Weekly Bulletin 14/06/2019

A Message from Mrs Knox

Congratulations to all of Year 11 for the successful completion of their GCSEs. Their conduct and support to one another throughout this period was exemplary and we truly hope they gain the results their efforts deserve. This week, we also congratulated twelve Year 10 pupils who have been appointed as Prefects and the leaders of the School. Our Head Boy and Head Girl will be announced during our Prize Giving ceremony on the 6th July. I would also like to congratulate two staff members: Josie Vickers as our Head of Girls’ Games and Coordinator of Sports Scholars and Adam Wyllie as our Stretch and Challenge Coordinator. We wish you well in your roles. Finally, best of luck to all performers in this evening’s Summer Concert.

Mrs Knox

Visiting German Teacher, Frau Mack

Thank you very much for hosting me. My stay was absolutely great and I would love to stay and teach here because of the nice surroundings, super students and very supportive colleagues. However, I miss my family and am looking forward to going home to my village, Althutte. Thank you so much to the families who welcomed me so warmly into their homes.

I have really liked the way the children have such excellent relationships with their teachers and how much they want to impress them. The students really enjoyed my German lessons and welcomed me so nicely. I was greeted with Guten Tag and Aufwiedersehen in the corridors. I also loved the way the children worked seriously and then shared a nice laugh with their teachers.

Danke schön and Aufweidersehen

Frau Mack

Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Bronze practice expedition 

Heralding the start of their 3-day Silver Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Practice Expedition on Thursday 23 intrepid members of Year 10, divided into four groups, were bussed to St Martha's Hill in Chilworth before walking back to School for their first night's camp. Mr Wyllie and I monitored them through their checkpoints on what (then) proved to be a dry and pleasant day. Mrs Knox joined us for much of the evening - helping pitch a tent with Saffron H-C and Zara H from Year 9, who were also joining us on this occasion. As chief 'fire-lighter' Mr Wyllie survived a brief flash of flame caused by a faulty gas burner although his resulting sooty look seemed to have (understandably) aged him a good 30 years. The participants meanwhile survived their own cooking and the overnight confiscation of their phones. After a wakeup call by me at 6.30am it started to rain quite hard at.....6.31am which was a bit unfortunate for them to say the least. This was followed by further walks to and from Henfold Lakes campsite near Dorking on two much wetter days and overnight. Mrs Lacroix and Mr Macdonald manned checkpoints, while Mr Wyllie, Miss Barnes and Mr Kay also camped with them. Fuelled by their own cooking and (enough) humour all the participants therefore completed the mandatory practice requirements before their qualification expedition in July. 

Year 9 started their 2-day Bronze DofE Practice Expedition on Friday. Divided into six groups they were accompanied by Mr Allen, Mrs Punter, Mrs Vermeulen, Mr Wilson, Miss Anand and me respectively. We completed walks to Shamley Green and back, sheltering between overgrown nettles and in the bus-stops en route. After camping at School, overseen by Miss Vickers, Mr Monk and I, the unaccompanied groups walked to and from Shere, overseen by Mr Win-Pe. The accompanying pictures highlight the wonderful variety of British weather enjoyed by all. Preparing food outside on the trangia cookers on Friday was unrealistic so the the catering staff produced a quick emergency alternative as a late tea which was very much appreciated. That said we had a few, but sufficient, 'weather windows' for the students to use those cookers later that night or in the morning. We also coaxed a fire into life, pre-prepared by the groundsman, Mr Riches, so we had a perfect venue for toasted marshmallows and Oscar B's superb mandolin playing (to be played not consigned to ashes!).

A few individuals are worthy of particular comment. Firstly Mrs Sarjant, she secured official permission for everyone to take part via the medical forms and prepared individual first aid bags for every walking group, as well as providing fully stocked rucksacks to be held by staff - while also managing other residential trips. This took much extra time and effort on her behalf. Adam M and Ross S took part despite suffering recent fractures, showing real fortitude. Others, usually unseen or unheard of by me, carried kit for those who were struggling, or chose to lead a group when (particularly in the rain) it would be have been more tempting to leave the responsibility to somebody else.

A short review such as this does not really do enough justice to the individual and team effort of every single one of those 23 Year 10s and 38 Year 9s who took part. They all walked for several hours each day, in 'iffy' weather, hilly terrain (we agreed the Duke of Kent School hill, Link and stairs provide excellent daily training), many of them working the hardest they ever have - and sleeping outside. I hope you are proud of them - I am.

Mr Lodge

Hands on History

On Monday Years 7 and 8 had a visit from the outstanding ‘Hands on History’ team, who provided us with an excellent interactive day looking at warfare through the ages, from the Bronze Age to WW2. Pupils and teachers dressed up as a wide range of soldiers from the past and had the chance to handle weapons and armour. The day finished with an impressive longbow and firearms demonstration on top pitch. It proved to be a very entertaining and informative day.

Mr Seeley

Chemistry Festival

On Thursday Mrs Tattan-Robb took four Year 8 pupils to the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry – Charlie C, Casper C, Zoe L and Izzy B. We competed against other schools in experiments and also tested our knowledge as a team. Despite struggling to find our way around the university and losing a little time at the start of the chromatography challenge, we concentrated and worked hard together to complete the challenge in time.

After lunch, we faced a very hard university challenge in which we had to cool water to 10.50C degrees using only two chemicals. We had to work hard with little time and resources however we collaborated and created a method which managed to cool the water to 150C, which we then displayed to the judges.

Afterwards, we were taken to do a chemistry quiz in which our team won due to a mix of outstanding knowledge, logic and sometimes good luck. We received prizes for winning the quiz and talked all about it on the way back.

Thank you to Mrs Tattan-Robb for taking us on such a fun and interesting trip, we really enjoyed taking part and we learned lots from it.

Charlie C, Casper C, Zoe L and Izzy B, Year 8

Year 6 PGL Trip

Last weekend, Year 6 ventured out to the spectacular cliffs of Dorset's jurassic coast, spending two fun-filled days at the Osmington Bay PGL centre. Giant Swings were swung, volleys of arrows were fired, beach stones were skimmed and mightily tall towers were scaled (and then abseiled) as the children tackled a range of outdoor activities that left them tired and exhilarated in equal measure. To the children's credit, the wet weather did little to dampen their enthusiasm, managing to keep their spirits even more buoyant than their rafts, which they built, sank and rebuilt using some impressive new knot-tying skills. Games of Aeroball were hard fought and there was even time for some Geography-based fun (the best kind!) in the evening, pupils being tasked with locating nations' flags hidden around the site and answering questions about each country. It was especially pleasing to see so many of the children overcome their own personal challenges during our time away, supported brilliantly by their cheerleading peers, and they are to be commended for their excellent behaviour throughout. Apparently, a picture paints a thousand words, so I shall let the copious photos attached do the rest of the talking - but I will finish with some heartfelt thanks to Mrs Green, Mr Ellarby and Mr Green for helping make it such a memorable experience for the children. 

Mr Wright

Down by the river

After the deluge of rain that struck on Monday, Year 6's outing to the riverside in Ewhurst seemed to be in jeopardy, but we forged ahead regardless and were rewarded with a lovely visit. Our aim was to introduce the children to the Lady of Shalott in surroundings that reflect the setting and atmosphere of the tragic but beautiful tale. As ever, the pupils seemed as captivated by the poem as they were by the picturesque riverbank from where they listened. We are so fortunate to have such stunning scenery on our doorstep and to be able to take the children off site for this excursion, albeit only briefly, never fails to bring this much-loved ballad to life, helping them appreciate and remember it by association with a quite magical place. 

Mr Wright

Year 4 Isle of Wight Trip

Last weekend the Year 4 were treated to the annual trip to the Isle of Wight. They enjoyed visiting Carisbrooke Castle and Osborne House and learning about the fascinating history of both sites. Then the weekend was capped off with the customary ice cream stop and sand castle contest.

All of the children demonstrated boundless enthusiasm throughout the trip and were thoughtful towards each other and the public. There was a great team spirit during the group activities and free time. During the evenings the children showed great resilience and a positive mindset that really helped them get the most out of the trip.

Thank you for a lovely trip Year 4, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Mr Gritton, Mr Herbert, Miss Nott and Mrs Nicholson

Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle

Year 2 revelled at the opportunity to visit one of the Queen’s residences, Windsor Castle, on Tuesday. Full of excitement and hopefulness (the children were convinced we’d be able to spend time with the Queen!), we headed down to Windsor ready for a day of fun and learning. After we arrived, we felt like royalty as we were ushered past the bustling queue to the very front! Once in the grounds, we took the opportunity to wander around the Castle, taking in each of the impressive sites. The children particularly loved St. George’s Chapel, with its beautiful stained glass windows and impressive tombs and swords. They thought how lucky Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex were to be wed there! After arriving in the official State Apartments, we were greeted by our workshop host, Lesley. Lesley told us all about The Queen’s early life, her hobbies and the roles she plays as our Head of State. After lots of learning, the children welcomed the opportunity to dress up to re-enact The Queen’s Coronation ceremony from 1953. Although we didn’t manage to have tea with The Queen, we did have the privilege of seeing The Changing of The Guards, complete with music from a marching Regimental Band!

Well done Year 2 on your brilliant behaviour and for representing our School with such maturity and pride. 

Miss Able

Jasmine's Golfing Success

Congratulations to Jasmine K in Year 7 who played in the US Kids European Championships in Scotland over half term. She played at the historic Musselburgh golf course in girls 12 age category, against 27 top international players over 3 days. She came 25th and was improving her score everyday.

Her next competition is on Sunday at Nailcote Hall and then  the following Sunday, in the Surrey Rookie Tour at Cranleigh Golf Club, where she won last year! Well done Jasmine and good luck!

Miss Vernon and Jasmine K,Year 7

A few match reports from this week

Girls' Senior School House Cricket

On Tuesday afternoon, all the girls in Years 9 & 10 participated in their first ever House Cricket event! After poor weather last week, the event had taken place over two Tuesday afternoons. Chichester played Whittle in one semi-final and Armstrong played Hilary in the other. 

Chichester batted first in their game and started strongly with Alice S and Jas B hitting multiple 4s. Further notable batting came from Daisy M and Laura S of Chichester. Whittle began to get into their stride when fielding with strong bowling from Martha M and Ellis McK towards the end of the innings. Whittle had to chase a good score from Chichester, they battled well with 6s coming from Fleur B and Minnie C. It was a close game with the win going to Whittle. 

Meanwhile, Armstrong were batting first against Hilary. The team took multiple risks with some big hitting from Poppy S and Daisy K in particular. Hilary also showed some great skill when fielding with some good stops on the boundary coming from Blue R and Milly B. Millie L batted strongly for Hilary however Armstrong managed to bowl with consistency and accuracy making it difficult for Hilary to catch their score. 

Next up, the final with Armstrong taking on Whittle and Chichester played Hilary in the 3rd/4th play off. Chichester learnt from their mistakes in the first game and played with much more consistency and solid fielding. They managed to run Hillary out on multiple occasions making it difficult for them to score many runs. On the other half of the Wilsons’ Pitch, Armstrong were playing Whittle in a competitive and high quality final. Both teams fielded particularly well with powerful bowling and accurate throwing into the stumps. Whittle batted first, they scored a number of 6s however Armstrong showed their dominance when fielding. The final scores were as follows:

1st – Armstrong

2nd – Whittle

3rd – Chichester

4th Hillary

A huge well done to all the girls involved for their fantastic team spirit and energy, even throughout some horrible rain! Now it’s time to use the new skills that have been learnt and put them into a match situation against another school – fingers crossed it’s sunny next week!

Miss Vickers

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Friday 21st June:


Departure Times:

3:30pm - Pre-prep

5:00pm - Prep and Seniors (after Sports Day finishes

5:15pm - After school buses depart 

Senior School Reminders

Monday 17th June:

Year 8 Activity Day

Monday 17th June:

Laura Barnes Senior pupils singing recital  18.30

Wednesday 19th - Friday 21st June:

Year 11 Silver DofE Expedition

Friday 21st June:

Sports Day 13:00 - 17:00

Friday 21st June:

Senior Sports Dinner 18:30

Sunday 23rd - Thursday 27th June:

Year 11 trip to Sorrento 

Sunday 23rd June:

Years 8 and 9 production rehearsal 

Prep School Reminder

Friday 21st June:

Sports Day 13:00 - 17:00

Year 5 Assembly

Year 5 delivered another sparkling assembly, showcasing their collective performance skills. This time they delved into the physics of Sound, explaining how sound waves are carried to our ears. Daisy N. introduced the assembly in a whisper but soon found her voice, spurred on by the rest of her classmates. Chester B played the part of the Showman, introducing the fascinating world of sound and Daisy R, Tom B, Leo T-R and Isla B provided an annoying Rocky theme tune which disturbed Josh W-D and Belles H who were trying to quietly watch television. A sound proofing solution was investigated by Matilda R and Quentin J carefully passed a ball showing how sound bounces off a solid wall. 

Tom B, James B and Daisy N explained how the ear works and how sound is interpreted by the brain. Moving on to think about how instruments produce sound. Oscar H, Jessica I, Leo T-R, James B and Troy K gave an able demonstration of how pitch changes on a recorder, flute, guitar and drum. Sydney explained how echoes are formed with the help of Emma F and Leo T-R. Saoirse W led everyone in performing a clapping rhythm to illustrate the importance of rhythm in music. 

Year 5 then acted out the Greek mythological story of King Midas being cursed with donkey ears because he preferred Pan’s flute playing to Apollo’s lute. Henry C portrayed a wonderfully flamboyant hairdresser and offered to cut King Midas’ hair promising to keep his unusual ears a secret. Unfortunately he whispered the truth to the reeds who passed the news on in a whisper. To conclude their assembly Year 5 sang “The Sound of Silence” beautifully and admitted that sound of silence was not often heard in their classroom!

Mrs Turner

German in School

We have had the wonderful opportunity of welcoming Frau Mack to Duke of Kent School for the past two weeks. She has been such a lively, cheerful and willing member of our community and has tackled everything we have asked her to do with vigour and good humour. Every child in Years 3 to 9 have had the chance to learn some German, starting with building some cultural awareness about the differences between the German and British education systems, and learning some history along the way, as Frau Mack was in Berlin when the Wall came down! They have learnt to introduce themselves and, most importantly, how to order some typical German food in a restaurant. This week, the children have enjoyed learning some entertaining "false friends"; words which look like familiar English words but mean something completely different! We have learnt a lot from her, particularly about independent learning, and she has commented on how polite Duke of Kent School pupils are around the school, what a wonderful array of activities are available to them, how glorious their singing voices are in assembly...and on our yummy food! Huge thanks go to everyone who has made Frau Mack feel welcome, and especially to the Gregorys, Wreford-Dorees, Powells, Rowlands, Ms Williams and Mrs Knox for helping to host her so warmly and generously. We will miss Frau Mack when she leaves on Saturday!

Miss Francis

French Impressionism

This year, Year 6 had the opportunity to study two different painters: Henry Rousseau and Claude Monet. After learning the skills to describe a painting in French they now have the opportunity to re-create one. 6W are reproducing Monet’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge” whereas 6E are doing “Grainstacks in the Sunlight, morning effect”.

They all have a section of the painting which they are interpreting as they wish and once everyone has completed it we will assemble all of the paintings into one. The students will then describe the painting in French (and in English)!

Miss Fellous

Performing Arts News

On Monday evening, in the PA Hall, a small but appreciative audience were lucky enough to watch the first ever LAMDA showcases performed by Duke of Kent School Pupils. And the children were amazing! With some wonderful acting on display we had moments of joy, despair, love, laughter, life and lunacy all portrayed with commitment and skill. Despite the kids being possibly the most nervous we have seen them they pulled it off in style and should be very proud of themselves - well done to all and a huge thank you to Mrs Honey and Miss Raye for their wonderful tuition.

As mentioned last week we are ramping up the activity in the department as the term nears the end. Please keep an eye on the calendar and email for info on all the many events.

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Two cases have opened in the United States, both against Amazon, which claim that the company did not have consent to create "voiceprints" of the children that used their devices. These voice prints, which are built up over continuous use, could track a vast level of detail about the child's life. In both the cases the parents say that they never gave consent for their children's voices to be recorded and stored.

These problems occur when Alexa thinks it is receiving its audio "wake word" and sends anything spoken after it to Amazon for processing, when nothing or the wrong was said in the first place. The recordings made help the device better track when it needs to be used and so builds up a profile of the user.

I'm not a legal expert so I couldn't possible comment on which way I think the cases will go, however it is worth pointing out that Amazon released a blog post last month indicating that a service existed to manage children's use of Alexas and stressed the ability for a parent to delete recordings made of their child and the consent needed to make recordings.

Make sure you review your settings on your devices, and update your consent preferences if you feel you need to.

Here are some links for more information:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought


Last Sunday the Church celebrated Pentecost. This was when the people of God recieved the Holy Spirit and the promise that we will always have a comforter, guide and counselor living with us.

For 11 days there has been a global wave of prayer spanning 114 countries with churches from over 65 different doenominations. They have been praying for a deeper relationship with Jesus, praying for God's spirit to work in the lives of those they know and to come to realise that every aspect of their lives is the stuff of prayer.

Please follow the link to hear from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby talking to the theologian Tom Wright as they explain what Pentacost is all about.

With every blessing

Reverend Kia

PADoK News


Tuesday 18th June 2019


Meetings Room.

Please join us for the annual PADoK AGM, hear what we are up to past and future.

After the AGM Richard Brocksom (chairman of the governors) will be joining us for a question and answer session.

PADoK Book Club

Thursday 27th June

8pm in Old Hall

This is turning out to be a rather charming PADoK club, please do come along and join us as we chatter (sometimes about the book) over a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

This month we are reading “The Tent the Bucket and Me” By Emma Kennedy.

Next PADoK Walk

Friday 5th July


Usual meeting place, Hurtwood control carpark 3, near the windmill pub.

Everybody welcome.

Mrs Trotman