Weekly Bulletin 13/05/2106

Lisa Lee Plans Queen's Birthday Party

Lisa Lee, our dance teacher and the director and choreographer of our wonderful production of Calamity Jane, has this week been working on a slightly larger scale show: the celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday! Lisa is Assistant Artistic Director on the show which is being held this week at Windsor Castle Show Arena. Over 900 horses and more than 1,500 participants from around the UK and the World are taking part in this huge event, which is hosted by Ant and Dec with performances by stars such as Shirley Bassey, Gary Barlow, Kylie Minogue, Katherine Jenkins, Alfie Boe, Jess Glynne, Imelda Stauntona and Martin Clunes to name a few. The show is being broadcast live on Sunday 15th May by ITV at 8pm. In these photos you can see Lisa with two of the wonderful Zulu warrior performers, along with a few shots of rehearsals.

Science Challenge Success

On Thursday twelve pupils from Year 6 attended the Lancing Science Challenge. Each pupil worked as part of a mixed team of four: each member of the team representing a different school from the local area. The pupils had to tackle challenging activities in Biology, Physics or Chemistry.

In Biology there were tasks such as identifying birds, making a food web and building a bird's nest and then testing how much weight it could support without collapsing.

In Physics the teams had to make the tallest tower they possibly could out of straws and then get a tennis ball to balance on the top. They also had to measure the swing of a pendulum, find the volume of a drop of water and work out the mass of a ball of Blu Tack, without scales.

In Chemistry they had to carry out an experiment examining endothermic reactions, record their results in a table and draw a line graph.

All the pupils took part with great enthusiasm and worked hard to solve their particular challenges.

Martha was on the winning team for Physics and Oisin was on the winning team for Chemistry.

They were then treated to a very entertaining talk on 'Gases in the Atmosphere', given by Simon Norris. The talk was based around his love of cycling and was a fascinating explanation of the properties of carbon dioxide.

Mrs Lock

Family Fun at Cranleigh Golf Club

Last Saturday a group of 26 parents and students took part in the second annual Duke of Kent School Parent and Student Golf Tournament at Cranleigh Golf Club. The weather was beautiful and everybody had a very enjoyable time.

A competition for closest to the pin and longest drive was held and both were won by our students. Jack put his shot on the 14th to within 10 yards and Kristien's drive was a monster 260 yard one straight down the fairway.

Cranleigh Golf Club's team were great hosts, providing some excellent prizes for the winners. A massive thank you to all those that came along and supported the day. It was great to see families out playing golf on a wonderful afternoon.

Mr Southee

Rotary Charitable Support

The Rotary Society talked to Years 9 & 10 on Friday morning about their work in Tanzania. This was a wonderful opportunity for our most senior pupils to reflect on their roles as global citizens.

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Medal Success for alumna Fiona

Duke of Kent School alumna Fiona Bullen, represented Great Britain in the 2016 Invictus Games. Fiona won one gold and three silvers in the swimming. Well done, Fiona!

Parliament Gets a Visit

On Tuesday the Year 9s ventured up to London on the annual school trip to Parliament. After a squashed, claustrophobic, commuter-ridden journey on the train, all students seemed to relish the chance to visit the 'corridors of power'. Our guides took us around the magnificent 11th century Westminster Hall, where we were shown the very spot Charles I was sentenced to death. We were then allowed into the House of Lords and walked past the Queen's throne; we witnessed part of a debate in the visitors gallery of the House of Commons; and we hung out in the Central Lobby with the TV crews and politicians.

After this we had our lunch in St James' Park over-looking Buckingham Palace; we visited the cenotaph and Downing Street, and had a good look at Westminster Abbey and all the famous statues in Westminster square.

All students behaved impeccably, as ever. They asked and answered questions intelligently, were courteous to our hosts and to strangers alike, and were commended by our tour guides, who wished all their tour parties were like us!

Mr Macdonald

Pre-prep Stars of the Week

Freddie for increased independence and concentration.

Erin for problem solving using 100 square and designing a fun see-saw!

Year 1
Lucy for writing a detailed recount of our day at Sayers Croft.

Monty for expressive reading.

Year 2
Florie for showing kindness and consideration to those around her.

Tapas Time

Year 10 Spanish culture class celebrates the arrival of summer with some tapas.

Music News

This Tuesday Mr. Wilson, our woodwind teacher, held a lovely lunchtime recital for some of his students in the PA Hall. Mike teaches all the woodwind instruments and we were treated to pieces played on flute, clarinet, recorder and saxophone. If any pupils are interested in playing any of the woodwind instruments, please do get in touch with me on nrye@dokschool.org

Next week in our programme of individual music teachers’ recitals, which so far has also included pupils of Miss Macaulay and Miss Snowden, will be the turn of the guitarists and pianists, with a selection of Mr Beale and Miss Beale’s pupils performing at 12.30. Due to the GCSE exams being held in the PA Hall this will be held in the Music Classroom and an email has been sent to parents of those children involved.

I am pleased to announce that the school will be producing a Duke of Kent School album! This is being recorded this term in our new recording studio, and will contain a mix of ensembles and soloists. More information about the release of this will be available soon.

Mr Rye