Weekly Bulletin 10/03/2017

House Music Finals

Thursday was House Music Finals day, with the whole afternoon being given over to a concert for the solo and ensemble finalists, the House Song competition and a performance from our guest judges ‘Sound of the Sirens’. Sound of the Sirens are a foot-stomping female acoustic folk/pop duo who are about to embark on a tour, have an album being released in May and will be performing at Carfest, Glastonbury and Bestival this year. The whole event was a wonderful opportunity for both the Senior and Prep schools to hear some of the school musicians play live, the Houses to sing together with wonderful props, costumes and make up , and a chance for some of the pupils to sit-in with the professional house band.

The standard of all the finalists was again very high this year, with a lovely mix of instruments and singing, and a wide range of genres on display. A huge well done to all those who took part, from the 100+ entries in the first round to the eventual winners.

The set from Sound of the Sirens to the whole school was excellent, with a guest appearance from Guy R on the drums on their second song and the Senior Chamber Choir in their last song.

The winners for each category were:

Beginners solo – Alex S – Hillary

Intermediate Solo – Oscar B – Hillary

Advanced Solo – tied between Dan H and Lexi B (Armstrong and Chichester)

Beginners Ensemble – The Holland Sisters – Armstrong

Advanced Ensemble – Noah T and Bastien H - Whittle

Junior Composition – Kora W – Chichester

Senior Composition – Sophie D – Armstrong

House Song Winners – Chichester

Overall Winners - Armstrong

Pre-Prep Maths Day

Thursday 9th February was ‘Maths Day’ in Pre-Prep! The day kicked off with a talk and PowerPoint about the importance of maths in our everyday lives. We then split off into Early Years and Year 1 and 2.  Early Years had a Maths and dinosaurs themed day. This involved looking at reference books and discovering how dinosaurs varied in size. We set off on a mission to discover how big a dinosaur may have been in real life. Using a meter rule to measure, each child lay on the tennis court head to toe. We counted 20 metres, which is the length of the longest dinosaur remains found. We then drew the dinosaur with chalks and coloured it in. This created an almost perfect replica of the lesser known Rainbow Dinosaur. It gave the children a good visual image of how big dinosaurs could be. We also had a dinosaur footprint hunt outside. The children each had to find a numbered footprint and place it in the correct order. Finally, they had the chance to dig for dinosaur bones, sort them and then order them according to size.

Years 1 and 2 began with a session learning a new place value dice game, aptly called ‘The Nasty Game!’ The activity involved using your knowledge of place value to outwit your opponent! This was followed by a carousel of 3 practical activities; an investigation about whether people with longer legs can jump further, a capacity investigation where the children had to guess the size of puddle a receptacle would produce and a symmetry art activity. Year 1 and 2s’s day concluded with a ‘Maths Trail’ around the school campus answering questions such as ‘how many stairs do we go down to get from Pre-Prep to the dining hall?’ and ‘What time does the clock on the clock tower show?

The children found the day great fun and learnt a great deal. We hope that it fired their enthusiasm for maths and shown them how relevant maths is to their everyday lives.

Mrs Ragless and Mrs Crabtree

Year 10 PE Trip to Wimbledon

On Tuesday the Year 10 GCSE PE pupils together with Stretch and Challenge pupils visited the All England Club at Wimbledon. The day began with a presentation on the importance of food and nutrition for the top tennis players to enable them to play for 11 months of the year. In the presentation the pupils watched some archive footage of Suzanne Lenglen. After the presentation we toured the ground, saw the new roof on Court 1 being constructed, ventured into the Centre Court, the press area and the BBC Commentary Box and finished with a visit to the Museum and Shop.

Mrs Wilson

Year 9 Enterprise Day

On Friday the 3rd March Year 9 attended an Enterprise day at Notre Dame School in Cobham. The students looked very smart in their business clothes and Tom GB’s efforts to manoeuvre himself into a suit despite a broken arm were rewarded with a prize for the best dressed boy (he even managed to coordinate his sling with his waistcoat!). Our students were working in groups with the girls from Notre Dame and the presenters from Bright Futures Enterprise Experience lead them in a variety of business themed challenges. One activity required them to talk to their group non-stop for a minute on a randomly selected topic, when the presenters asked for volunteers to have a go in front everyone, none of us were surprised to see that Max T and Sam R were quickly on their feet and showing everyone just how good they are at that particular skill! Another task involved designing and making a roller coaster ride, there were some very imaginative ideas and some great team work went into producing a variety of successful rides. After lunch the day ended with a fast paced business game aimed at developing their enterprising and entrepreneurial skills.

Mrs Coackley

Nursery Visit to Bocketts Farm

This Tuesday all of the Nursery trip went on a trip to Bocketts Farm in Leatherhead. We all had a wonderful time. The children fed farm animals and learnt about animals and their young. They watched a goat being milked and stroked rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. After a fabulous picnic lunch we all watched the pig racing and then had the afternoon to explore the rest of the farm. We bounced on the huge bouncy pillow, played on all the equipment outside and virtually had the slide and soft play area to ourselves! The children behaved impeccably and had a wonderful and happy day.

Mrs Ragless

An Operatic Opportunity

At 12.10pm on Monday lunch seemed to be running as smoothly as usual, with children and staff alike enjoying the lovely food on offer and catching up with each other’s weekends. The only thing that seemed perhaps a little unusual was the addition of a new dinner lady and a serious looking chef observing the proceedings. At 12.15pm however, everything changed! The serious looking chef rang the bell and demanded silence, music began playing from somewhere and before the Prep School knew what was happening this ‘chef’ was singing ‘O Sole Mio’ to the children and teachers! It turned out he was in disguise and was actually an opera singer giving a surprise performance. Once he had finished and received a wonderful reception, the new dinner lady told him off and decided it was her turn! She sang ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ , spinning around the dining room, and ending up with a rather surprised Rian P in Year 4 being waltzed of his feet. Just when the school thought it was all over a ‘teacher’ got up and joined in as well! All three of the singers then joined together to give a final rendition of ‘Nessun Dorma’ to a stunned and excited Prep School. With the children then sworn to secrecy as they left, the Senior School came in for their lunch and it all happened again, with a very game Henry S in Year 10 dancing with the ‘dinner lady’ this time! It was a wonderful opportunity for all the children to hear opera up close, and in a surprising location, and make them aware of the power and the beauty of these great arias, and music in general!

Mr Rye

A few match reports from this week's matches

Netball: U12 IAPS Regional Tournament

Last Friday, on a rainy and downcast day the Under 12 team took part in the IAPS National Netball Tournament. The south region was held at Hurstpierpoint College. The girls found the standard very high but played extremely well against some of the best teams in the country managing wins against The Hawthorns and St Andrews at Eastbourne. Bella R-B, the captain produced some of her best shooting of the season and she was really well supported by both Daisy M and Martha Mc. Poppy S controlled the game in the centre with some fantastic interceptions and accurate passing. Laura S and Issy F played very well, defending with great determination and passing the ball through the centre section with consistent accuracy, Alice S playing in her first tournament showed her versatility with her range of attacking and defending skills. Defending in the circle Lottie W, Holly C and Izzy B  were terrier like in their marking, blocking spaces and never put off by taller opposition They worked together really well to start attacking moves down the court.

Thanks to Miss Jones and all parents for their support on the day and well done to all the girls who were fun to be with, good spirited, determined and enthusiastic.

Mrs Wilson

Rugby: U12 v. Box Hill School

The U12 rugby team played Box Hill on Wednesday. The team showed great determination and commitment from the start. Duke of Kent School rucked well and supported each other superbly; it is a pleasure to see how much this group have improved since the beginning of term. Duke of Kent School won the game by 9 tries to 1. Well done to all who played.

Mr Herbert

Year 4 House Rugby

The Year 4 boys combined houses so one side were a mixture of Armstrong and Whittle (Wharmstrong) and the other a mixture of Chichester and Hillary (Chillary). All boys played and showed some great skills throughout the match. The tackling, particularly from Rufus B, Rian P and Toby T was fantastic and the boys ran with good agility and speed. The final score was 6-5 to Wharmstrong. Well done to all the boys.

Mr Herbert

Netball: U13 Versatility Tournament

On Wednesday the U13 Girls Netball team travelled to Copthorne School for their first Versatility match.  They were up against six other teams including, Copthorne, Cottesmore, Lancing College, Cumnor House, Brambletye and Great Walstead.  The girls played enthusiastically in every game and managed to switch mind set for every new position they were given.  The girls demonstrated great levels of adaptability on the Netball court which was key in this type of tournament.  The team won three of their matches and held their own in the remaining three matches, only narrowly losing.  There was great team spirit and I was impressed at the encouragement the girls showed for one another.  A special mention goes to Fleur B for scoring two goals from the edge of the circle, a huge achievement for a player that is normally playing Center.  Well done girls!

Miss Vernon

Whole School Reminder:

Thursday 16th March:

GLive! Combined Schools Concert 19:00 - 21:45pm (Tickets are still available from bookings@dokschool.org)

Senior School Reminder:

Monday13th March:

Year 10 Parents' Evening 14:45 - 19:00pm

Friday 17th March:

Seniors' Careers Assembly 8:20am

Pre-Prep Reminder:

Monday 13th March:

Parents' Meetings 15:30 - 17:00pm

Active Kids Tokens

We are now collecting Active Kids vouchers for Pre-prep so please hand them in either to Pre-prep or in the Front Office.

Many Thanks.

Miss Munro

4G Talks to the Prep School

Prep school were entertained by 2 talks by 4G. First talk by Conrad C and George D was about Match Attax, a football based card game that is very popular in Year 4. The second was on puppies and presented by Alex K, Will R and Ozzie H. Both talks were clearly presented and had lots of interesting facts.

Mr Gritton

DT News

Thanks to a very generous donation from PADOK we bought a 3D printer. Initially year five students used this to produce Minecraft game pieces for their board games. These games should be finished soon. Having installed some new software students are now also able to produce more imaginative designs that they have produced from scratch using Google Sketch-Up. Felix G, in our Tuesday evening CAD/CAM club, is the first student to use the 3D printer in this way. Year 10 students are now designing und using this equipment to further develop imaginative balancing toys.

Before this students in the CAD CAM club had produced Christmas decorations and press formed bowls, designed on computer and cut out using the laser cutter.

In other areas of DT, students are completing projects that have a professional feel about them. Of note Year 7 students have just completed their Night Light designs. One of the most fun designs was produced by Milly B.

Having researched and attempted a wide range of woodworking joints and finishing techniques, Year 10 students have produced a range of boxes that incorporate their knowledge and skills. Some students extended their designs incorporating the use of the laser cutter and the use of veneer. Well done to all students including Josie M, Henry S, Archie H, Sacha W and Alex B whose boxes are shown in these pictures.

Next week, following our success in the Surrey SATRO heats we are due to send both to take part in the final, competing against top schools in Surrey. Good luck to both teams.

And finally for now, while we finished setting up the 3D printer, Year 5 students started the project on Flight. This is always such a fun competitions in which students start by looking into paper aircraft designs. This develops into the production and testing of some amazing gliders from the bank overlooking the front playing field.

Mr Usher

London Palladium News

Our Pre-Prep assistant, Jilly Myer is back dancing with Dougie Squires' OBE MVO Second Generation at the London Palladium on Saturday 18th March to celebrate Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday. This Spectacular includes many stars and has been devised and directed by Dougie Squires and choreographed by Anthony Johns. Jilly danced on stage, television and all over the world during the 70's and 80's and is back singing and dancing with her Second Generation friends. A love that has never died!

Mrs Myer

Pre-Prep Stars of the Week


Herb M for working really hard and displaying motivation in all areas.

Hubert for listening very carefully at Bocketts Farm and for asking thoughtful questions.


Emily for really focusing on her reading, and using her phonic skills to read new words.

Year 1:

Millie for focusing carefully on instructions and breaking her writing into punctuated sentences.

Year 2:

Charlie for showing exceptional kindness to the youngest members of our community.

Miss Coady

E-Safety Tips

One of the most popular apps at the moment is musical.ly. It is a video social media app where users record themselves for 15 seconds singing along to a chart song. Unfortunately there are several issues surrounding this app.

1. Many of the songs used include inappropriate and sexually explicit content

2. Inappropriate user profile pictures are often used

3. When you set up your account it is automatically set as a public profile. It needs to be set to private and location services turned off

There is some excellent advice on the app here:


The link includes a guide on how to use the app safely. It is interesting to note that they list the recommended age for the app as 16+ but the app itself says it is for 12+ but this is only in line with advertising laws in the US.

The final, and biggest, risk associated with the app is the ease of others users to groom younger users. There have been cases in Surrey recently of this happening and you can read more about it nationally here:


Mr Southee

PADoK News

PADoK's Arabian Nights Charity Ball

Get ready to book! Tickets for go on sale 9am Monday. Ticket request must be emailed to padok@dokschool.org Tickets are available individually or by tables - tables seat 10 to 12.

Saturday 6th May at Burrows Lea Country House, between Peaslake & Shere.

Tickets are £75 per person, this includes welcome drinks & canapés, diner & dancing. There will be a disco, including a silent disco at times (music will be played through headphones!).

All money raised from the Lucky Dip & Auction will be donated to the Dusty Yak Foundation, a charity founded by ex-DoK parents to support orphans in Nepal. Please email padok@dokschool.org if you can donate an auction or lucky dip prize, or if you would like to advertise in the event's programme.