Weekly Bulletin 09/11/2018


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Duke of Kent School has been named as the winners of the ISA (Independent Schools Association) Award for Excellence and Innovation in the Performing Arts! At the awards ceremony last night the ISA commented on the school's inclusive approach to performance mixed with the pursuit of excellence, and the provision across all age ranges of an engaging and diverse programme. Congratulations to the whole Performing Arts team and all the pupils involved in all aspects of the department, from Pre-Prep to Year 11. We are incredibly proud of everyone.

Mr Rye

Remembrance Day

On Friday 9th November we had our Remembrance service. As I'm sure you know, it is 100 years since the Armistice was declared on the 11th hour, on the 11th day on the 11th month. This year there is a particular focus on peace and reconciliation.

With this in mind all children were given a 'Peace baby'. These new sweets were produced by Bassets in 1919 to remind all generations of the importance of maintaining and working towards peace - we now know them as 'Jelly babies'!

Along with their rifles, all soldiers in the Great War were issued with a copy of St Johns Gospel. The children were also given a copy of this, reproduced by the bible society, as an exact replica of what the soldiers would have carried into battle.

We had a deeply moving service with evocative readings and songs performed by Dan D, Lucy P, Zoe L, Sandy T and Angelina M and my thanks go to them . I was particularly moved by Sandy and Angelina's rendition of Silent night. There was something deeply poignant in hearing it sung in German at an English Remembrance service.

Rev Kia

Pre-prep Remembrance Day

Today we came off timetable to focus on Remembrance Day.

Mrs Henry started the day with a presentation to the children to explain the importance of the day and Miss Walpole played the Last Post.

We then split the children into 2 groups of mixed ages. The first group baked poppy cookies with Mrs Ragless and Mrs Henry. The second group painted fields of poppies with Miss Walpole and Miss Able.

The whole school congregated at 11 o’clock for the Remembrance service followed by Mr Lodge coming up to Pre-prep to talk about his medals.

A good morning had by all.

Mrs Plumbridge

WW1 Day

On Tuesday years 5 and 6 went to Guildford Cathedral. The day started in the trenches with a dramatic portrayal of what life was like on the English and German front lines in the First World War. We were given an insight into both sides and how they were just young men with families at home. Duke of Kent School and the other visiting school were given the opportunity to re-enact the famous no mans land football match in which Germany won 3-2.
They then spent time in various workshops including learning about out modern day refugees, playing their part in promoting peace and learning about courage.
The day ended with a short talk from Canon Paul Smith in which he gave us an acronym for the poppy.
P- praise. How we can still praise God in the hard times and the good.
O - offering. The ultimate sacrifice when men and women gave their lives.
P - prayer. The importance of talking to God and telling him how we feel.
P- peace. This is the focus of how we want to live, in peace alongside each other.
Y - you. It all starts with you. What can you do to work for peace?
Having spoken to the children I know that the day resonated with them and that they gained a valuable insight into the human side of conflict.
Their behaviour was immaculate and their perceptive questioning and keen attention was commented on by the Cathedral staff.

Reverend Kia

WW1 Evening

On Tuesday evening years twenty-nine senior school pupils took part in a WW1 evening to commemorate the centenary of the ending of World War One. The night included readings of original letters from home and the trenches, WW1 poetry, excerpts from plays, and songs from the Great war.

The piece was brought together over five rehearsals and only made possible by the commitment and dedication of a group of young people that had at the start, only a small understanding of the devastation and impact of the War. We are very proud to say they treated the content of the play, many of which were first-hand accounts with respect. The performances and the evening as a whole were very special and moving.

We’d like to thank the children for taking part when they have so many other demands on their time. Their willingness to participate in this event, with very little rehearsal and one that required them to independently get to grips with and learn pieces containing difficult subject matter has been wonderful, although not surprising for our Duke of Kent School children! Thank you.

Mrs Honey, Mrs Punter and Mr Lodge

Battlefields Trip

At the end of half term, we enjoyed a short trip to France to see certain battlefields that crop up in the GCSE History course. On the first day we visited firstly Crécy where in 1346 an extensive battle between English and French armies took place. A particularly interesting parallel one of our guides drew was of the similarities between the English longbow used at Crécy and later at Agincourt in 1415, and the machine guns used much later during World War One. The evolution of warfare was an important aspect of what we learned over the two days we spent there - the contrast (or lack thereof) between the two periods of warfare was extremely interesting, highlighted by our knowledgeable guides. The most poignant moment for me was seeing the Thiepval Memorial, and the other cemeteries dotting the Somme, as well as laying our own wreath - and, of course, the centenaries that have occurred over the past few years, as well as the upcoming ones, made it an especially memorable occasion. All in all, it was an excellent trip, and I would certainly recommend making the effort to see the Somme in particular, as it still remains an important and powerful reminder of our past, as well as being part of a fascinating area of history. Thank you to Mr Lodge, Mr Seeley, Miss Anand, Miss Fellous and all those that help organise such a great trip.

James F, Year 10

A few match reports from this week

House Cross Country

Before half term, all pupils at Duke of Kent School took part in the House Cross country competition. The routes varied for each year group with the oldest pupils in the school running up to the woods towards Peaslake and the youngest pupils completing laps of MacRobert and New Ground. The pupils tried their best to earn points for their house by finishing the race and running as fast as possible. There was a fantastic atmosphere for each event with music playing on both Tuesday and Friday. A huge thank you to all the parents who came to support the pupils and make the competition even more exciting! Congratulations to the following pupils who came in 1st place for their age group. The results of the house competition will be revealed during assembly very soon – watch this space!

Year 3 boy - Levi L
Year 3 girl - Tansy-Bela T
Year 4 boy - Jude B
Year 4 girl - Rose S
Year 5 boy - Oscar H
Year 5 girl - Isla B
Year 6 boy - Rufus B
Year 6 girl - Ava W
Year 7 boy - Tom H
Year 7 girl - Maddie I
Year 8 boy - Charlie B
Year 8 girl - Amelie W-B
Year 9 boy - Tom S
Year 9 girl - Ellis McK
Year 10 boy - Matty S
Year 10 girl - Minnie C
Year 11 boy - Max T
Year 11 girl -Lucy W

Miss Vickers

Football: U13 C & D v. Kingswood House

Against Kingswood House, the U13 Ds put in their best performance of the season so far. Josh M deserves special mention for his dogged display in midfield, as does Ben D for making some important saves. Overall, Duke of Kent had the upper hand for much of the first half, but despite Alex S's burgeoning forward runs, the score remained at 0-0. After half time, Oliver B grew in confidence and Charlie C and Toby C showed excellent discipline in defence, tackling hard and positioning themselves well to restrict the opposition's attacks. With minutes remaining, and against the run of play, we conceded a speculative long-range strike, but the boys' heads did not drop, and their persistence finally paid off, with Jamie C equalising in the dying seconds. A fantastic effort and well deserved result.

The Cs began their match very strongly, Alfie C working hard to win the ball and Josh N holding play up strongly in attack. Defensively, we were largely untroubled, but were unable to make our possession and territorial advantage count. As the game went on, Kingswood House began to move the ball better, and it was only thanks to some sterling defensive work from Harley B and Max S, as well as some brave goalkeeping from Oli J, that our clean sheet remained intact. John M, who had shown excellent tenacity throughout, was foiled late on by a brilliant last ditch sliding tackle in the area, and the final 0-0 score was probably a fair result. Special mention goes to Alex S who continually found space and ran the length of the pitch to support defence and attack. Well done boys!

Mr Wright

School Reminders

Whole School Reminder

Wednesday 14th November:

PADoK Uniform Shop will be open 15:00 - 16:00

Friday 16th November:

PADoK Social Event - BINGO

Senior School Reminders

Monday 12th November:

Year 9 Parents' meetings 16:45 - 19:00

Thursday 15th November:

Years 10 & 11 Careers Day

Sunday 18th November:

Senior Production Rehearsal 10:00 - 16:00

Prep School Reminder

Thursday 15th November:

Years 3 & 4 Parents' meetings 16:30 - 18:30

Pre-Prep Reminder

Thursday 15th November:

Pre-Prep Parents' meetings 15:30 - 17:00

Surrey Netball Update

A few weeks ago Izzy B, Amelie W-B and Kora W took part in the Surrey Academy Netball trials. After a tiring day where they played their best they were left waiting for a couple of weeks to see if they had got in. Brilliantly all 3 girls got in! Izzy got into the Surrey Academy squad and both Amelie and Kora got in to the Surrey Development squads. This is amazing as over 200 girls from across the county originally started the process trialling. The hard work now begins with all 3 girls attending regular coaching sessions with individual fitness training and of course high level netball coaching from some of the best netball coaches in the country. Well done girls for working so hard and good luck for the rest of the season.

Miss Vickers

Stars of the Week

Nursery: Mila-Rose S for settling into nursery life with enthusiasm and for displaying good listening skills in dance and phonics

Reception: Olivia W for good number work counting to 100 and careful writing.

Year 1: Bea T-R for having a positive start to this half term, especially in her English lessons.

Year 2: Emily C-G for having a consistently great attitude to learning and for always helping others in need.

Mrs Green

E-Safety Tips

You may have read a story recently about a study conducted into the effect "screen time" has on the amount of sleep children get. The results claimed that the use of devices throughout the day had only a small effect on the amount of sleep children have. Existing advice focuses on centres on children using devices when they should be sleeping, and the light emissions from devices hindering their sleep.

The author of the study asserts that establishing consistent routines around sleep and waking up are a better strategy as opposed to simply limiting screen time. However, he does also state that the results gained are imperfect as they relied on self reporting from parents.

As far as device usage goes I believe that as long as there a clear times when children should and should not use devices throughout the day, such as 1 hour before bedtime, this will be a better way of improving sleep quality overall.

Here is a link with further details:


Thanks for reading!

Mr Win-Pe

PADoK News

Tickets are now on sale for our fabulous annual Christmas shopping event at Manns department store in Cranleigh. Lots of discounts are available exclusively to PADoK parents on the evening. Please email padok@dokschool.org A.S.A.P to secure your tickets.

We also have some tickets remaining for this terms PADoK event “Bingo, Bangers and Beer” email the usual email address to join the fun.

Mrs Trotman