Weekly Bulletin 10/05/2019

A Message from Mrs Knox

In our School assembly this morning, we wished success to our Year 11s as they finished their last day of formal schooling before the GCSE exams start next week. The Pre-prep and Prep pupils had decorated stars with good luck messages which they presented to each Year 11 and sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" acknowledging each student as a shining star. We also congratulated Anna D, Adam G and Chloe E-L who joined our brand new Nursery 13 years ago and will forever hold the special titles of being at Duke of Kent school as the first pupils who have been wholly educated at Duke of Kent School. It was a very special moment this morning with tears in a few eyes....

Mrs Knox

An Evening of Original Works

On Friday a group of Year 10 and 11 students took part in our annual 'Evening of Original Works'. The Evening is designed to showcase examples of excellence in music, photography and spoken word. Recognising the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into students' GCSE coursework is incredibly important to us as a school community. This Evening is an opportunity for parents to see work that would have otherwise be confined to students' GCSE folders and sent to exam boards, without the public airing it deserves. Taking place in the informal setting of the Wilson Room at St. Peter and St. Pauls Church in Ewhurst, it also gives students, who will soon be leaving Duke of Kent School, the opportunity to experience showing and performing their talents outside the comfort and formality of the School setting.

Highlights of the evening included James F's moving spoken word piece dedicated to an unwell friend, Fleur B's photographic studies of octopus and jelly fish, and the evening's finale, a group performance of an original song by Jago C... a hit in the making.

Mr Watson

Year 9 trip to Hendon Air Museum

A group of bleary eyed Year 9 students climbed aboard a coach along with a group of teachers (Mr Lodge, Mr Wyllie, Mr Macdonald and Mrs Tattan-Robb.) I digress, we then had a roughly two hour long coach journey to Hendon Air Museum and we stepped off, we had arrived. We set off straight into ‘Hanger 1’ where we learnt about the R.A.F and different people who had served them (including Frank Whittle, of Duke of Kent School House fame, designer of the jet engine)! We also had a chance to explore some interactive games, one of which included a test to see whether you would qualify to be an RAF officer. This was rather amusing to see the competitive side come out in some people as they tried to gain a place in the leaderboard.

After which 9X went to a physics workshop and 9Y moved onto ‘Hanger 2’ which was interesting as the contents of the said building were WW1 related. It was very interesting because as well as planes there were plans for planes and a few cars and vehicles but what caught a few Year 9s’ eyes was an air raid shelter filled with WW1 objects which included a morse code machine, some trench art and a gramophone which played a selection of war time songs which included ‘keep the home fires burning’.

After this we progressed to the next floor to partake in a physics workshop on pressure. This was not your average workshop as it required a fair bit of audience participation. I have to give my commendation to Oscar and Harvey who tried to pull a vacuum apart and also to Ross who had to put on a pressure suit and walk around looking a bit daft but it wasn’t built for walking around so hats off to him for volunteering. Finally, thank you to all the teachers who had to put up with us and thank you also to the very patient museum staff. One of my favourite planes was the Sunderland which could only take off and land on water.

This all linked to our studies of WW1, Science and the RAF background history of Duke of Kent School. 

Ben H-F, Year 9

Year 1 trip to Wakehurst Place

On Tuesday 7th May Year 1 visited Wakehurst Place. The purpose of our trip was to learn about the rainforest and our first activity involved looking at plants in the mansion. The children dissected them and looked under a magnifying glass to help them decide which part of the plant we would eat. Next we went to the potting shed, where the children were all given the opportunity to plant their own sunflower seed. Our final activity was a rainforest trail. Where the children were able to compare trees by using magnifying glasses and touch.

The children had a lovely time: Rupert and Alex said that they particularly enjoyed looking at the trees with a magnifying glass. Mac enjoyed looking at the Red Wood because it was really spongy, Bea enjoyed investigating the different parts of the plant, Raphael enjoyed spraying the waxy leaves with water and everybody else enjoyed all of the birds. Year 1 showed fantastic manners and concentration during this visit. Everybody learnt something new and we were extremely fortunate with the weather!

Miss Walpole

Nursery trip to Bocketts Farm

On Tuesday 7th May, Nursery Class set off on their annual trip to Bocketts Farm. The weather was kind to us and we had sunshine and blue skies. Harriet, our guide was very knowledgeable and the children asked lots of questions about the farm animals they met. We fed goats, calves, sheep and lambs and admired the new born piglets. The tractor ride was bumpy but fun and with clear skies we could see the Shard in the distance. After a lovely lunch we watched some very enthusiastic pig racing! We spent the remainder of the afternoon on the adventurous play areas before going to the soft play and the Astro slide. The children's faces were pictures of bliss. Big smiles and much laughter. What a treat to spend such a lovely sunny day together.

Mrs Ragless

PADoK Book Club

Once again we gathered around the fire with a glass of wine to discuss our latest book “The Good Daughter” By Karen Slaughter.

It was agreed that the book took a little while to get into the story but developed into a gripping if slightly violent and gruesome tale. The score we decided to give for this book was 6.5.

Our next Book Club will be on Thursday 27th June @ 8pm in Old Hall. We shall be discussing “The Tent, The Bucket and Me” By Emma Kennedy

As always everybody is very welcome.

Mrs Trotman

Oxford University students visit

Last week, in partnership with Oxford University, Duke of Kent School were delighted to welcome Simon Quintero Corzo and Tsyon Gizaw from Colombia and Ethiopia respectively. Simon and Tsyon arrived in the UK in March, having been invited onto a 9-month post-graduate course at the University's pioneering Wildlife Conservation Research Unit. As part of their stay, Duke of Kent School offered them the opportunity to experience a day in the life of an English school; pupils in almost every year group, in turn, benefitted hugely from having the chance to meet and question (or should that be interrogate?!) them in lessons. Perspectives on language, conservation, education, equality, resilience, art and music were exchanged, to name only a few. From introducing themselves in a fantastically informative morning Assembly, right through to scaling Pitch Hill in our Forest Skills afterschool club, Simon and Tyson shared their expertise and passion most generously with our pupils, and we are very grateful to them both. They too remarked throughout the day on the warmth of welcome they received, and how impressed they were with the politeness and respect shown by our pupils. We very much hope to be inviting more guests from next year's cohort at Oxford. 

Mr Wright

A few match reports from this week

Football: U11 ISA London-South Qualifiers

On Friday the U11 football team made the early start to travel to the ISA 5-A-Side national finals, following a victorious campaign at the ISA London-South qualifiers. The finals were held at St. George's Park, the national centre for English Football in Burton Upon Trent. The facilities were amazing and the boys enjoyed seeing the men's and women's first-team training pitch and the incredible indoor arena, in which the matches were played. The boys looked right at home in their professional surroundings and did incredibly well to win 5 of their games, drawing 2 and losing only 3 over the course of the day. After an unbeaten run in the bowl competition the team made it to the final, losing narrowly 0-1 after playing some great attacking football. Overall, Duke of Kent School finished as bowl runners-up, a fantastic achievement, considering they played teams from all over the country. Well done to those who took part, fingers crossed this is the first of many national finals. 

Mr Herbert and Mr Burwood

Athletics: The ISA London South Regional Qualifiers

 Last Thursday saw senior pupils from Duke of Kent School travel to Blackheath and Bromley Athletics Club to take part in the ISA London South regional qualifier. All the pupils performed extremely well against some very strong opponents. Congratulations to everyone who took part and particularly well done to Tom G-B, Matty S, Fleur B and Tom H who have now been selected for the London South Athletics Squad to compete in the Nationals in Birmingham in June. Athletes who narrowly missed the chance to make the finals but did come in the top three were Jasmine B and Sam I.

Mr Green

School Reminders

Whole School Reminders

Monday 13th May:

Lunchtime singing recital for pupils of Miss Brown 12:45 - 13:30

Wednesday 15th May:

PADoK Uniform Shop open 15:00 - 16:00

Saturday 18th May:

PADoK Summer Ball

Senior School Reminders

Monday 13th May:

"The teenage brain and online safety" talk for Senior parents 17:00 - 18:00

Thursday 16th May:

Piano recital for Senior pupils of Miss Macaulay 19:00 - 20:00

Friday 17th May:

Year 10 School Examinations

Prep School Reminders

Thursday 16th May:

Piano recital for Prep pupils of Miss Macaulay 18:00 - 18:45

Tuesday 14th May:

NSPCC "PANTS" talks 14:00 - 16:00

Pre-prep School Reminder

Tuesday 14th May:

NSPCC "PANTS" talks 14:00 - 16:00

Duke of Cat

As Brexit continues……endlessly…., to be in the news, I have seen something quite strange on television. A cat at number 10! 

Apparently this creature is called Larry. I looked up his job description and it states: “Larry spends his days greeting guests to the house, inspecting security defences and testing antique furniture for napping quality. His day-to-day responsibilities also include contemplating a solution to the mouse occupancy of the house.” Larry even has a title: The Chief Mouser for Number 10. I know I have every single quality on the cat specification and could undertake those tasks above with ease. I wonder when the position might become vacant as I will definitely put in my application. For now, I am renaming myself: Sydney, The Chief Mouser for the Duke of Kent School. Sounds better than his title any way…

Miaow, miaow,


Duke of Edinburgh Club

This week the DofE club have been improving their fitness by identifying parts of the public footpath in school to fix anti-littering posters. All the Year 9s have also been practising their map-reading skills on Pitch Hill and undertaking First Aid training with Matron in the PA Hall. They have learned about how to deal with asthma attacks, bites & stings, bleeding, breaks, burns & scalds and cold/hot related injuries. It is worth being prepared! The Bronze Practice Expedition will take place between Fri 7th-Sat 8th June. Details on that will be upcoming.

Mr Lodge

Stars of The Week

Nursery: Henry H for demonstrating a responsible and empathetic attitude towards his peers.

Obie M for super behaviour, motivation and enthusiasm throughout the week.

Reception: Seren G for a positive attitude and determination in everything she does. 

Year 1: Harlyn S for settling in really well and making a valuable contribution on our trip.

Year 2: Emily C-G for having a superbly positive attitude in Maths lessons and for persevering during some tricky challenges.

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

This week two stories have emerged that present a more positive viewpoint of social media. Firstly, a report by Talk Talk into Teenage Lonliness and Technology by Talk Talk has found that 48% of those surveyed felt that social media helped them feel less lonly in contrast to 26% of parents. In addition, 70% of parents worried about their children's use of technology while 64% of teenagers said that they had never had a negative experience online.

A different study, by the University of Oxford, surveyed 12,000 young people between the ages of 10-15 and found that social media accounted for only 1% of their overall wellbeing. Friends, family, and school life all had a greater impact on how they felt about themselves.

As with any study it is important to not just take these numbers at face value, and think deeper about their implications. Although I believe that social media can be a positive factor in people's lives, I do think that it can affect a person's wellbeing - certainly more than 1%.

Please have open discussions about social media and how your family feels about it. It is more important to consider your own relationships with it and base any changes off that.

Here are some useful links:



Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

Pause for Thought

Worry and anxiety are emotions that every single human being experiences. They're normal responses to many situations we face in life, such as exams or loved ones falling ill. However, when worry and anxiety begin to impact our everyday lives, influence our behaviour and take over our thoughts, they can become a problem.

God doesn't want our lives to be ruled by worried thoughts but by things like peace, hope and joy. The bible says that God cares about us and that we can go to him about every single one of our cares.

Follow this link to hear more.


Winnie-the -Pooh's thought for the week!

With every blessing

Reverend Kia