Weekly Bulletin 14/10/2015

Duke of Kent School's Literature and Arts Festival

Saturday's festival day was a huge success with workshops and talks from a range of impressive guest speakers. It was also great to see different generations working together around the School.

We spent Thursday and Friday in school preparing for the festival with workshops in graphic design, creative writing and even opera. We also invited Surrey Hills Primary along to take part in an author talk by Marcus Alexander.

Throughout Friday the School got to work with either Marcus Alexander or Nicky Singer, and Year 5 created portraits in the Art Studio with Maureen. It was great to see pupils inspired by the creativity of our guests.

Saturday saw hundreds of people arrive  to be part of a wonderful day of events. The musical improvisation by Frank Walden was truly inspiring, and his saxophone playing was awesome! Throughout the day people dropped in to take part in the giant mural for The Big Draw (which will be completed in school ready for display in Performing Arts). Chris Wright's wildlife workshops and Maureen Donemy's portraiture sessions were fully booked throughout the day. Marcus Alexander and Nicky Singer gave talks and had cues for their book signings at lunch-time. The Dining Hall was festooned in a musical theatre style and the competition to win family theatre vouchers received over 200 entries.

Jack Donnelly arrived just in time to sit down with the audience and offer the most relaxed and engaging insight into the world of acting. He was truly charming and a great role model to our pupils. When asked by Kristien if he considered himself to be a successful actor he replied. "Yes - well I'm happy!"

The festival was a chance to embrace a love of literature and the arts and for us to celebrate creativity as a community.

Thanks to everyone who helped and took part for a wonderful few days.

Katharine Brookes

Duke of Kent School


The Tempest

G Live

Monday 19th October


Tickets available directly from G Live

Animazing Animal Showcase

On Tuesday 6th October the Prep and some of the Pre-prep School were lucky enough to have a visit by”Animazing”. Each year group were able to spend an hour with Steve and his collection of different creatures.

Amongst the animals he showed them were a tarantula, a tortoise, a python and a pygmy hedgehog. The pupils were able to hold some of the different animals and were taught about their natural habitats and feeding habits. Great fun was had by all.

Mrs Lock

Sports News


The U13 Bs have continued their excellent start to the football season, following their early dismantlement of Pennthorpe. They have had subsequent victories over Handcross Park (3-0),and King Edward's, Witley (U12) (7-0), and two evenly matched draws versus Cottesmore and More House (U12), both 2-2. Harry B has continued to score goals - seven in four games - whilst the rest of the team have become settled in the various roles that they have been asked to play, and now operate together rather like a military unit. Zac (2 goals), down the left, and James C. down the right, have been our wing-commanders, Daniel P., the mid-field General, who scored a spectacular goal against Cottesmore. Archie, Matty, Ben C. and Ben G, the Marshalls in defence, Tom W. and Calum H., tireless, willing and skilful foot soldiers. With cameos from Scott and Alex W. the team has flourished under the moto, "Do your best, and have fun!" Well done to the whole squad, and also to the loyal band of supporters who cheer them on.

Mr Lodge