Weekly Bulletin 09/06/2017

Connor and Andy's Bike Ride for Charity

Connor de V was critically ill in July 2016 when an MRI contrast dye attacked his respiratory system putting his lungs and kidneys in a critical condition. His only hope was to be ventilated and transferred to Southampton Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. He thankfully recovered due to the care and specialist attention he received.

Over 900 children are treated each year in this 14-bed specialist unit but Connor could not believe how much the specialist unit relied on charitable donations to function properly and hatched a plan to give something back to the unit.

“I’m going to raise money by riding my bike from school to Lands Ends” [Connor]. Ambitious to say the least as Connor had very little road cycling experience and had certainly never taken on a challenge like this. He would need some help and so asked a school friend who had the experience and expertise required. Without a moment of hesitation Andy McN agreed to ride with Connor but it got better when David [Andy’s dad] said he would also ride with the pair. The trio would ride the 300 miles starting on 29th May [half term week].

After much logistical preparation, route planning, accommodation bookings, ride support and worryingly little ride training, the small peloton set off.

Monday DoK to Christchurch [Dorset]

Tuesday Christchurch to Honiton [Devon]

Wednesday Rest day

Thursday Honiton to Camelford [Cornwall]

Friday Camelford to Lands End

The route devised by Andy took the team through some stunning countryside. Keeping away from main roads for much of the route required some serious hill climbing, over 1000m every day. In particular crossing Dartmoor, the team climbed over 1600m, truly heroic effort. With perfect weather conditions progress was better than expected, the 3 making the most of dry road descents. The 3 riders epitomised teamwork providing constant encouragement to each other and building a rapport that kept spirits high when legs and bums were feeling sore.

Crossing the finish line at Lands End gave Connor, Andy and David a true sense of achievement. Each doubted their ability to complete the challenge, none had covered more than 60 miles in a single day and yet they achieved 300 in 4 days. This just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it, keep focused and remain determined. “We’ll never forget this week” they said.

The event has so far raised £2,280 towards 2 new beds for the unit and a new specialist ambulance, all of which are desperately needed. It’s not too late to donate if you search jaine devoil on Just Giving.

Friends of PICU is a registered charity that was set up in 2006 by parents of children who have been cared for in PICU. No patient will pass through PICU without being helped in some way by equipment donated, or benefitting from the additional nursing training and education that the charity pays for. All emergency patients that are retrieved by ambulance travel in a dedicated ambulance donated by FoPICU and every parent can use the on-site accommodation near to their child because FoPICU supports and maintains it.

The de Voil family would like to use this opportunity to thank the McNaughton family for their generous support given to this event.

Mr de Voil

Trip to Jane Austen's House

On Monday, eight Year 7-9 students visited Chawton, the home of Jane Austen for the last eight years of her life. The students were treated to a talk by Jane Austen expert, Annalie Talent, about her life and times, and then a tour of her house. The students saw a plethora of artefacts associated with Austen's life, including her writing table and several pieces of jewellery. There was added emphasis this year as it is the 200th year since Austen's death and there were 41 items on display representing poignant moments in her career. The students were asked to choose one of these items to inform their creative writing later in the afternoon.

After lunch, students walked through the village to Chawton house Library, which was owned by Austen's brother. We had a look around and then settled in the 'Oak Room' where the students worked on their creative writing.

It was an incredibly enjoyable day where the students broadened their knowledge about Austen and created some wonderful writing...watch this space for a preview of some of their pieces soon!

Mr Southee

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Trip

On Tuesday years 7 and 8 visited the Mary Rose exhibition and Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory. The Mary Rose exhibition turned out to be unexpected and thrilling. To start off our journey here, we began with a short film on how it was raised, after that we set off to have a look at artefacts from the ship. Just as we turned the corner behind glass stood the remaining structure of the compelling Mary Rose. It is amazing to see that quite a lot was actually salvaged from the depths of the sea, including the skeleton of a rat catching dog!

As stated by Mr Seeley it is “a real window into the past”. As we went up through the different decks, via a panoramic lift, you could see objects that had been discovered from each deck. You could see the cannons, weapons, tools, shoes and a wide variety of other everyday objects from a sailor’s daily life.

Before our tour of HMS Victory, Mr Seeley gave us an eager talk about its background and involvement battle of the Trafalgar. Once we were all on board we ascended a precipitous flight of stairs and reached the peak of our climb (and in the words of the carpenters) we felt like we were ‘on top of the world, looking down on creation.’ However in reality we were on top of Nelson’s majestic ship looking down on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. After exploring this deck we went up to the poop deck and then down to were Nelson famously died. We visited Captain Hardy’s dining chamber and Lord Nelson’s private quarters, which seemed very spacious compared to the conditions of the ordinary sailors. Nelson actually had a bed, unlike all the other sailors who had a hammock.

An informative talk from Mr Seeley and the guides took us through the lives of everyday sailors and gunners. Our last stop was the barber surgeon’s table which housed some blood soaked bandages, a severed hand in a bucket, a range of blood splattered tools and an amputated foot. This highlighted the harsh conditions of the brave soldiers who lived aboard this famous ship.

This day was enjoyed thoroughly by all and hopefully shall be repeated for many years to come.

Ben H-F, Year 7

'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' Ballet Trip

On Wednesday some of Year 7 and the Schools ballet club, trekked to the Richmond Theatre to see The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, ballet.

To start off the evening, we had a picnic in the park, which was right on the doorstep of the theatre. From the outside it looked small and cramped, however when we went indoors we were met with a lavishly decorated interior and once we had taken our seats the ballet began…

The show kicked off with a riveting piece of music, which the ballerinas kept in time with. It was a very dark piece. Suddenly, when Bruno came on, it appeared as if he was the one who supplied all the characters with happiness. Yet there was Hitler, who was portrayed by this demon, swathed in ripped cloth and his face was covered in a gas mask. When Hitler ‘killed’ somebody, he would subtly wrap his arms around their lower torso. Slowly but surely the character getting killed would bend over backwards and fall. This really showed the flexibility of the dancers on stage.

The one scene that stood out for me was the dining room scene, when Pavel, a prisoner from Auschwitz recruited to be a waiter, gets beaten up for spilling wine on Lieutenant Kötler’s lap. This really shows the prejudice that was shown towards the Jews at this time.

The ballet really managed to capture the true meaning of the story, and the whole performance was compelling, sad and beautiful all in one go.

Ben H-F, Year 7

Riverside Reading

Having studied poetry for the first part of this term, Year 6 extended their literary repertoire this week, stepping into the legendary realm of King Arthur. The majestic, ancient woodlands of Ewhurst provided a picturesque backdrop for our first reading of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "Lady of Shalott". From the water's edge, the pupils were able to imagine some of the Lady's isolation beyond Camelot and visualise her vantage point, locked in her riverside tower, as her hero, Lancelot, approached. The children's interpretations of the text were wonderful to hear, and we now look forward to delving deeper into the mysteries of the curse that kept her prisoner.

Mr Wright

A few match reports from this week

Rounders: U13 C v. Cottesmore

On Wednesday the U13 C Rounders team faced Cottesmore at home. The girls won the toss and decided to field first. Cottesmore had some strong batsmen and were able to hit the ball into gaps around the field and score, however our fielding was tight and the girls were able to restrict their scoring to only half rounders. When we came into bat Laura S and Daisy M hit full rounders and the rest of the team scored halves towards the score. End of the innings score was 6 – 8 ½ to Duke of Kent School.

In the second innings, Cottesmore managed to hit some big hits and score 6 full rounders, 4 of which were from the same player who ended up receiving ‘Girl of the Game’. Due to the Duke of Kent School girls displaying some spectacular fielding and accurate bowling from Milly B, they were able to bring Cottesmore’s high scoring to a screeching halt half way through their batting and this led to Cottesmore rounding up a total of 15 rounders. Duke of Kent School now knew their target to beat and worked really hard as a team to aim for big hits followed by safe running, so they were not run out or stumped out. After a tense last few minutes, the final score was 15-15 so a great draw as both teams played really well. Well done girls!

Miss Vernon

Whole School Reminders:

Tuesday 13th June:

Lunchtime guitar recital - 12:30 - 13:30pm

Thursday 15th June:

Evening recital for Miss Barnes' singing pupils - 18:00 - 18:00pm

Senior School Reminders:

Friday 16th June:

Senior Sports' Dinner - 18:30pm

Senior and Prep School Reminders:

Friday 16th June:

Senior and Prep School Sports Day - 13:00pm

Pre-Prep Reminders:

Thursday 15th June:

Fathers' Day Forest School party - 14:00pm

Senior School Council

The Senior School Council have purchased water bottles for every member of the school so as to reduce the wastage associated with current paper cups. Toby H, a member of the school council, said “I have read a huge amount about the health benefits of drinking water and feel we should all be trying to drink more water each day”. Sam R added, “Currently we use paper cups which are not environmentally friendly. Hopefully the introduction of these water bottles will mean we are helping to reduce paper wastage and therefore limiting the damage we are causing the environment”. The water bottles will be given out over the coming days.

Mr Wilson

Prep School Elections

As the nation went to the polls on Thursday, so too did the pupils from Years 1 to 6.

Year 6 created four parties to run for election, as well as a polling station team to manage the election itself. On Wednesday morning they delivered a presentation to Years 1 to 5 that explained the General Election, how it works and why it is important. This was followed by each party then putting forward their manifesto - three main policies aimed at improving the school, helping their peers and winning over voters. Thursday morning saw a final statement from each party addressing the electorate before the polls opened in our Polling Station (the Junior Library) at 8:45am.

The polling station team then took over; checking polling cards against the electoral register, administering ballot papers and ensuring the safe deposit of ballot papers into ballot boxes. The Polling Station was closed and voting was halted temporarily between 9:00am and 12:30pm for the important business of lessons and lunch, before resuming at 13:00pm. Once all votes had been cast the Chief Counting Officer and her team worked quickly but carefully to count all the votes.

As expected, there was little to separate the parties, but it was DOKIP lead by Freddie N who managed to amass the most votes and win the election. I am sure all the parties would like to thank everyone for turning out to vote, which they did in impressive numbers, so very well done to all who voted. A huge well done is also due to Year 6. The parties all worked hard to create a brand, a manifesto and deliver rousing speeches, and the polling station team ran the election superbly - a well oiled machine!

Mr Coote

Pre-Prep Stars of the Week


Alex G for displaying kindness and support towards younger peers and continued hard work.


Phoenix H for making great progress in his reading and for continuing to make such a determined effort with his phonics.

Year 1:

Sam W for working with increased independence, confidence and concentration in both numeracy and Literacy.

Year 2:

Isla W for consistently showing a positive and motivated attitude within lessons.

Miss Coady

Music Department News

On Monday 5th June, in the Music classroom, Mr Hall's drum pupils showcased a 'live' drum lesson to their parents. This was a great opportunity for the children to showcase what they do in a typical drum lesson, demonstrating pieces, exercises and drum rudiments they learn, all explained by Mr Hall. The children gained some live playing experience and the parents enjoyed an insight into a part of the school day that might sometimes seem a tad mysterious!

We are delighted to announce that next term the Senior School Production will be the brilliant Queen jukebox musical 'We Will Rock You'. This entertaining, funny and inventive musical will feature a cast of 50 pupils from Years 7 -11, a live band and all the wonderful hits of Queen. Watch this space for more information!

Mr Rye

E-Safety Tips

Bullying in online gaming environments

Ditch the Label has published research looking at children and young people’s experiences of being subjected to, witnessing and perpetrating bullying in online gaming environments. Findings from a survey of 2,515 UK young people aged 12-25 conducted within the Habbo game, a virtual hotel where people go to chat, play games and make friends, include: 57% reported that they have been bullied in an online game; 47% have received threats; and 40% have had unwanted sexual content in an online game. 20% of the children and young people surveyed said they had bullied someone online.

The research can be found here:


Mr Southee