Weekly Bulletin 17/03/2017

GLive! Combined Schools Concert

At midday on Thursday 16th March ninety-five children and eight teachers headed off to GLive in Guildford for the annual Rotary Combined Schools Concert. As always the children behaved wonderfully during the afternoon, rehearsing patiently and sensibly and then thoroughly enjoying the meal in Zizzi’s, who had reserved us a table for 105!

The performances by our pupils were fabulous, with each group or soloist most definitely rising to the occasion and receiving rapturous applause from not just our loyal parents but the whole audience. I don’t need to make special mention of anyone; I want to make special mention of everyone! We are extremely proud of all the children that took part so thank you and well done to The Rock Choir, The Jazz Band, The Junior Chamber Choir, The Senior Chamber Choir, The Ukes of Kent, The Year 9 Harmony Group, Dexter B and Nick E, Oscar B, Constance C and of course all the staff team that help and support so much on the day.

The photos on show here were taken by us during the day and the dress rehearsal; there will be photos taken by the professional photographer of the evening event available early next term.

Mr Rye

Surrey SATRO Finalists

With our Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students coming first and second respectively, at George Abbot last month, we had two teams go forward to represent The Duke of Kent School in the final of Surrey SATRO. The task was to build an Uphill Precision Transporter (dragster) using a range of equipment and materials provided. This included electric motor with gearbox, electrical wiring, Corflute, foil and other items. As part of this students had the added complication of needing to produce a switching mechanism. Though we didn’t win our students performed exceptionally well, working together with close teamwork and enthusiasm. Well done to James C, Ben C, Max T, Archie L, Tom W and Daisy M from KS3. Also to Josie M, Harry H, Felix S, Sacha W, Jago G and Will J for performing so well.

Mr Usher

Year 3 Trip to Kew Gardens

On Monday we went to Kew Gardens. It was amazing. First we walked to a place called the treetop walkway. It was very scary as we were so high. I hoped it wouldn’t break! When we were up there we saw some beautiful parakeets. When we got down the teacher led us to a building that looked like a giant greenhouse. It was called the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

First we saw some cacti and they were very tall and prickly. We also saw carnivorous plants like a Venus Fly Trap and Pitcher plants. We looked at some tanks and in them were piranhas, poison dart frogs and a turtle. I thought the turtle was very cute.

After lunch we went into a classroom and we sat down on some cushions shaped as leaves and talked all about the rainforest and deforestation. Then Emma (our guide for the day) showed us a seed called Cocoa de Mer. She said it was rare and the largest seed in the world. We looked at lots of different rainforest objects and decided what we thought they were used for. Then we went with Emma and matched up different types of food with the rainforest product that is used in them.

Then we went to a big glass building called the Palm House. Inside it was very hot and humid, like a real rainforest. Mrs Wilson and Jonny’s glasses steamed up and they had to rub the steam off. First we looked at a Banana plant, (It’s not a tree.) We went under the leaves and Emma told us that they were used for shelter. She sprayed some water over the leaf while we hid underneath but we didn’t get wet. We saw lots of other different rainforest plants like a Cocoa Tree, a Vanilla Vine, Ginger, a Pepper bush and finally a Papaya tree. She told us how monkeys love eating papaya and help scatter the seeds around the rainforest.

I had an incredible day at Kew Gardens and learnt lots about rainforests.

James B, Year 3

Year 2 Trip to Cranleigh

This term Year 2 have been studying the topic 'Home and Away'. As part of this we have been learning about where we live and most recently the local area of Cranleigh. On Monday, Mr Miller from the Cranleigh History Society visited us at school to tell us about some of the significant landmarks and events in Cranleigh's history, including how it got its name. On Tuesday the class took a trip to Cranleigh. We received tours at both the Leisure Centre and Library, where the children learned about the services on offer and we considered how this benefits our community. In addition to writing letters to our counterparts at Salima LEA earlier in the term, we also took footage during our trip to create a video to send to them, detailing our local area and what we had found out. We look forward to hearing back from our friends in Malawi so that we can learn about their surrounding villages and towns.

Miss Coady

Explorer and Author, Matt Dickinson Visits

Yesterday (Thursday 16th), Duke of Kent School were treated to a visit by explorer and author Matt Dickinson. Having climbed Everest and been on several expeditions to Base Camp and Camp 1 and 2 on the mountain, he shared his experiences with the whole school in an assembly.

Throughout the day he held several workshops including:

A brilliant non-fiction writing session for Year 11 where they turned journalist and had to write an article on whether Everest should be closed. They held a press conference with Matt as the Everest expert being interviewed.

The afternoon included a creative writing session where Year 7 and 8 were taken up Everest and had to describe the various perils thrown at them by Matt.

The Prep school received an informative talk from Matt about sustainable energy and how to get energy to the remote villages in the Himalayas.

Mr Southee

Quantum Theatre

Continuing with our theme of waste, on Thursday afternoon the Prep School were visited by Bin Raider from Quantum Theatre who was on an intergalactic mission to make Earth a greener and cleaner planet. The children learnt which items of rubbish can be reduced, reused or recycled and ways of saving water and energy. Kai G, Samir Z and Fleur S gave a wonderful demonstration of how the Greenhouse Effect works as we discussed the causes and effects of climate change.

Mrs Nicholson 

Jazz Night with Frank Walden

On Friday 10th March the PA Hall was transformed into a Jazz Club for the night and we welcomed the Frank Walden Quartet, with guest vocalist Sumudu. Mr Rye assumed, very happily, the role of Jazz Club owner for the evening and a cool jazz vibe pervaded the PA Hall!

Frank’s set list was a selection of standards, both instrumental and with vocals and the patrons of the club were treated to an evening of musicianship and improvisation of the highest order.

Both band and audience had a lovely time and will be back by popular demand sometime next year. Thank you to all who came and especially those staff who helped set up and clear down at the end of the night.

Mr Rye

A few match reports from this week's matches

Netball: U13B v. Box Hill

On Wednesday our U13B Netball team played Box Hill School. The girls started well with three early goals won through fast and accurate passing through the court to Minnie C and Sophie D.  Minnie C did a great job holding her own up against a strong and agile GD from Box Hill.   In the second quarter the team played well and continued to build on their lead only allowing Box Hill to score one goal.  By half time Duke of Kent School had scored 2 more goals, the girls displayed some great defending with Holly C and Hannah D intercepting balls and putting pressure on Box Hill's attack. In the final quarter the match really heated up and Box Hill managed to score two goals but our shooters were able to get their eye in and score multiple goals.  Daisy M was able to score a few consecutively, leaving the final score as 10 - 3 to Duke of Kent School.  Well done, all!

Miss Vernon and Milly B, Year 7

Netball: U14/15 v. Box Hill

A mixed U14/15 team played against Box Hill School on Wednesday afternoon. Throughout the game, the score line was always very close and stood at 15-13 to Box Hill by close of play. After Box Hill dominating play in the first quarter, a quick swap was needed and Tyler W worked well in GD alongside Constance C in WD. Play moved accurately up the court to Chloe E-L and Anna D where goals were scored from both of them against some very tall defence. Well done, girls!

Miss Jones

Hockey: Year 3 and 4 Mixed

This week saw the year 3 and 4 mixed house hockey competition take place. All children displayed brilliant hockey skills and showed great determination.

Combined Overall standings:

1st Armstrong and Hillary

3rd Chichester and Whittle

Rugby: U10 v. Copthorne

On Wednesday the U10's travelled away to play against a very strong Copthorne side. Calum McK organised the troops and put in a lot of hard hitting tackles. Harley B rucked well to ensure we kept possession of the ball with Tom H finishing off a good passing move to score our only try of the match.

Basketball: House Matches Year 10 & 11

The Basketball finals were hotly contested and resulted in a narrow victory for Armstrong. Highlights of the competition included a nonchalant Adam N 'up and under' and some refreshingly original plays from the likes of Henry S, Matt R, Rory W and Will R-B.

1. Armstrong

2. Whittle

3. Hillary

4. Chichester

Mr Green

Rugby: U11 v. Copthorne

The U11 Rugby team faced a really stern test of their mettle in their final match of the season against a burly Copthorne side eager to put us to the sword. In this incredible contest no quarter was given by either side and all the our boys stood up to be counted. This was not one for the purists, but rather a war of attrition as each side attempted to hammer through enemy lines. The whole team put in a gutsy and vigorous performance, but it is in games like these that leaders are made. Our captain, Marcus D, put in a man-of-the-match display in which he demonstrated resilience, guile and an unwavering determination not to be outdone. His four tries made the difference for us and meant we walked away from a tough encounter with a very creditable 20-20 draw, a score with which the whole group should be proud. Well done, boys.

Mr Seeley

Our Girls' Ull Netball team after playing Dorset House School

Whole School Reminder:

Friday 24th March:

End of Term

Departure Times:

Pre-Prep and Prep - 12:00pm

Seniors - 12:30pm

After School Minibus - 12:45pm

Prep Reminder:

Tuesday 21st March:

Years 5 and 6 Production 19:00pm

Pre-Prep Reminder:

Tuesday 21st March:

Mothers' Day Parties 14:30pm

Friday 24th March:

Egg Rolling Competition 11:30am

Active Kids Tokens

We are now collecting Active Kids vouchers for Pre-prep so please hand them in either to Pre-prep or in the Front Office.

Many Thanks.

Miss Munro

6W's Assembly

A warm blanket of happiness descended upon the Performing Arts Hall for Assembly this week. As the UN International Day of Happiness approaches next Monday, 6W delved deep into the idea of what makes us happy, with plenty of help from Oscar the ostrich and his cheerful savannah friends - not to mention guest star, the highly contagious Pig of Happiness! Despite Ben D and Izzy B's most persuasive sales techniques, the audience realised that gathering material things isn't the key to being happier. Instead, we were all encouraged to think more about how our behaviour and mindset can help us find contentment with what we have already got, instead of worrying about what we're not. Well done. 6W want to wish you all a very happy weekend!

Mr Wright

Year 4 Maths

This week Year 4 have been learning how to find the perimeter of shapes. On Wednesday they took advantage of the spring weather and set about trying to work out the perimeter of the tennis courts. Extra care was taken to ensure trundle wheels were kept in a non-wiggly line, that we kept count of measurements in metres and labelled our diagrams accurately. Calculations were then carried out methodically to reach the objective. Thankfully we all ended up with just about the same answer, good work everyone!

Mr Coote

Junior Council Meeting

On Thursday 16th March, the School Council gave a presentation on Food Waste to the Prep School pupils who hadn't gone to GLive! They used a PowerPoint to explain how much food is wasted every year and this led to a discussion on how we could make a contribution to reducing Food Waste. Every pupil made a pledge about what they felt they could do at lunchtime to reduce food waste. I am delighted to say that we had far more clean plates than we usually have and everyone challenged themselves to really think about how much food we waste at lunchtime. The School Council are hoping to focus on Recycling and Waste reduction in the Summer Term.

Mrs Lock

Duke of Kent School Wildlife

Last term seven Year 7 and 8 students took part in a camera trapping club run by Mr Southee and Alex B in Year 10. They met each Thursday and set up camera traps (a camera that records when an animal walks past) around the school site. The students used their best tracking skills to decide where to put the cameras and after a week or two with no results they eventually found some excellent areas and caught footage of the Duke of Kent 'Big 5' - Squirrel, Rabbit, Fox, Deer and Badger.

On Friday morning, Mr Southee came to talk to Pre-prep pupils about the wildlife that the camera-trapping group had discovered around our school grounds. Ahead of their weekly trip up to Forest School, Mr Southee showed footage of the Duke of Kent ‘Big 5’, inspiring the pupils to keep their eyes and ears peeled for a glimpse of any of our exciting local wildlife.

Mr Southee and Miss Coady

PI Day

Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π (pi). Pi Day is observed on March 14 (3/14 in the month/day date format) since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. Martha M (Year 7) decided to celebrate the day by appropriately baking an apple pie- topped with a pastry symbol of the greek letter!

Miss Coxhead

Pre-Prep Stars of the Week


Freddie W for working really hard with literacy and language and for displaying kindness and empathy towards his peers.


Harry L for working very hard on his writing and cutting skills, and taking his time to produce lovely work.

Year 1:

Arthur W for speed, accuracy and excellent concentration in numeracy.

Year 2:

Annabelle B for showing great interest and excellent listening skills towards our visitors this week.

Miss Coady

E-Safety Tips

Screen Time

I know that many parents have mentioned the limitation of screen time for their children. There is an excellent article with some tips on the Safer Internet Centre website:


For those with younger students there is an excellent function on iPads and iPhones where you can set a timer on how long children use the device.

Go to 'Clock' then 'Timer'. Set how long you would like the device to be used for then select 'When Timer Ends' and choose 'Stop Playing'.

This will lock the iPad at the end of the timer and the device will require the passcode to get back into the device. Obviously if the child knows the passcode then this may not solve your issue!

Mr Southee

PADoK News

There are still tickets available, get them now before they sell out!