whole class situations and for finishing his work more quickly.

Mrs Macdonald

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