Weekly Bulletin 13/03/2015

Commonwealth Observance Day

On Monday eight members of the School Councils went with myself and Mr
Southee to the Commonwealth Observance Service at Westminster Abbey.
Following a walk down into Whitehall and St James Park, we headed to
Parliament Square where the flags of all the Commonwealth countries were
on display.

After heavy security checks we took up our places in the Abbey just four
rows back in the nave. The prestigious event was attended by High
Commissioners from the Commonwealth countries. Speeches, dancing, prayers and hymns all served to make this a memorable day. The highlight was the arrival of her Majesty the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The procession passed down the nave close to where we were sitting. The theme of the day was appropriately 'the young Commonwealth' and was enjoyed by all of our pupils who were delighted to be a part of such an important event.

Below is a link to official photos and clips of the day.

Mrs Wilson



Year 9 Visit the Houses of Parliament

On Tuesday Year 9 spent the morning in the Houses of Parliament, where they were given a fantastic tour. They had the chance to wander around the seats of both the Commons and the Lords, a look at the Royal Quarters, and had an opportunity to hang out in the ancient Westminster Hall, built in the 11th century. Our guides took us through the history of the buildings, the paintings, and the sculptures, and we had a chance to MP spot in the central lobby - Lord Geoffrey Howe was to be seen wandering through the hallowed corridors!

Mr Macdonald

Surrey SATRO "Most elegant design"

Two teams set out to Charterhouse to complete for the title of ‘SATRO Problem Solving Champions 2015’. Competition was fierce, with 10 teams competing in each age range, but our teams were undaunted and set out to create a marble lift that also lit a bulb once it reached the top.

Our Year 10 - 11 team were complimented on the ‘most elegant design solution of the evening’ with a magnificent windmill design, and the Year 7-9 team worked exceptionally well, creating a towering lift, despite only being a team for less than a week. Years 7-9 came in a very respectable 5th against some much larger schools, and the Year 10 and 11 team came in 3rd, just narrowly missing out on 2nd place by 2cm! Huge congratulations to all involved.

Mrs Wilkinson

Music news

With the Glive concert less than a week away can I please remind parents to check the emails I have sent out about the dress code for the participants. If you still have any queries please email me on n.rye@dukeofkentschool.org.uk Tickets are still available for this event via the front office.

House Music

Monday 9th was the House Music finals day and a day of music for the whole school!

The day started with a music assembly organised by Mr. Harris and Mr. Green which featured performances from both staff and pupils, including Mr. Win-Pe's haunting rendition of Wish You Were Here, Mr. Macdonald's sprightly French Horn playing, the year 10 GCSE music students self-composed song 'Those Three Words', and a guest appearance from Mr. Seeley's Australian alter-ego with his didgeridoo!

The morning saw voice workshops for both Senior and Junior Chamber Choirs from gospel specialist Mark Delisser, who was here to judge the House Music competition. Mark is a renowned gospel leader and vocal coach, who works on The Voice as a vocal coach for the contestants, runs an award winning gospel choir and has had 4 volumes of his choir arrangements published. The choirs enjoyed the workshops immensely and learnt a huge amount in a short space of time

After lunch the House Music finals concert for the soloists and ensembles was held in the Performing Arts hall, watched by the whole school, with some wonderful performances from both Junior and Senior pupils. The Beginners category was won by Oscar Boatswain with his inventive self-composed piano piece, the Intermediate Category was won by Ava Honey, with a beautifully emotional rendition of 'On My Own' from Les Miserables, and the Advanced category was won by Antonia Goddard with a technically flawless performance of 'The Laughing Song 'from The Merry Widow.

Mark also chose an overall winner from the Senior and Junior schools and these were Antonia Goddard and Blue Rowland. Congratulations to those two and all the other winners. 

The Junior Ensemble category was tied for first place between the duets of Jago Clark and Raef Botting, and Bella Rowe-Britton and Zara Holland. The Senior Ensemble category was won by the rock trio of George Vinall on drums, Andy McNaughton on vocals and Dexter Browning on piano with their stirring version of 'Will You Love Me Again' by John Newman.

Finishing the day off was the House Song competition – this year with a live band featuring Mr. Rye on drums, Mr. Macdonald on piano and another guest for the day, Peter Honore on guitar. Pete is a leading session guitarist who has worked with Nicole Scherzinger, Olly Murs, Tom Jones, Will Young and is regularly one of the guitarists for the 'Judges Houses' section of X-Factor. Each house performed its version of 'Oh Happy Day' from Sister Act 2, adding different elements each time. We had raps, vocoders, costumes, medleys, pupils in the band and even a fully working miniature mini in the hall! The winner of the house song in the end was Whittle and the overall winner of the whole day was Armstrong.

Congratulations to all those who took part and all the winners. It was a great day and thank you to all the pupils and staff for embracing it so much.

Mr Rye


Boys Rugby

The U13s rugby team ended a good season with a defeat at the hands of a skilled Lanesborough side, at Bradstone Brook on Wednesday. Our boys battled manfully and showed moments of skill and style, but were ultimately undone by the pace of the Lanesborough boys, and we lost 38-7. This has been a successful and enjoyable season nonetheless, and the boys should be commended on their spirit and their efforts

Mr Macdonald

Prep School News

Brimming with Knowledge

In Maths this week, Year 3 have been investigating capacity and volume. The children discussed the differences between the two terms, and then used their newfound knowledge to turn plastic bottles into measuring cylinders! Barely a drop spilt, too!

Crufts Success for Mr Rodgers

Congratulations to Mr Rodgers and his wife Mandy as members of winning team at Crufts in Small Team Agility Final!

Mrs Ives


PADOK Reception

Join us before the Junior and Senior Production for refreshments and nibbles.

We look forward to seeing you in old hall from 6pm.

Everybody Welcome!

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